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What students of the "EnjoyRussian" Language School do in Petrozavodsk? They #studyRussianinRussia, live in Russian host families, know Russian way of life, meet Russian people and help them to improve English! 

Once a week there is a Language cafe in the School. This is a good chance for any of students to stop by, meet people from the community and to have a nice chat. And a great way to start feeling at home in Petrozavodsk.


As you might’ve guessed today’s post is devoted to a non-traditional way of learning foreign languages. Getting acquainted with the Russian culture, expanding outlook, extracting spoken language phrases out of communication with well-educated Russians are among the advantages of this tool. We are talking about exhibitions. In a way “Enjoy Russian” school hometown Petrozavodsk can be given a status of “culturally friendly” city. Here are top 5 Karelian exhibitions you should definitely check out in autumn 2017.

Many of you remember the famous Rotterdam Cube houses and surreal streets next to Erasmus Bridge. On the opposite beautiful Delft attracts with its doll house architecture. But it is not a secret that there are plenty of abandoned houses and living blocks all over the country. Who could ever imagine that they can give a birth to a masterpiece? Dutch artist Roosmarijn ten Hoopen comes to Petrozavodsk to explore Russian architecture and depict the struggle between human and nature. In September the locals are given a unique chance to see the story of old buildings’ life from the Dutch perspective.
Modern art from Oslo has also caught the Petrozavodsk citizens’ fancy. Last year photographers and artists Käthe Øien and Lene Elisabeth Westerås presented their «Digtegning» exhibition in which text and paintings came together. Three components – a word, a picture and design – serve as a fundamental premise. In our city Norwegian name of the project was replaced by “Poetry in drawings” (Поэзия в картинках). This autumn our guests are back with a new exposition “Petrozavodsk windows”. The idea of an exhibition is kept “classified”. But that makes it even more interesting to see, doesn’t it?
And the “Art night”. It is not actually a one exhibition; it’s a whole package of them. On November 4 the museums and galleries of Petrozavodsk invite everybody to participate into art workshops and performances. You can not only enjoy the expositions but also design something by yourself and even get a professional feedback. By the way most of city exhibitions are free of charge to attend this day.
It goes without saying that above mentioned projects are followed by exiting New Years Eve exhibitions and many others that can also be of high interest for you. By joining “Enjoy Russian” language school (courses are here) you automatically gain the opportunity to visit all this cultural events. We are waiting for you! According to Harald and Ingeborg the stay in Petrozavodsk can be really interesting!

Here is the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions - What's the difference between И, А, НО in Russian and how to use them?

The most mistakes come up in usage of И and А, because they both are usually translates as "and" in English. The main idea that you need to understand is that И is like a +, it's used to sum up things, to put them together, to the same position.
А is used to show the difference and contrast between people or things.
НО is usually a contradiction, which is pretty similar to English "but".

Some examples

Маша и Саша любят яблоки. - Masha and Sasha like apples (they both have the same feeling towards apples, the sentence shows that two people are similar)
Маша любит яблоки, а Саша нет. - Masha likes apples, and Sasha doesn't. (Two people have different feelings, they are not similar, but different)
Маша и Саша любят яблоки, но не любят бананы. - Masha and Sasha like apples, but don't like bananas.

And finally the most frequent error the foreign students have when they learn Russian

If you want to ask "And you?" as a return question - use A, not И!!!!

  • Как дела?
  • Хорошо. А у тебя?
  • Тоже хорошо. Как тебя зовут?
  • Лена. А тебя?
  • Костя.
  • Ты из Москвы?
  • Да. А ты?
  • Я тоже

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Ask Enjoy Russian teachers!

«New tasks are always a positive thing – you can rather solve them and open up new horizons or fail and gain new experience. I’m in the constant process of learning languages. English, German, Finnish as well. I’d love to explore the world and visit some exotic countries like India. Students always make me work on myself. Only this professional growth may add a sparkle into the studying process. So many remarkable moments on my experience and all of them are connected to the breakthrough my students make hopefully thanks to my lessons» – Olga Yartseva, “EnjoyRussian School” teacher.

When it comes to teaching someone you should be 100% confident on what you are talking about, the way you act, all your methods should be tested beforehand, activities measured by people outside the process. Everyone expects your lessons to be as interactive as possible. You should stay focused, should be energized… And plenty of other “should’s”
But only a professional teacher understands that it is not teaching as it should be. You are not a robot that always entertains students and takes all of them to the same point in terms of results within the same period of time. Believe us or not, many of our teachers say “I can’t put this “teaching label” on what I do”. Because firstly, teaching is a way of life. And secondly they also study a lot. And this also means that the teachers are human beings like us. Just to clarify:  studying process is a fire kept alive by both a teacher and a student.
And now take a look at what our students think about “EnjoyRussian” school teachers and  lessons. All of them were participating EnjoyRussian Summer Immersion course

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Russian language is fun and we can prove it! If you come to learn Russian to our language school you will not have a single boring class! In the lessons we play games, watch videos, have discussions and role plays. On Fridays we go out from time to time for a “happy hour”. We have a lesson outside in a park, playing charades, mafia or other  games to improve students’ speaking skills and increase their vocabulary.
Lessons like that are useful because the words you learn with emotions, are the words you memorize immediately and forever. That’s why nowadays there are so many new teaching methods and techniques that try to make the study process as natural and as fun as possible.
If you want to enjoy your Russian learning, come to us and you’ll feel the difference! Apply for the course here


Russian girls are slightly different

Most of the Russian women think that their weakness is their strength (Их сила в слабости), which means that they really like to be weak and they want their man to be strong, to take care of them, to protect them and solve all their problems. This position is quite different from the modern feminist ideas. Well, we don’t understand what’s bad about being weaker. We like the feeling of being protected by a strong man. The Russian word for “to get married” (for women) is ВЫЙТИ ЗАМУЖ, which literally means “to go behind husband’s back”. And it doesn’t mean that a man is superior to a woman, no. It means that a woman feels like she is behind a brick wall when she is married, and this brick wall is a protection and safeness, it’s the feeling of being a woman itself.

What do Russian women want?

Most of them want a family. And their family will always be the most important thing for them in their life. Russian women really want a husband and many children, their biggest happiness is to keep the family hearth, to take care about their husband and kids.
Of course we hope our husband to be kind and generous, and a good father. But the problem is that it’s not that easy to find nowadays. And the whole tragedy of Russian women is that they must be strong to bring up their children without a husband, but in their soul they always dream to find a man with whom they can be weak again.

How to make a Russian girl like you?

Well first, you must be a gentleman. Open doors for her, let her go first, help her hold her jacket when she is putting it on, help her carry heavy stuff is she is carring some. These are small things that show that you care about her, and that are really important for most of the Russian girls.
If you take her to a restaurant you should pay for her. It’s not the matter of money. Again, it’s just important for a girl to feel that you’re the one who cares about her.
Listen to her. If she tells you about some stupid things still listen to her. It’s important for every woman, not only Russian;)
If she is in trouble, don’t stand aside, try to help. Try to be the one she can trust and rely on.
Be a “prince on a white horse”. But the real one!;)

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Usually Enjoy Russian School students say Petrozavodsk is a beneficial  place for learning Russian language in many respects. Green, eco-friendly, spacious, tasty, picturesque, lovely  – these are the adjectives they usually describe our city with. But let us be real, sometimes people literally make themselves to come to Petrozavodsk  thinking in advance that they could get bored in a couple of days. Enjoy Russian team strongly believes this hesitation is nothing more than just a shot in the dark.  And here is why.

“All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow”

Does it ring a bell? Yes, this quote can be found in the world famous novel Anna Karenina written by Leo Tolstoy. This fall you have a chance to enjoy a ballet performance in Karelian Musical theatre in Petrozavodsk. The performance has already gained a stunning success and continues to be highly relevant. Expressive dancing and existential issues of human being are harmonically combined in the adaptation by the choreographers from St-Petersburg.
Not only ballet performances but also opera evenings are going to take place in the Musical Theatre. It is already a tradition for famous Russian director Yury Alexandrov to bring “Evgeny Onegin”  to Petrozavodsk. What should be mentioned is that Alexandrov’s adaptation is something special. According to his idea Tatyana should be put in the center of storytelling. And this masterpiece is a must see if only because the  play has already received an excellent feedback. “The Storm” by Ostrovsky and “The Nutcracker” are also to be present on the Petrozavodsk’s theater stage.
If you are more into musical concerts then the upcoming Jazz or rock music festivals should be given your attention. In September Karelian Philharmonic Hall holds a large scale “Rock hits” concert. «Queen», «Led Zeppelin», «The Beatles», «The Rolling stones» and many other legendary bands’ adaptations are already widely discussed among Petrozavodsk music addicts! And gorgeous Sharon Clark from the USA in October throws a jazz-soul-blues concert in October.
And beside all these above mentioned events Petrozavodsk has many local occasions worth visiting. Do not hesitate. Just choose a course and come to learn Russian in culturally rich Petrozavodsk.