среда, 14 ноября 2012 г.

Why to stay in Petrozavodsk

If you love rain, go to Petrozavodsk. If you do not, also go! Why? Because there is a brilliant language-school in this town. In daily lessons of four hours, we – a group of Swiss students from Basel – improved our Russian-skills. We were not just teached in grammar. We also watched funny “multfilms”, read texts and discussed about Russia und Switzerland. But the lessons are just one argument, why you should go to Petrozavodsk. The other argument for a stay: the school’s volunteers. They do everything, to make their foreign students happy. They organise national-food-parties, lovely days at the beach (beautiful weather inclusive), trips to Kizhy-Island, to St. Petersburg or to a banja. They also help you to find the next disco or internet-café, they give you any assistance at the railway station you need – while queuing up for hours or while buying your ticket to everywhere. The volunteers are the most important argument, why you should join Petrozavodsk for your study in Russia. But there is another one: the guest-families. They do everything to make you feel like a little Tsar and to improve your Russian. They even invite you to their Datshas. Russian hospitality at its best. That is what is important, that is how you learn about country and language. Well then, who cares about a few raindrops?