понедельник, 26 августа 2013 г.

our news!
Nearing the end of the last week of summer. The previous week was fun as always. Despite the weather, we were going with our friendly company on the lake and have picnics. Some of the bravest guys swam in Lake Onega. Four students attended a real Russian Banya. They liked it so much that instead of the two hours they were there for five hours. Unfortunately we’ve said goodbye to some of our friends! we wish you all best and good luck in learning Russian! But of course we have some more students from Holland, Turkey, Finland, Spain, Austria, France  and Germany.
Despite everything, we continue to study the Russian language and have fun, despite the cold weather, our company is always very warm.
Very soon the anniversary of our school and we are happy to see everyone!

понедельник, 19 августа 2013 г.

our news!
Summer is going to an end, the weather isn’t very delightful! It rains and it’s about 14C! Two students from Germany Julia and Felix have chosen volunteering program in the summer camp. Some others have their last lessons, but before that they will join us on the National Food Party and karaoke in the club.
At the beginning of next week we are looking forward to our old-new students Arend and Alma! Guys, hope you will bring us warm and sunny weather from Holland!
Soon autumn and soon 10th birthday of our school! We warmly invite you to join us in September. You will find a lot of surprises, gifts and fun activities! JOIN US

пятница, 16 августа 2013 г.

понедельник, 12 августа 2013 г.

Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian” welcomes new students, who came from France, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, and Spain and even from Ireland. Now we have international students’ team!
The whole previous week Russian volunteers implemented different activities for our guys: welcome party for the newcomers, Petrozavodsk’s presentation with its amazing places. Last Friday our guys went to karaoke, at the Sigmund Freud club to celebrate Stuart’s last day. Artxon, Albert and Janin are performed songs for us and the Russian audience! It was really fun! Administration of SF gave guys a bottle of Karelian balsam as a surprise because of Stuart’s departure. At the weekend the students visited the famous Valaam monastery on the Ladoga Lake and went to the open air museum Kizhi on the Onega Lake. Unfortunately along with Stuart left Robin. We had very long and great time together. We also wish you all the best in your way home!))
Nevertheless, a lot of new and exciting activities such as rafting, rock climbing and museums are waiting for our friends next week. We hope you are satisfied with your time spent in Russia.