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Russian mentality&Russian hospitality

Susanne’s  Russian experience

In September 2018 Enjoy Russian School turns 15 years old!  Time to recall the year 2015! As always we met amazing Russian learners 3 years ago. We didn’t know though that we will meet some of them again. Susanne from Germany came to continue exploring the Russian culture in Petrozavodsk this summer and we were extremely happy to witness her progress in Russian. Today we give you an opportunity to look at Susanne’s experience in Petrozavodsk!

I am very fond of the Northern Russian mentality

"Coming to a completely new country is quite an adventure. I had no idea what to expect so I just came to Russia with an open curiosity and must say that my stay here was a positive experience in every way.
Not only was the language course at Enjoy Russian Language School perfectly organized and my Russian teacher both very professional and adorable at the same time but also the region and the country were a wonderful place to stay. Karelia’s breathtaking nature and its many treasures have profoundly impressed me and filled my mind with a certain natural harmony.
Finally getting to know Russian people was a lovely discovery and I must say that I am very fond of the Northern Russian mentality. People are very friendly, absolutely reliable, punctual, disciplined, interested and willing to learn, modest and humble. I have the impression that they cherish each other and respect their nature and they live in peace with it and each other.
Spending time together seems to be an important part of Russian culture and society and I very much appreciated the walks I took along the lake with young Russians and the sincere and interesting conversations and exchanges of ideas we had.
Russian hospitality has profoundly impressed me and I must say that Russians really put their heart into things. What a warm welcoming feeling to be their guest and friend! There’s definitely no better place than to share their home-grown vegetables at their datcha.
Never are Russian smiles fake and when they smile and laugh it comes from the heart. Their sense of humour is warm and fresh and never offending. Wise and witty, they sometimes make fun of their own situation – isn’t life so much more pleasant and hardships easier to take with a mixture of common sense and a good sense of humour? Come to Russia and learn everything about it!"
Susanne de Jonghe, Germany, September 2015

Do you want to compare your own expressions with the ones above? Come and join our school! Choose a course here

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Are you fifty-plus years old and fond of Russia and the Russian language? 

Take an unforgettable trip to Russia and enjoy Russian in relaxed, friendly and mature atmosphere! 

4 lessons a day in the morning, different cultural activities after lunch (theatre, museums, trips to nature, excursion to Kizhi, meetings with well-known Russian people) and Russian homestay with traditional meals is what will make you feel Russian 

Here a testimonial of our student Ulrich who came to EnjoyRussian twice to study Russian: "Меня зовут Ульрих. Я из Германии. Уже две недели я в Петрозаводске. Я изучаю здесь русский язык. Петрозаводск – красивый и не очень старый город. Я уже был в музее, в бане, на озере, в деревне «Шуя». В Петрозаводске я живу в русской семье. Мы много говорим по-русски. Утром я завтракаю дома. Потом я изучаю русский язык в языковой школе. Это очень интересно! Днём я обедаю в кафе. Вчера я ел мясо медведя! Потом у меня экскурсии. В субботу я был в питомнике ездовых собак. А вечером я отдыхаю и учу русский. Мне очень нравится в Петрозаводске!" 👍😃 

Come to the program and get the Russian experience! 
Duration: 2-4 weeks 
Program starts: April, 04, 2018 
Location: Petrozavodsk, a quiet and safe town in the North-West of Russia, 5 hours from St. Petersburg 
Tuition fee: 320 euro (2 weeks, 40 lessons), 640 euro (4 weeks, 80 lessons) 

Apply here:  https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/russianforseniors/
Our e-mail: info@enjoyrussian.com 

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Make a wish and learn the numbers. Russian learning materials 

This week Enjoy Russian school comes up with the special study materials to learn Russian language free and in a fun way! Here is a Russian podcast, video lesson and a picture depicting Russian grammar. Make sure you’ve covered all these and you will find yourself able to use some important Russian phrases (for example how to say «happy New Year in Russian») and will also learn how to celebrate winter holidays in a Russian way!

Russian winter holidays traditions: steps Russians take to make a wish on New Year’s Eve

Have you heard that Russians celebrate the New Year’s Eve twice? Listen to a new podcast and you will learn much more! This time we take you back to Peter the Great times and Soviet era to give you clear imagination of how Russians celebrated winter holidays and compare to what they have now. Find out more about Russians’ favorite festive dishes, Old New Year and the simple rules on how to make a wish.
0:55 – The history of New Year in Russia
2:51 – What do people do in Russia on the New Year’s Eve
3:45 – Steps Russians take to make a wish at midnight
4:30 – Russian holiday traditions: what to do before New Year is here?
6:25 – Russian traditional New Year dishes
8:10 – Russian Old New Year
9:20 – Christmas in Russia

Numbers in Russian with Jack and Alina

Today’s video lesson is devoted to numbers. But only two of them – 1 and 2. Why? Because almost all the Russian learners face the difficulties while inflecting these two numbers for cases and genders. But don’t worry, Alina and Jack are here to explain the rules for you! Hopefully after watching the video the use of numbers in the Russian language will not seem so complicated!

Russian grammar in pictures

To say in Russian that one is offended by someone we need a reflexive verb which is formed by adding a special suffix: – сь, -ся. It is similar to the “-self” concept in English. I had offended myself by him – Я обиделАСЬ на него.
Follow the news and stay tuned! More lessons for Russian learners are coming soon! Choose a course here to start learning Russian right away!

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International kite-race in Karelia

Do you know what Russian region holds the 4th position on the list of most popular places to travel? Karelia. Every year more than 2 million tourists visit the Republic with the unique nature, unbelievable sunsets and ideal-for-meditation atmosphere. It is slowly becoming the land of cultural festivals and events for Karelian people to honor their ancestors’ traditions. Moreover Karelia has always been famous for extreme sports and spectacular activities such as annual rally competition, water freestyle, rafting, hunters’ traditional festival and many others. All the Russian language learners who are somehow into sports should definitely visit Karelia this spring.  From 6 till 10 of March on the shore of lake Onego the International winter kite-marathon TOKE (Trans-Onego Kite Enduro) is going to take place. 3 days of ice, snow and wind

9 countries are to compete on the second largest lake in Europe

Sportsmen from Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Romania and Russia take part in this competition annually since 2012. They say the race on the second largest lake in the European continent is very similar to a survival challenge. The competitors (each team consists of 2 people) have to leave like real scouts: build their own campfire, pitch a tent and stay outdoors for two nights. It is an incredible polar expedition.  The teams sale through the route and navigate through the checkpoints led by their groups leaders. The route covers 350 km around the most remarkable places of Onego including the stop near the world famous Kizhi islands.
The organizers never forget about the colorful opening of the contest with local food, traditional gamesn and performances to provide the participants with the inspiration to a great race.

You still have time to register to the event or to come as a participant! Join Enjoy Russian language school on March 5 and have a great time full of new emotions! (Sign up for a course here)

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What do students think about 12-week Russian language course in Petrozavodsk

The best way to understand whether or not the certain Russian language course meets your expectations is to ask people. Here in Petrozavodsk Enjoy Russian language school students are always ready to share their results and progress in Russian as well as to assess their living in a Russian family and communication with volunteers. This autumn we met cool guys who stayed with us for 3 months! Here is Judit’s testimonial:
“The content of the language course was excellent. Good studybook with the most useful topics. The groups were small so it forced us to speak Russian. I’ve enjoyed our teachers with their games, discussions, etc. very much! I could always ask questions even if they didn’t have anything to do with the topics. The teacher always answered in a satisfying way. I had a perfect accommodation and the best host mom ever! Super friendly, helpful and communicative, of course we’ll keep in touch! I had a nice and cozy bedroom, perfect learning area with desk and couch. I always felt welcomed.
The Russian volunteers were very nice and helpful. I’ve enjoyed the people very much. They showed us good restaurants and gave us interesting facts about the city. Administration of the program was excellent. I could always come and ask if something would have been unclear. I would like to participate in the program again: good learning progress, motivating atmosphere, nice city, friendly and helpful people. I would recommend this program to others as it’s perfect to learn Russian! I truly liked everything!”

суббота, 6 января 2018 г.

Long-term Russian course: 3 months in Russia

Dear friends, there’s not much time left to join the groups starting their journey to B1+, upper-intermediate Russian level this spring!

That’s what you’ll get if join EnjoyRussian spring semester: dramatically improve all your language skills, reach B1+ language level, practice Russian with native speakers 24/7, explore must-see places of Karelia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Veliky Novgorod, meet lots of new international friends, get a final certificate and unforgettable long-life memories and more.

Dates: March, 05-May, 25 of 2018
Starting level: A2 (basic)
Program includes: 240 Russian lessons in a group, Russian homestay with meals, support of Russian volunteers, cultural activities (meetings, excursions, trips)

Apply here: https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/long-term/
Our e-mail: info@enjoyrussian.com

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If I were Russian. An essay from Enjoy Russian school student

What would you do if you were Russian? Sometimes we ask Enjoy Russian school students this question and they give very different answers. Here is an essay from Adeline:
“I will be writing my name as Аделин instead of Adeline and greeting people “Здравствуйте” instead of “Hello”. Russian is widely spoken and it is one of the 6 official languages of United Nation. This recognition given for Russian language is an honour itself as a global language. It will be my pride to speak and write in the language which seems to intrigue people from all over the world. Many people will be surprised When the letter ‘B’ in Russian language is pronounced entirely different from the letter ‘B’ of Roman alphabet. Now, isn’t this unique?
If I were Russian, I will have to work extra hard in my Geography class but it is definitely worth the efforts. Russia is largest country in the world by land and it is spanning across 2 continents – Asia and Europe with 11 different time zones, seasonal climates and various landscapes. I will not need to travel out of my country and have lifetime adventure to appreciate the marvelous Mother Nature in Russia- mountains, islands, rivers, steppe, lakes, taiga and tundra and Russia has them all. Russia is also the only country where everyone can be in the same country yet they live day and night apart – “Good Morning in Vladivostok” is “Good Night in Moscow”. Above all, it is easy when people ask me, “Where are you from?” and I will just answer “Russia!”. Who doesn’t know Russia and no one should ever miss it on the world map.
If I were Russian, I will know that my country is not only geographically rich, it is also culturally rich. Russia is filled with majestic architecture and also beautiful arts from its people – literature, ballet and music. People from all over the world admire the splendor of Russian buildings from churches to metro stations. Nobody can miss the building with colourful onion shaped domes from Russia. Besides that, Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the largest museums in the world and it is storing a vast collection of arts. It is said that if you spend a minute looking at each exhibition, you might need to spend 11 years to see them all. I will be privileged to be surrounded by the richness of arts within my country and I will never get bored for next 11 years.
If I were Russian, I will practise traditions and superstitions which are interestingly unique from the rest of the world. For instance, I will celebrate Christmas Day in January instead of December and I will not be allowed to whistle in the house for the fear of bad luck. Instead of receiving a dozen of roses bouquet from my lover, I will receive 11 stalks of roses because even number of flowers are for funerals. Russians practise some traditions that are different from others. Russians will enjoy a session of Banya with hot steams to warm the bodies before jumping into a pool of cold water or even the snow. This sounds crazy to many people but to Russian, this is a traditional practice which is good for health.
If I were Russian, I would not trade my identity for anything else in the world because Russia is an unique place to be.”