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Rahel meets up with Russian mom 2 years later

It goes without saying that 3 months is more than enough to find yourself bonded with a Russian host family. Meet Rahel from Switzerland, Enjoy Russian School alumni of 2016. This wonderful girl had been learning Russian in Petrozavodsk for 12 weeks (check out Semester Abroad program here). To celebrate the reunion  Rahel’s Russian mom Marina cooked her favorite Russian treats and took her to some beautiful places in Karelia. The most obvious difference between 2016 experience and May 2018 trip is that now Rahel speaks fluent Russian!

She calls me Russian mom!

“Рахель – очень искренний, светлый человек. Такая веселая и добрая девушка. Всегда хочет мне помогать, записывает мои рецепты. Она называет меня русской мамой и всегда зовет нас в гости” says Marina. Rahel had always been attracted by Russia, people and mindset. Moreover, nowadays learning Russian is extremely advantageous. Thanks to fluent Russian Rahel successfully entered the Police Academy (by the way only 17 people were selected out of 800!) and is going to work at the airport in Zurich.

5 reasons to choose Russian homestay

  • practice Russian all day long and learn colloquial vocabulary easily
  • experience famous Russian hospitality
  • understand Russian way of life
  • taste Russian homemade food (blini, borsh etc.)
  • take a step beyond the tourist trail and explore the city with your hosts!

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Have you ever thought about Russians you would like to meet? Usually, the people coming to learn Russian in Petrozavodsk say Russians are very hospitable and open. Even if sometimes they seem to be gloomy they always smile inside. Maybe that is why we got so many essays from Scholarship contest candidates? Believe us or not, many participants wrote in the essays about famous politicians, journalists, Russian singers. But here us the extract of Nicolay’s essay who is willing to meet Miss Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Nicolay from Malta: I’d like to meet the President and beautiful Russian women

Мне очень нравится Россия, особенно город Санкт-Петербург. Недавно я изучал русский язык, и я прожил два года в Санкт-Петербурге.
Я знаю, что Россия – мать великих людей. В России жили и живут великие люди. Отличный великий человек с которым я хочу встретиться это Владимир Путин: он великий лидер и патриот. Россия – самая большая страна в мире, поэтому ей нужен сильный лидер. На работе я лидер команды, поэтому у меня есть чему поучиться у господин Путин!
Также В России живут самые красивые женщины мира, так почему бы и нет, Я был бы очень рад встретиться Мисс Россия!

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Russian North Hunting Traditions’ Festival

Have you ever tried to set a fire without a single match somewhere in the forests of Russia? We bet you haven’t! As well as never ever had you worn ancient Karelian traditional hunters’ clothes or eaten salmon bonfire soup. But no regrets, especially for those who come to learn the Russian language at Enjoy Russian School in Karelia. In September 2018 the Karelian city of Sortavala (North-West of Russia) holds one of the most epic and historically significant celebrations – Hunting Traditions festival.

Russian hunting comic-con is a must for chefs, sportsmen and photographers

And of course for anyone who likes spectacular and colorful events. Why is it held in Karelia? Because Russian forests in the North-West are famous for extremely rich flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes and unique spots ancient people had been exploring.
The one-day-long festival starts with the welcoming words about the significance of hunting traditions for Karelians. Guests will be able to amuse themselves on several stages:
  1.  cooking competition where professionals and amateurs cook a hunting soup from the same set of products in accordance with their own recipe.
  2.  hounds exhibition – experts will tell about the different breeds features and the way they are evaluated
  3.  Photo-hunting competition – the participants are given a fragment  of a photo of an animal and look for the place of its living
  4.  Shooting exhibition and competition.
  5.  Re-enactors performance – guests of the Festival have a unique opportunity to see the life and culture of medieval Karelia and even take part in the battle.
  6.  kids’ playgrounds, crafts workshops, and fire-shows will also make you fall in love with the atmosphere.

Participants say

“Hunting for Karelian people was always about unity with nature, a careful attitude to forests gifts. Today we were able to look into the past! The organizers showed us the way ancient hunters looked in the Middle Ages, how they prepared for the hunt, made weapons, sewed special clothes and lit the fire. Amazing atmosphere and a great performance!”
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How to learn Russian in Russia for only 8 euro a lesson? 👍

EnjoyRussian language School invites you to an intensive 2-week Russian language course. 
Dates: September 03-14 of 2018 
Intensity: 4 lessons a day 
Total tuition fee: 320 euro for 40 lessons 
💪Advantages: 15 years of experience, professional language course with native speakers, unlimited opportunities to practice Russian with locals 

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Russian journalist you would be pleased to meet

We’ve already shared with you some stories of the candidates to learn Russian for free competition. Anastasia Romanova, singer Nargiz, Russian sportsmen turned out to be of high interest for Russian leaners all over the world. The topic for the essays was pretty easy – Russian people I’d like to meet. But the essays were so creative! This time we post here an essay of Noemi from Italy. She is writing about Vladimir Pozner.

Noemi from Italy and her essay for the Russian course scholarship contest

Менязовут Ноэми. Мне 21 год. Я студентка из Италии. Я учусь в университете и там я изучаю русский язык. Мне очень нравится русский язык и культура России. Я знаю, что в России жили и живут интересные и великие личности. С одной из таких личностей, я бы хотела встретиться. Это Владимир Владимирович Познер. Он журналист, общественный деятель и просто интересный человек.
Я бы хотела встретиться с этим человеком, потому что он очень умный и интеллигентный человек, он ведет интересную программу на русском телевидении, куда приходят разные знаменитости, политики и другие важные персоны. Он ведет интервью на свободном русском языке, его словарный запас очень велик, несмотря на то, что русский язык не является его родным. Мне бы хотелось изучить русский язык так же хорошо, как он, ведь русский язык богатый и очень красивый. Также Владимир Владимирович Познер иногда ведет лекции в университете для будущих журналистов. Его лекции очень интересны для студентов, потому что он профессионал своего дела.
Мне бы очень хотелось изучить русский язык, чтобы свободно на нем общаться. Надеюсь, когда-нибудь у меня это получится, и я даже смогу встретиться с Познером.

Well done, Noemi! And your Russian is brilliant by the way! Come to Petrozavodsk to continue learning and meet Vladimir Pozner:)
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Victory Day symbols in Russia

On May 9, a national holiday is celebrated in Russia – Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, in which the Soviet people fought for the freedom and independence of their Motherland against fascist Germany and its allies. The Great Patriotic War was the most important and decisive part of the Second World War of 1939-1945. Enjoy Russian students who take a language course these days usually attend the Parade in Petrozavodsk and join the celebration.

St. George’s ribbon and parades

Картинки по запросу лента cdznjuj utjhubz
Since that time, the parades are held annually. On Victory Day there are meetings of veterans, solemn events and concerts. People lay flowers on memorials of military glory, memorials, and mass graves and honor those who had sacrificed with their lives. To say more, since 2005, the patriotic move “St. George’s ribbon” has been held with the goal of restoring and imparting the value of the holiday to the younger generation. On the eve of the Victory Day celebration, everyone can tie a St. George ribbon on the hand, bag or antenna of the car as a token of memory of the heroic past of the USSR as a symbol of military valor, victory, military glory and recognition of the merits of the soldiers. Every year traditional events take place in Petrozavodsk on May 9. The celebration of the Victory Day begins on the eve, May 8 at the temple in the name of the holy prophet Elias. Next morning on May 9 there is a solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the Eternal Flame will begin. Moreover, the youth hold the youth march of memory in honor of the soldiers of the Karelian Front, partisans and underground workers of Karelia. In the afternoon on Kirov’s square the concert is organized. At the same time in the floodplain Lososinka unfolds “Garrison Town” – a city project with interactive programs. The holiday always ends up with a festive firework.

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“I had never expected to fall so much in love with Russia and its people”

This is what Enjoy Russian Scholarship contest’s participants say. Those of them who have already been to Russia and is able to understand the language. Our students come to Petrozavodsk to see the real Russia, to experience people’s hospitality and start speaking Russian of course. British traveler and blogger Katherine has written a great story about her Russian trip. Read and think for yourself if you want to learn about Russians from media or come to actually explore it.

Katherine about her trip to Russia

Будь здорова! cried a chorus of voices when I sneezed enormously on my midnight flight to Moscow. This was the first time I’d been surrounded by Russian speakers and the first time I’d ever traveled to Russia. On my way off the plane, a man lifted my suitcase out of the over-head compartment for me. My taxi driver shared his bag of pumpkin seeds with me. A woman offered to take my photo after seeing me struggling to take a selfie – two minutes later she was flat on her back in the middle of red square determined to get both me and St Basil’s in the picture. I was at the ballet when I felt a tap on my arm as a girl offered me some of her chocolate.
The hospitality and kindness of Russians is overwhelming. I was only in Russia for four days in order to run the Moscow Marathon. I had never expected to fall so much in love with a country and its people. Ultimately I want to learn Russian to be able to understand the country more completely as it is so often misrepresented in the West. Russia through the eyes of a Westener is frankly a shock – it exceeds all expectations! I had no idea it would be so full of sunshine, with so much energy and be so well-organised! I promised myself, as I ran around the city, that I would find a way back to Russia, to travel to its far corners, documenting the people I meet and the beautiful landscapes. I blog about my travels and want to be able to present the real Russia, not the repressed version our media feeds us. If it’s only greeting “privet” to your neighbours, chatting to the person next to you at the bus stop, laughing with the lady at the supermarket, or trying to coax a smile out of the man behind the bar; energy is exchanged. Small points of understanding are reached. Misconceptions are broken down. Even at beginner level, it is still possible to change the way people think. It is still possible to have a powerful impact on their day. In this way I would hope to break down some of the walls dividing west and east and show the world Russia through my eyes.

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