пятница, 25 апреля 2014 г.

And again news) what’s new?! We ‘ve got new student from Finland! Niko, very welcome) 
From the very first day Niko told us that he is interested in Russian habits and traditions – Russian vodka and Russian Women!  So, during first week Niko has already progressed in Russian and in cultural (evening) program))
Giuseppe who has spent with us 3 month has passed through 2 and 3 certificate levels! Now he is really experienced in Russian) his spoken language has improved greatly! Now he can explain in Russian even very bold idea and even about Crimea!

Next working week will be rather short! 1st, 2nd of May will be days off in Russia!  In the former Soviet Union, 1 May was International Workers' Day and was celebrated with huge parades in cities like Moscow. Though the celebrations are low-key nowadays, several groups march on that day to protest grievances the workers have.
We are sending you all our best wishes for this weekend and wish to have it sunny and warm)
Please, keep in mind – today is DEAD-LINE for two our popular programs – the Scholarship and Volunteer, they are both for Summer 2014 and provide you with great benefits!!!
We have already got about 15 applications for the Scholarship and about 10 –for the Volunteering! Hurry up and apply in time!
Please, welcome! Our new Volunteer - Yulia - who joined our friendly stuff this year! In summer 2014 Yulia will head the Volunteers department ;)

"My name is Yulia. I'm a student of International relations in Petrozavodsk state university. I love studying politics and relations among countries Especially it's really interesting to witness history's creation today. I always try to find something new: new friends, activities,adventures, hobbies etc. I draw when I have free time and I love penguins. I think that every experience in my life is a beneficial experience, that's why I like meet new people. Fortunately, I've got a wonderful opportunity to join "EngoyRussian" department. This year I became a volunteer. It gives me absolutely new experience and impressions. I met new friends, students from other countries and I hope I will meet more people.
The most important feature of this work - a warm and friendly staff and volunteers. I feel confidence and I know that I always can get help."

for other Volunteers you may get acquainted here

понедельник, 21 апреля 2014 г.

четверг, 17 апреля 2014 г.

What is new in our School?! Everything is great) as usually!
Our students from Scotland leave us this week! They still have time to travel a little bit! St Petersburg with a huge number of places to sightsee – is a great ending of the stay in Russia! Niko from Finland is coming! Several Students continue their studies!
“Circulation” of Students in our School)
Today in Russia people celebrate “Chistiy Сhetverg” (Clean Thursday). Maundy Thursday is known as the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus brought new teachings to his disciples, and washed their feet as a sign of love and humility. The night that follows is the time when Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Following an old tradition, Russians clean up their homes and themselves, going to bath houses.

And do you know what people usually say to each other after Russian banya?! - «С легким паром!»
To learn more about Russia and to learn Russian – hurry up! Last two days for unique price for the course!!!!

среда, 9 апреля 2014 г.

We are happy to present you our own Karelia! Karelia beautiful! Karelia amazing! Karelia charming!
Thanks to this program you will definitely fall in love with our wonderful region!

Just imagine! You’ll spend evenings and weekends sightseeing the most remarkable places: pinewoods, clear rivers and lakes, green woodsides..
you’ll feel deeply the rural atmosphere of ancient Karelian villages, where people welcome every guest with the world-known Karelian hospitality! The host of the village will retell you interesting legends and facts about their history. Moreover you will taste true Karelian cuisine… Sounds great?! ;)

You will see diverse natural monuments like the waterfall "Kivach" and will degust healing water from one of the springs. Kivach Nature Reserve was established in 1931 to preserve the unique ecosystem of Karelian taiga, it unites almost all the landscapes that you can meet in Karelia and houses 600 species of plants and 197 species of birds.

We will suggest you to spend a night , “White Night”, on a lakeshore in a pinewood… entrancing evening near the fire, singing hiking songs, enjoying remarkable time of White Nights, when the sun is still high even deep in midnight…

Horse riding through forests and champs, rafting on rivers, excursions to Kizhi, Valaam…

the BEST PROPOSAL for those people who adore intact nature, love woods and lakes, want to find the Harmony with true virgin nature! Sure as shooting!

And Note, please, the price is Special also FOR JUNE ONLY!!!!   http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3687_summer_russian_courses/ 

пятница, 4 апреля 2014 г.

Next week is going to be hard) we 'have planned a lot of meetings, work-shops and different affairs! Our students from Scotland are going to visit English lessons for kids, we will have a high-profile event on Sunday 13.04. All citizens of Petrozavodsk are invited to Center’s “Open Days”  event! During it kids and their parents will try their forces in true English, in creation work, in active games and quiz! It’s going to be fun!

Adriano from Italy is coming this weekend! But Alessandro has already finished his course of 3 moths! Italian students exchange) That's the main point of our Work) we never stay without Students ) Become our student is very easy :)
Dear Friends! We are happy to inform you about some changes in our Long Term Program! We invite students from all over the world to Intern in Autumn 2014 in our friendly School!

среда, 2 апреля 2014 г.

Steaming ahead!
In spite of changeable weather (today it might be winter, tomorrow – spring) we masterfully make headway! Applies from all over the world (this season we even spread to Maldives, Cube, Argentina) are coming! We are very happy to meet every our Student in our friendly office)
This week our Students enjoyed National Food party, Bowling and of course their lessons!

The next excursion to the Waterfall Kivach and Martial waters will be on the Weekend! Hope the weather will joy Guys and they will enjoy yummy “shashlik” near the Waterfall!

Unfortunately our Sarah leaves us! After two remarkable (hope so ;) ) months of stay in our school we will definitely miss her! Sarah’s made a great progress in Russian, now she is absolutely fluent! She understands, she speaks and moreover, she behaves as a Russian) During her stay Sarah took part in different volunteer projects in schools of the town, she implemented presentations of Great Britain, she taught English to kids and teens! Sarah, we will be waiting for your come back ;)
Dear students! We point out that it is high time to apply for the summer that we prepare all the documents in time! Choose the best program for you http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3687_summer_russian_courses/  and apply! http://enjoyrussian.com/3719/