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If you happen to travel to Petrozavodsk (and want to start learning Russian with Enjoy Russian language school) then you should know what to expect from the weather. The most significant thing is that the weather in Karelia is as unpredictable as in Iceland.

In winter it's very snowy and the temperature might be up to 25 below zero. So you should definitely take with you earmuffs or beanie, scarf, waterproof winter jacket and boots. It's also quite slippery everywhere you go even though we put sand all around the road.

If you are about to take a summer trip, then pack some faves you wear in chilly weather as well - jeans, cardigans, sweater or even a scarf. But be ready to face unbelievable heat (especially if you take a course in July), so don't forget a swimsuit, shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. 

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суббота, 14 июля 2018 г.

One-to-one Russian course in September!

 Why “EnjoyRussian” School?

-        - We are team of experienced professionals (we teach since 2004)
-        -  Flexible timetable and content. You choose the days to start and finish, the intensity and language aspects you want to focus on.
-        - You will start speaking Russian whenever you’re a tourist or an astronaut.
-        -  Perfect location: Petrozavodsk is situated close to St. Petersburg and Finland, meanwhile here you can see real Russia where people don’t switch to English talking to a foreigner 
         - Attractive prices. Take 80 lessons and save 240 euro: 1 lesson for 17 euro instead of 20! 

Ask coordinator: info@enjoyrussian.com

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Enjoy Russian school knows how to learn Russian fast! The crack of a matter is in choosing the right strategy to remember some difficult topics. Check out the examples concerning Russian conjunctions ТАК and ТОГДА and try to practice right away!

Russian ТАК

1. Это правда:
– Двор сеял у самой реки, и по веснам, когда спадала полая вода, он был усеян щепой и ракушками, а иногда и другими, куда более интересными вещами. Так, однажды мы нашли туго набитую письмами сумку, а потом вода принесла и осторожно положила на берег я самого почтальона.– Вы видели его вчера в 17:00, так? – Да. Это так.
2. Именно таким образом, не как-нибудь иначе. В таком виде, состоянии, как есть:
– Вы видели его вчера в 17:00, так? – Да. Это так.
3. Очень, настолько:
– Это было так интересно, что старухи, ходившие к Сковородникову играть в “козла”, бросали карты и присоединялись к нам.
– Страшно было только по вечерам: так тихо, что слышен, кажется, даже мягкий стук падающего снега, и в такой тишине вдруг начинал выть в трубе ветер.

четверг, 5 июля 2018 г.


  • The FIFA World Cup is the tournament held every 4 years for men’s teams of member associations of FIFA. The 21st edition is being held this year in Russia.
  • There are two teams that have qualified for the first time- Iceland and Panama.
  • Zabivka, a wolf is the mascot for the World Cup.
  • The oracle for this world cup is Achilles who lives at the world famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.
  • The official song is called “Live it up” with vocals by Will Smith, Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi.
  • This is the first World Cup VAR (video assistant referees) are being used.
  • The winners of the World Cup from 1930-1970 won the Jules Rimet Trophy (named after the FIFA President).
  • After 1970, the trophy was changed to the Fifa World Cup Trophy.
Read the whole interview with Nick - https://enjoyrussian.com/mundial2018/

суббота, 30 июня 2018 г.

“I wanted to thank you and all the EnjoyRussian-team for the wonderful two weeks I spent in Petrozavodsk in June. I've been back for less than two weeks and I realize that I have learned very much (thanks to Olga !) and I now have the motivation to continue learning! It's only been a two-week-trip but my head is full of great memories. Also, the choice of the family was an excellent one, Katia and Vlad were wonderful hosts :o) I wish you and the team all the best and we'll maybe meet again next year!” our student from Luxemburg who studied during 2 weeks this June. 

If you want to experience the same, get fast progress in Russian and motivate yourself to study, join our 2-week course this September! 
Dates: Sep, 03-14 
Tuition fee: 320 euro for 40 lessons 
Contact us info@enjoyrussian.com
Or apply https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/standard/

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amazing facts about Russia

We bet you know this! 

Some stereotypes about Russia are not even close to reality! Make sure you know Russia better than Google:)  Here is the presentation that hopefully will make you want to come to learn Russian in Karelia! See you soon in Petrozavodsk!

суббота, 23 июня 2018 г.

Long-term Russian course in Russia for elementary level in autumn! 

We are glad to invite elementary level students (A0+/A1) to study Russian in Russia for 3 months this autumn already! 

Dates: Sep, 03-Nov, 23 (participation during a shorter period is also possible)

What will you get?
- 240 professional Russian lessons with experts;
- Language practice with native speakers (host family, volunteers);
- Experience of living in Russia and feeling Russian
- Long-life memories and outstanding photos of Karelia

We'll lead you with each step from visa to transfer!
Just contact us info@enjoyrussian.com
Or apply here https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/standard/