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Russian 50+ 

Welcome to Petrozavodsk in September! If you’re fond of Russia and want to start learning Russian or to improve your Russian skills – the most efficient and eventful program is a special “Russian 50+” course for adults. 

Our students take intensive Russian course in a small group in a friendly atmosphere, practice Russian with native speakers, live with a hospitable Russian family, eat delicious homemade Russian meals, learn lots about Russian culture – our cultural program includes lots of activities and events - theatres, museums, excursions, concerts, meetings with interesting people. On the weekends our students can take a trip to the Kizhi island , Kivach waterfall, Velikiy Novgorod or St. Petersburg. 

The program starts on September, 03. 
Duration 2-4 weeks.
Apply here: https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/russianforseniors/
E-mail: info@enjoyrussian.com 

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Non-stop Russian language practice at spring Business Camp in Petrozavodsk

Would you agree that language learning becomes even more exciting when it’s connected with some interesting activities? For instance, students of Enjoy Russian school are always free to choose “Russian and Volunteer” program and come to Petrozavodsk to find friends (or even fans) among Russian teenagers and children. Two weeks ago we had here a project “My first Startup”. Kids had to choose the recipe and open the restaurant by themselves.  We must admit the participants were carried away not only by the tasks, they were also very happy to see such amazing guests as our student and volunteer Jagger!

Jagger about pizza-making and kids’ enthusiasm

 I am studying Russian at Enjoy Russian, and was lucky enough to be offered the chance to take part in the Initiative centre’s week-long camp. The theme was world cuisine and enterprise. The children and teenagers taking part had some really creative ideas, I was impressed by their enthusiasm. We even got to see behind the scenes at dodo pizza!
The highlight for me was the final day, when everyone gathered to present their projects in Dodo pizza. Each group prepared some dishes, made promotional posters and some even dressed up (the Chinese dress and Italian moustaches were fab!). Each group performed a promotional speech, explaining their inspiration and the features of their chosen cuisines. I especially liked the Chinese restaurant group’s acting!
I was glad to see that some students were extremely keen to practice English as well as becoming budding chefs and entrepreneurs. My favourite English slogan was Little Italy’s “ugly but tasty”, which perfectly described the tiramisu and their boosted sales!
It was a pleasure to take part, well done to everyone who contributed!

Thank you, Jagger, for the emotions and the opportunity to practice English constantly! And if you want to inspire the young generation as Jagger did sign up for the program and come to Petrozavodsk!

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… and the history of Petrozavodsk

What are the most recognizable names in Russian history? Here in Petrozavodsk where students from all over the world learn Russian language, we have a monument to Peter the Great. Even those who are not familiar with the historical background of Karelia may guess that the name Petrozavodsk is connected with famous Russian tsar. Firstly it was the settlement of Petrovskaya Sloboda which turned into the largest city in Karelia. Many Enjoy Russian school students try to reveal as much information as they can about the city and devote their final projects in the Russian language to Peter the Great.

Christophe from Germany about Peter the Great

“Russia is in no way inclined to produce personalities of lower interest to an international society than any other nation. In both the troubled and the safe times of Russian history, there have been some remarkable characters that either influenced internal of international politics to such a degree, that our contemporary world couldn’t be imagined without them. One who strikes me personally as exceptionally fascinating would be Peter the Great (Пётр I Алексе́евич).
I’d argue that few Russians have achieved a lasting impression on Russian society to such an extent as Pjotr I has. Little was the former Moscovite Empire known to Western kingdoms before his appearance, little was it developed and little was it willing to change its perspective.
Before his rulership, Pjotr traveled the major European capitals incognito (anonymous in a relative way) to discover their scientific progress and learn from their ways of dealing with state affairs. Of special significance was Germany, from which he imported many philosophers and scientists and who’d later influence the Russian army. To this day, Germany is still a role model, when it comes to economics and had many of its people living in Russia for many generations (even though their Russian was in many cases bad or non-existent, thus also the name Немецкий or „mute“).
With the great number of bureaucratic, military and aristocratic changes that he introduced, the Russian zone of influence had extended. This set in motion a wave of intellectual thinking that would reach its peak with Ekatarina the Great but never lost its momentum until today. Also, the new military strength allowed Russia to extend into new territories and claim it as their own, helping the country giving it its well-known shape.
From this point on, the “enlightened” movement wasn’t stoppable anymore. His often radical reforms – including the forceful cutting of beards! – were often accompanied by opposition from the ruling elite. They, however, found their value, as they offered a way for every one of climbing the career ladder, not regarding their background or their hierarchy. A beautiful example would be the Tsaritsa Ekaratina, who had been a German princess but had become one of the most famous personalities herself.
Of course, Pjotr the Great may be remembered by many for even other achievements. It is worth mentioning that he strengthened the Russian predilection for two exquisite beverages: coffee and vodka. Both he consumed on a regular basis with great vigour, for which he’s also remembered. Few would object that vodka has a very special and important place in Russian soul and Russia is famous worldwide for this drink that the tsars themselves appreciated (for this reason it’s even more striking that the Russian president Vladimir Vladmirovitch Putin fully denies himself alcohol).
For the reasons above, I choose Pjotr I. as one of the most important people in Russian history and, even though he’s been dead for many centuries now, his influence can still be felt throughout this enormous North-eastern country. Unfortunately, none of us will be able to meet him again, but his spirit and soul can be embraced when one travels to the Sankt Petersburg – the city that was founded by Tsar Pjotr I. in 1703 – and enjoy a glass of vodka. He might be dead, but his legacy lives on – the Russian band Leningrad rightfully sings: “в питере – пить.”

And who is your Russian hero?  Come to Petrozavodsk to be fully immersed in the culture and history and start speaking Russian in 6 weeks. Choose a course here 

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Advanced Russian courses in a group! 

Join B2 level group course starting on July,30 if you: 
- need Russian for your job prospects, 
- want to improve your fluency,
- wish to put all your language skills into practice!

Duration: 2-4 weeks
Tuition fee: 320 euro/2 weeks, 640 euro / 4 weeks
Come with a friend and save 80 euro!

Apply https://enjoyrussian.com/apply-summer/
Contact info@enjoyrussian.com

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Kalakunda: traditional Fish holiday in Karelia

We all know that tastes differ. Dutch people are crazy about stroopwafels, French can’t imagine themselves without camembert and Russians are believed to eat caviar daily. But actually, here in the North-West of Russia we love fish more than caviar! As you know Enjoy Russian School is situated in the land of lakes and the “fish tradition” of Karelian people goes back to the settlement times when people had to take the advantages of generous Mother Nature. In August 2018 Russians living in Karelia will celebrate the Fish holiday KALAKUNDA. What does it mean and how do we celebrate it?

Traditional Russian activities to enjoy the fish fest

Karelia is well known for its fishery. First and foremost Kalakunda holiday is a fishermen competition. About 150 professionals compete in trout hooking on the river Lososynka. Last year winner has caught 2 trout with the total weight of 3 kg (approximately 6.6 pounds).
The holiday program offers a variety of activities for adults and children. Of course, everything is connected with fish – you can buy fish, can make souvenirs from fish, cook the traditional pie, enjoy the performances in which fish is the ultimate superhero. But one of the most important things is that you may listen to the ancient tales and sagas about Karelian heroes.
What else can you do here?
  • Take a picture of the reindeer
  • learn traditional Karelian dance;
  • play outdoor games;
  • take part in the workshops and learn how to make woodenware and furniture, fish bones jewelry!

One fish-idiom to sound like a Russian

One of the most common idioms in Russia is connected with the fish: как рыба в воде (kak ryba v vad’e)
Literal translation – like a fish in water. It means to feel comfortable somewhere.
Example:  Хотя он приехал в школу Enjoy Russian всего две недели назад, он чувствовал себя как рыба в воде. (Even though he came to Enjoy Russian school just two weeks ago he felt very comfortable)

Want to feel the taste of Russia? Come to Enjoy Russian school to experience full Russian immersion! Choose a course here

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Russian celebrities I'd like to meet

If you were happen to travel in Russia, who would you like to meet? May be the President or a famous actor, a scientist or ballet dancer? In summer 2018 shcolarship contest  Enjoy Russian school asked the candidates to write an essay about any famous Russians from the past to present. We were very surprised by both the number of participants and people they were describing. The winner  for instance told about the Romanovs and interview she would hold with Anastasia Romanova. Peter the Great, journalist Vladimir Pozner, skier Maria Komissarova and other famous people also turned out to be of high  interest for Russian language learners. Here is the essay of Luis from Colombia.

Luis about famous Russian singers and bands

When I travel in Russia I would like to meet Nargiz Zakirova. She is an outstanding singer, one of my favorites. When I started to listen music in Russian, she was one of the first singers that I listened to. Her life has impressed. I would to meet her in a café in St. Pétersburg, talking about a lot of things, asking her about what does she feel when she sings and projects does she have for the future. And, of course, taking a selfie with her.
And talking about musician, I would also to meet the members of Amatory, Vismut, СЛОТ, Storm Inside, 7000$ and Animal ДжаZ. I also like their music very much. In the case of these artist, I would like to meet them all in a metalcore festival in Moscow. Knowing that summer is a god time for that kind of concert and festival, that would very a very awesome experience.
And if I had a time machine to go back in the time and meeting someone, that would be the count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (also known as Leo Tolstoy), one of the very best and greatest writers of all time. I know that for him that would be a strange experience meeting someone form the future but I'd try to not spoil anyting, but telling him how much I admire his work and letting him know that despite how hard were (well, would be at that time) his last years, his work will be hugely appreciated. I truly wish to have the opportunity to meet such a great writer like him.
Now it is time to create your own list! And come to Russia to learn the language:) Who knows maybe you’ll make your dream come true! Choose a course

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The application deadlines are coming up soon!

If you want to start your summer with an exciting, unforgettable, exhilarating experience of full Russian immersion – apply https://enjoyrussian.com/apply-summer/ !

The group language course starts on June, 04
Location: Petrozavodsk, Russia (we’ll help to book train tickets or arrange transfer from the airport)
Duration: 2-12 weeks
Program includes: visa support, welcome package, 20 professional Russian lessons a week, Russian homestay & meals, lots of activities and events, language practice with native speakers!

For any information please contact info@enjoyrussian.com