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Go berserk and enjoy ancient sagas at Medieval times International Festival in Karelia!

Telling the truth not every student who comes to learn Russian language in the North of Russia lives with the host families. Of course Russian homestay is the best option however sometimes the call of the wild breaks down the system of “everything is on the right track”. The historical Campus on the shore of Onego lake (the 2d biggest lake in Europe by the way) is going to be established in August 2018. For those who seek some unique places to visit in Russia and some authentic activities to try the “Legends of the North Festival” is the first must-see-item!

Learn how to set a fire both to your Russian trip and on the ground

We’d already written the post about Karelia and North-West of Russia as a place where many legends were born. Golden Mermaids, stones  “seidy” and Karelian Nessy, stories about brave men who conquered the death and forest creatures helping travelers to find a way.  They say Karelia is a land for spiritually strong Russian men. According to the legend Karelian people ancestors came from the North and to survive in these harsh weather conditions they should have been pure in heart and strong in spirit.
“Legends of the North” Festival proves all mentioned above and is slowly becoming the event people associate Karelia with. On 5th of  August citizens are invited to be fully immersed by the authentic Nordic atmosphere of 9-11 centuries, try on some elements of clothes, armor and weapons, get acquainted with historical handicrafts and take part in numerous unique workshops and talk sessions:
  • Moulded ceramics workshop
  • Scandinavian poetry of scalds
  • Elementary leather goods. Types of hides and skins. Their destination. Where to search for materials.
  • the Swedish overtone flute making class
  • archery and throwing knives workshops

The best place in Russia for those who’re attracted by the North

Not only the sounds of folk bands performance might be heard here but also metallic clang from everywhere! So the bravest ones may take a sword and become the best in the battle.
“That was the greatest show! The level of organizing was really high, we could take pictures with the warriors, fight with swords, watch and photograph handicrafts and life, learn something new and communicate with people who can’t imagine their life without the Legends of the North!” (says one of the participants in 2017)
Don’t you think it’s your turn to try this? Choose a course and come to Karelia!

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“Even in just 5 lessons I made good progress”

– that’s what our Skype student said this week. 👍

Achieve fast results in Russian sitting on your sofa 😄
All what you need is an internet connection and devise with microphone and camera.

Cost (the more you take, the more you save):
17 euro / 1 lesson if you take 1-9 lessons;
16 euro / 1 lesson if you take 10-14 lessons;
15 euro / 1 lesson if you take 15 lessons and more.