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Russian language courses in Russia for students 50+ in April! 

Join the group of adults from 50 years old to visit Russia and its beautiful Republic of Karelia, learn and practice the Russian language with Russians, get unforgettable memories and positive emotions being fully immersed into Russian culture and language. Feel comfortable and welcome in a friendly atmosphere of EnjoyRussian School! Get everyday care and support in your Russian host family! Taste delicious homemade Russian meals, see UNESCO World Heritage Centre Kizhi, enjoy wonderful Karelian nature and feel yourself Russian!

2-week program: April 02-13, 2018 (40 lessons)
4-week program: April 02-27, 2018 (80 lessons)
Levels: from beginners to advanced

Apply here: https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/russianforseniors/
Our e-mail: info@enjoyrussian.com

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3 months of adventures with Enjoy Russian

If you want to experience Russian culture in depth and would like to strengthen your Russian two language levels up from where you are now you better choose 12 week course instead of 2-4-week learning. And spring is definitely the best time for that! On March 5 we start a trip full of adventures and new meetings in the North-West of Russia, city of Petrozavodsk.

Long stay in Russia is your chance to see more!

1. You’ll have 240 Russian lessons. You’ll significantly improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Thant’s what you need if you really want to reach the best results in Russian for a short period of time. By the end of the course you’ll be surprised by the progress you’ll have made;
2. You’ll taste all kinds of traditional Russian and Karelian food while staying with a Russian host family and hear all interesting stories about Russian history, life in Russia and Soviet Union, amazing or weird Russian traditions firsthand from your hosts;
3. You’ll have a chance to visit the Kizhi island twice: in March by snowmobiles to see the silent beauty of snowbound Kizhi Pogost and in May by hydrofoil to take a relaxing walk along the green island under the sun;
4. You’ll have enough time to visit all repertoire of the Musical theatre (opera, ballet, operetta), concerts of the Philharmonic Hall and modern performances of Creative Workshop Drama Theatre;
5. You’ll celebrate all spring Russian holidays with Russians: eat “blini” for the whole week, burn the scarecrow of winter and dance in a round during Maslenitsa, cook an Easter bread “kylitch”, color the boiled eggs and toll a bell on a bell tower at Easter and participate in celebratory parades dedicated to the Labor day and Victory day during the May holidays;
6. You’ll visit all speaking clubs arranged by EnjoyRussian School: game club to remember lots of new Russian words in a fun way, literature club to read Russian classic literature, movie club to watch Soviet and Russian movies and cartoons, discussion club to learn a lot about Russian culture, traditions and superstitions;
7. You’ll see full-flowing Kivach waterfall;
8. You’ll meet all the Russian volunteers of EnjoyRussian School with whom you’ll visit all must-see and must-eat places in Petrozavodsk;
9. You’ll participate in all kinds of cultural activities from winter sports and theater backstage excursion in March to horse-riding and picnics in May;
10. You’ll see beautiful nature of Karelia in all its views: from snowbound fairy-tale sceneries and northern lights, icebreaking and snow melting to green and blossoming sceneries and white nights.
See you in spring! Sign up for a course here 

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The year 2018 is going to be something special for Russia. World Cup 2018 is an event extensively discussed on the International arena. On 1 of December FIFA 2018 final draw took place in Moscow and now we know the groups and can suggest what teams are going to run the show. If you’ve already bought your tickets to Russia you might probably want to learn Russian language and be familiar with Russian football history. In this regard Enjoy Russian school tells you about:

5 legendary Soviet football players which names are known to every Russian

1. Lev Yashin. A goalkeeper who considered to be the legend of football history. He won the Olympic football tournament of 1956 and the first European Championship held in 1960. His entire career was devoted to Dinamo (Moscow) and the team won the USSR championship 5 times. He received Golden ball (Ballon d’Or) in 1963 and remains the only goalkeeper ever received this award.
2. Vladimir Bessonov. Ukrainian football player who played for the USSR national team. He won about 80 competitions and later became the coach of Ukrainian team. In 1988 he won Gold medal on the Summer Olympics.
3. Albert Shesternyov. Moscow SCKA player and a member of the Soviet National team. Known as Ivan the Terrible, he became a captain of his team at only 21 years old. In 1970 he became the footballer of the year.
4. Igor Netto. Back in childhood Igor was fond of hockey but his destiny brought him another role. He was famous for “being a gentlemen” when on field after one situation happened in 1962. He was a Soviet team captain and insisted on not counting the goal from Uruguay team (because the goal was kicked through the net hole).
5. Oleg Blokhin. The only Soviet footballer who played more than 100 games and netted about 400 goals. He was the strongest forward of all times and became a footballer of the year 3 times.
World Cup 2018 is going to take place in 11 Russian cities. Take chance to visit Petrozavodsk where you can not only learn Russian with Enjoy Russian school but also to play football at one of the city venues!

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Russian idiomatic expressions frequently used nowadays

While teaching Russian by Skype or in a classroom Enjoy Russian shool tutors are often asked by the students about some historical, cultural or scientific facts about Russia, Russian literature,  space industry etc. From time to time learners are interested in Russian measurement system people used especially when they talk about directions in Russian language. To be honest, not every Russian man is familiar with all the notions, but almost everyone uses some idiomatic expressions that contain one-two ancient measurement terms. Enjoy Russian school briefly tells you about the most frequently used notions.

5 common Russian expressions with measurement notions

  1. Since ancient Rus’ and till the year 1925 Russian length measurement system included a number of units that grew out of use. For instance the one introduced by Peter the Great in 18 century was called It was equal to 21 English inches (or 71 cm). In modern days here in Russia we still use the expression:
Мерить всех на свой АРШИН. To measure everybody by one’s own ARSHIN – To judge people by yourself.
Another expression with the word:
Проглотить АРШИН. To swallow an ARSHIN – To stand very straight and still.
  1. Another weight measurement unit is often used in everyday Russian (especially by teens) and can be viewed as Russian slang – pood – ПУД (that is about 16 kg or 36 lb). We use the following expression to say “something is going to happen 100%, most likely”.
Сто ПУДОВ (plural) – Hundred poods!
  1. Another word is VERSTA – ВЕРСТА (which is about 1 km). The expression you may hear very often when in Russia is – Слышно ЗА ВЕРСТУ. This Russian expression means someone screams about something very loud and he/she can be heard everywhere (even 1 km away).
  2. ЗОЛОТНИК (zolitnik – “golden one”) – about 4 grams of gold.
Мал ЗОЛОТНИК, да до́рог. A ZOLOTNIK is small, but expensive : when quality is more important than quantity.
  1. МИЛЯ (milya) – mile basically, was equal to 7.4 km
Идти СЕМИМИЛЬНЫМИ шагами. To walk in 7-mile steps – To progress fast in something, to improve something quickly.
And if you want to progress fast in Russian (идти СЕМИМИЛЬНЫМИ шагами) join our Russian lessons by Skype or come to Petrozavodsk to Enjoy Russian language school! Choose a course here

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Students about long term Russian language course in Petrozavodsk

Enjoy Russian language school seems to be a place for making a sitcom! An international one of course, because the students come to Petrozavodsk from Singapore and China, the USA and Romania, Germany and India and from almost all the corners of the Earth. Guys find themselves not only totally immersed into the Russian language but also visit all the cultural events, meet hospitable Russians, explore the city of Petrozavodsk and travel around Karelia. From September till the end of November we hosted a group of students brave enough to stay in Russia for three months and to attend long-term Russian language course.

Did you like Russian language course with native speaking teachers? Share your results!

  • I came knowing nothing almost and I am leaving with a lot of knowledge. Time will tell how well I may have done!
  • I really enjoyed the program and felt that it really helped my language skills. Teachers used the variety of different methods which kept lessons interesting.
  • The teacher made a very good job  and showed sincere interest in the needs of every single student!

How did you like the content of the cultural program?

  • I found heaps of culture in the 3 months I have beem in Petrozavodsk. Concerts, museums, dance classes, as well as visits to Kizhi and Kivach waterfall.

What about Enjoy Russian school volunteers?

  • The volunteers have been excellent. Their standard of English is outstanding!
  • They were amazing and really helpful! I think I have made good friends!

Russian homestay. Did you feel comfortable with your Russian family?

  • The host family were very helpful and nice and it was great living with them. I felt very at home with them and they made an effort to talk with me and make me feel welcome!

Anything to add?

  • I really enjoyed the program and felt that it really helped my language skills. Everyone is really nice, the classes are small and you really get a chance to learn but also feel at home.
  • I enjoyed everything! I will definitely recommend the school to other students.
If you want to have your own unique experience af living like a real Russian, choose our long-term Russian language course and come for the brightest memories!

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🇷🇺 Learn Russian and volunteer in Russia!
Spend 4-12 weeks in Petrozavodsk, Russia with EnjoyRussian language School:
First half of the program, 2-6 weeks: take intensive Russian language course in a group or individually: improve your language skills in a fast and effective way, start to speak Russian fluently!
Second half of the program, 2-6 weeks: volunteer in a language center for children and adults learning foreign language – arrange informal meetings, language cafes, help teachers to prepare games, quizzes and other activities in your native language, visit public schools to tell Russian pupils about your country. You’re welcome to offer your own volunteer project!
During the whole program you stay in a hospitable Russian family with 1 or 2 meals a day.
Cost of the course: from 320 euro (2 weeks in a group, 40 Russian lessons)
Accommodation: from 150 euro (2 weeks in a Russian host family with breakfast)
Group Russian course starts from March, 05. Join us!
Apply here: https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/volunteering/
Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com

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Let's learn how to talk about winter in Russian!

Dear friends! Today is the 1st of December which means winter has officially come! To be honest here in Petrozavodsk we started wearing warm scarves and cold weather caps (not ushankas!)  2-3 weeks ago but sometimes one does not notice winter around until it’s December! Do you want to see how happy we are? Watch the video!