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The days of red and yellow.
Vintage flea market in Petrozavodsk with Enjoy Russian School

Here is our new column "The days of red and yellow" for those who worried about what to do in Petrozavodsk in autumn. Learning Russian with EnjoyRussian school goes without saying. But what else? Our first advice is visiting  annual Vintage flea market in Petrozavodsk.

What is Vintage flea market
In a way this is a place for talented people to impress crowds with what they do. You can find here absolutely everything from handmade plates and dishes, notebooks, postcards to clothes, jewelry, decor elements, special treats and Karelian masters wooden furniture. But that is only one side of this event.

The Soviet era
If the Soviet Union was a person, he would love this. Really. First of all the location itself is magnificent.  The atmosphere brings you back in time once you crossed the threshold. Secondly, so many things from that time! Pins and post stamps are on the left, posters with red-tied pioneers are on the right. Even gramophones and radio sets wait for the new owners. Lately the Flea Market organizers added live music so be ready to fight down this can’t-stop-moving instincts in youJ  

How do I get there?
That is easy. Choose one of our courses and come to Petrozavodsk to learn RussianJ
You may go there either with our volunteers or by yourself. You may be either a visitor or to participate by selling something you have. Just make sure you don’t miss this event!

Pictures - https://vk.com/vintagefactory 

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📢If you have elementary (A1) level in Russian, you’re the one we’re looking for! 

Start your journey to speaking Russian 🇷🇺 fluently from September, 04 and achieve fast results in your Russian language this autumn already: 

- if you take the 2-week course, you’ll achieve A1+ level. You’ll refresh and expand your knowledge, review the grammar of A1 level and expand your vocabulary. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to speak about your family, your house / apartment, describe your work day, discuss a television program, take part in a discussion about marriage and family relationships. 

- if you take the 4-week course, you’ll have enough communicative skills to travel in Russia. During the course you will learn to describe cities, to discuss the advantages of different types of transport, professions, and careers. The course will also help you understand Russian traditions, customs and holidays better. 

- if you take the 12-week course, you’ll achieve A2+ (basic) level of Russian. You will be able to speak about various serious topics in Russian: politics, economics, society and etc. You will have lots of Russian language practice with native speakers which will bring your understanding of Russian speech up to a higher level and help you speak without mistakes and shyness.  

📅 Dates: September,04-November,24 
👍Cost: from 470 euro (2-week group course + homestay with breakfast)
📝APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/ 
✉Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com 


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     10 reasons to learn Russian in Petrozavodsk

Have you ever faced a problem of finding the right place for learning Russian? Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan or maybe Novgorod…The students of EnjoyRussian language school will definitely give you only one answer - Petrozavodsk! By the time you’re done with this post you’ll be totally convinced to come to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian. Let’s try?

  •        “Petrozavodsk is the place you never get bored” says Elizabeth Tobin. And she is absolutely right. You are offered so many options starting with making national food or costumes to visiting unique cultural and historical places. The most remarkable moments for Vendela Gebbie from the UK were visiting Botanical garden with her host family, orchestra concert with man Valaam monastry choir and City day of Petrozavodsk.
  •          Petrozavodsk is a place you start speaking Russian automaticallyYes, we do not have too many people talking English daily here. And that is even better for you! From time to time you need to find your way somewhere or order something at the restaurant. Believe us, you have no option but to start speaking Russian. “Sometimes people offer us English menu, but it happens not that often, so you should be ready for using your Russian with the very first day!” Elizabeth Tobin recalls her experience.
  •      Petrozavodsk is the place life is cheaperIn comparison to Moscow or St. Petersburg, EnjoyRussian School students can afford going to cafes and restaurants on daily bases. They are in the center of cultural life of the city because they buy tickets twice or even three-fold cheaper than they would do in Moscow. According to Nathalie Amacker from Switzerland “It’s really cheap, the cultural program is great and not so many tourists. Perfect conditions to improve your language skills!”
  •      Petrozavodsk is a place you see more actual RussiaA city of P is a hometown for only 260 000 people.  It goes without saying that you feel more comfortable and secure here than anywhere else. But the most important thing is that you see the way Russian people live. Plus you can take a bus or car and visit the most beautiful Russian villages, national parks and reserves.
  •      Petrozavodsk is a place you make friends easilyPeople are more open to communication. That’s the advantage of a small city.  “In Moscow or St. Petersburg you can only see crowds of business people caring about their own stuff” says Eleanor Fawcett. Big-cities-citizens are used to host thousands of people from abroad. But here in Petrozavodsk that is not really common. That is why you see their willingness to interact.  “I met so many people asking me where I from.  They are so excited to meet someone new, they do not miss this opportunity to show you the city and help you to find your way around. That is amazing!” Eleanor adds.
  •        Petrozavodsk is the place with enthusiastic volunteersIt is almost impossible to get lost in Petrozavodsk. Why? Because we have our volunteers ready to help you 24/7. More than 100 people do their best to show the places you never saw on your city map. Claudia Magnapera from Italy was lucky to experience that. Whenever I had a problem, they were able to help me. Now I am sure that Karelia is the best place to focus on studying Russian language!”
  •      Petrozavodsk  is a place with friendly host familiesWhat is really important for a person that comes here? Right. A comfy place to stay. That’s what Petrozavodsk does have. “My host family was excellent. Nadezhda and Ivan are truly wonderful. They are incredibly wise, good people whose appreciation for knowledge and background in education make them ideal host partners for students wanting to learn about Russia” says Marilyn Harries, the USA.
  •         Petrozavodsk Is a city of opportunities.All the hobbies you love at your home town can be moved here with you. Dance school, choir, fitness classes, climbing  – to name but a few. Also be sure you follow the activities our volunteers offer and you barely have time to sleepJ
  •         Petrozavodsk is a green cityJust google it. You will be surprised the amount of forest you see. Many parks, beautiful lake and rivers. The best place to keep in touch with nature.
  •             ... and finally, Petrozavodsk is close to other cities. Don’t be stressed out, you are not stuck in here. Take 5-hours ride on a car to St. Petersburg if you want. But don’t forget to get back! 
    Still uncertain? Just come. But first decide for yourself whether or not get out of your shell and let the new opportunities fill your life in Petrozavodsk with EnjoyRussianSchool

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Autumn is the right time for new Russian experience

I like autumn more than summer.  For me that is a good time for making new experiments,
trying something new, fulfilling your dreams. Autumn is a good time for travelling,
making new friends, learning Russian and other foreign languages.
Welcome to EnjoyRussian language school in September-November and enjoy
new Russian experience with us.

Start dates of the Intensive Russian courses in Autumn 2017

September  4,  October 2, November 6

Russian levels avalable (according to Russian testing system)

beginner (A0), elementary (A1), basic (A2)

Choose the Russian course suitable for your needs and welcome to Petrozavodsk

What to do in Petrozavodsk, Karelia?

to succed in Russian learning and achieve new Russian level for 3 months
with professional Russian teachers

to start speaking Russian fluently. You will have chance to practice Russian
24 hours per day with Russian volunteers, Russian hostfamilies and Russian teachers

to meet new Russian friends among Russian volunteers

to experience the real Russian hospitality and taste delicious Russian food

to enjoy beautiful views, relax watching Onego lake, walk  a lot and become more healthy,
pick up berries and mushrooms

to visit Kizhi island, Valaam monastery, Solovki monastery, Kinerma village, Kivach waterfall.
These sights of interest are worth seeing in the fall.

What to taste?

Autumn is a time of berries and mushrooms. Ask your Russian homestay family to cook a delicious mushroom soup, tasteful popatoes with mushrooms and meat, healthy cranberry kisel’ and Russian pies with lingonberry.  In autumn we cook fish a lot – sudak, whitefish, salmon and pike. You will definitely enjoy it.

Where to go and what to do in Petrozavodsk?

Our students say that Petrozavodsk has the right size. That is not as big as St.Peterburg
and Moscow and not as small to get bored. There are a lot of things to do here.

You may enjoy listening to music in Philarmonia and Conservatory, or watching ballet
in Music theater or performances in Drama theater. I recommend a new performance
“Nastasya Philipovna” based on the novel “Idiot” by Dostoevskiy.

You may do a lot of sport in Petrozavodsk – biking, running, swimming,
playing football, skating, joga and others.

You may take part in various workshops, lectures, exhibitions etc.
I recommend a cooking master-class and learn to cook “kalitki” – Karelian pies with potatoes,
carrots and millet.

Watch amazing pictures of Karelian Autumn https://enjoyrussian.com/russian-autumn/

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Don't loose your chance to particiapte in Intensive Russian language course in Russia 🇷🇺 this autumn! 

The program includes:
1. Effective Russian language course of 240 lessons in a group of 3-6 students;
2. Russian homestay for 12 weeks (with breakfast or breakfast & dinner);
3. Lots of Russian language practice with native Russian speakers;
4. Various cultural activities: excursions, parties, museums, sports and games, craftshops, fests, picnics, trips on the weekends and lots more!

📅 Dates: September,04-November,24
📊 Starting level: elementary
📈 Target level: 1st certificate

📝APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/
✉Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com

For some people learning the Russian language is a hobby and they don’t really care if they are A2 or B1 level. Most of the people don’t know what levels of language proficiency there are. Some people worry that when they come to Petrozavodsk “Enjoy Russian” language school they’ll not learn what they need, but study something they already know or something that is way too complicated for them.
No worries! Let me introduce you to the system of levels of the Russian language and also to the system of testing of the “Enjoy Russian” language school.
There are six levels of the Russian language proficiency:
A1 (Элементарный – Elementary) – You start from complete 0 (from the alphabet) and reach a survival level.
A2 (Базовый – Basic) – You extand your vocabulary and learn how to freely speak about simple topics.
B1 (ТРКИ-1 – Первый сертификационный уровень – The first certificate level) – You are able to talk about politics, economics, social problems and other serious topics;)
B2 (ТРКИ-2 – Второй сертификационный уровень – The second certificate level) – You understand the difference between the colloquial and written Russian, can use slang and read newspapers and magazines.
C1 (ТРКИ-3 – Третий сертификационный уровень – The third certificate level) – You can do researches in different branches of science, using the Russian language, use very specific vocabulary.
C2 (ТРКИ-4 – Четвёртый сертификационный уровень – The fourth certificate level) – You are like a native Russian speaker! Congratulations!
When you apply for the Russian language course at the “Enjoy Russian” language school, you do an entry grammar and vocavulary test that helps us to determine your level and place you to the right group. The right group for you is a group of students that are approximately of the same level as yours. And being in this level group means that you’ll study the material that will let you increase your level.
When you arrive, the education coordinator of the school will test your level of oral speaking. Sometimes the written test does not show us the whole picture, because some people don’t know the grammar very well, but speak amazingly great. If such thing happens we of course let the student go to a higher level group if he/she wants. We always ask the students if they feel comfortable in their group and propose them to try the other groups if needed.
The textbooks are carefully chosen to meet the requirements of all of the students. We use the same Russian language textbooks for foreigners that are used in universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Our teachers also prepare extra material if needed in order to make the lessons more interesting, useful and fun.
The lessons are conducted from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. So, the students have 4 academic hours of the Russian language lesson a day. It’s quite intensive, but some of our students want to have even more lessons, so they take extra individual classes in addition to the group lessons.
On every Friday you’ll have a test on the material that was learned during the week. It helps you to summarise the grammar and vocabulary points and feel your progress.
Finally, at the end of the course we propose you to pass a sample test equal to the international TORFL test (The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) that is designed  for foreign citizens compliant with the best European quality standards. It allows you to find out your exact level of the Russian language by aspects: grammar and vocabulary, speaking, listening, writing and reading. It’s a great chance for you to prepare for the real International TORFL exam, which certificate is acknowledged all over the world. As a result of the test you’ll be awarded with a certificate of compliance of the Russian language course in the “Enjoy Russian” language school with your language level written in it.

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Prepositions В and НА keep confusing people, who study the Russian language. If you are not sure when to use which one, this post is for you.
The easiest way to decide which preposition to use is to think weather the object you’re talking about is inside of something or on the top of it. If it is inside (inside a bag, a room, a city or a country and etc.) – use “В”. If it’s on top – use “НА”. In any other types of context better use “НА”, because it has a wider range of meanings.
Do not translate literally from English, because in English there are three prepositions (in, on and at) that in different combinations might be translated both as В and НА. For example, English “in the street” is “на улице” in Russian, “on a bus” – “в автобусе” and etc. So, English “in” is not always “В” in Russian and “on” is not always “НА”.
Save the chart, so not to ever forget when to use the Russian language В and НА!
Leave your questions and comments!

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Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human to travel into space. Alexey Leonov was the first human to perform a spacewalk (there is a great movie about that by the way – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOJ_ijPbXpU). Roscosmos is one of the leading international establishments that conduct space science programs. So, it’s no wonder that people, who want to become astronauts or spacecraft engineers and etc. want to learn Russian and hope that the Russian language will come in handy in their future career.
This July we had two students at once, who want to learn Russian because of the reason mentioned above: Jefferson Huera from The University of Manchester and Gabriel Wentworth from The University of Warwick.

That’s what Jefferson says: “Russian language has always been important in the aerospace industry. The former Soviet space programme, nowadays called Roscosmos has had many important contributions in the aerospace research. Along with Nasa they are the most important space agencies. By learning Russian, it will be possible for me to work in these space agencies. Just as an example, astronauts and cosmonauts are required to have knowledge of the Russian language. I know that it is really hard to get to those positions but at least I will try.”
That’s an amazing dream and a great motivation to study the Russian language! I hope Jefferson and Gabriel will achive their goals and the “Enjoy Russian” language school will be proud in the future of having had such famous people among its students;)

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One of the most frequent questions that our teachers ask the foreign students is “What are you going to do at the weekend?”or “What did you do at the weekend?”. The teachers ask in Russian of course, not in English;) Sometimes they say “Что вы делали в выходные?” and sometimes – “Что вы делали на выходных?”. Are both varients right?
Well, that’s the question that even some of the native Russian language speakers can’t answer, because we hear and use both varients a lot. But every Russian language teacher can tell you that “В ВЫХОДНЫЕ” is the most appropriate, normative way to say “at the weekend”, and “НА ВЫХОДНЫХ” is used only in oral speech, not in writing.
Another frequently used phrase is “НА ВЫХОДНЫЕ”, but this one means “for the weekend”, and usually is used with verbs of motion:
Куда вы ездили на выходные? – Where did you go for the weekend?
Куда вы поедете на выходные? – Where are you going for the weekend?
If you have any questions about these phrases, leave a comment to this post!
Alina Aleshina,
Education coordinator of “Enjoy Russian language school”

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12-week Intensive Russian course is for all those who are focused on Intensive longtime work, outstanding results and various cultural activities!
Autumn in Karelia is amazing time as you can experience three different seasons during three months! You can still enjoy outdoor activities as the weather is good and sunny in September. You will admire picturesque and colourful scenery and shuffle leaves along the pavement in October. Famous go-summer period will give you so many unforgettable feelings and cool pictures! And you will even see the first snow at the end of November!
What will you do in Karelia if you join 12 week Russian course from September 4 till November 24?
– you’ll go fishing
– you’ll pick mashrooms and berries in beautiful Autumn forest
– you’ll have last chance to visit “must see” places in Russia– one of the largest open air museums in Russia – Kizhi (unique historical, cultural and natural complex), the second large in Europe Kivach Waterfall (the first one is Rhein Waterfalls), Valaam Island, The Solovetsky Islands (six islands located in the waters of the White Sea in northern Russia, just 165km from the Arctic Circle) etc.
– you’ll meet many Russian students in the city as academic year starts in September
-you’ll visit theatres in Petrozavodsk as many of them will be open again after summer vacation
-you’ll visit Philharmonic Hall with various musical performances
-you’ll participate in workshops

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Karelia is so beautiful in autumn 🍁! Come and see! 

Participate in the Program of full Russian 🇷🇺 immersion with EnjoyRussian language School: 
- Get a professional Russian language course ✒
- Enjoy friendly atmosphere and individual approach ❤
- Make lots of new friends among Russian volunteers 🎈 
- Admire splendid nature of the north-west Russian 🌲
- Catch the last days of summer – “бaбье лето” ☀
- Find your second home in your Russian host family ☕
- Practice Russian in the streets, cafes, shops – everywhere! 💬 
- Feel real progress in the Russian language 📊
- Get unforgettable experience of living in Russia! 😃
- Bring home self-made souvenirs, warm memories and cool pictures! 📷

📅Starting date: September,04
📈Group levels: beginner, elementary, basic
🍂Duration: 2-12 weeks
👍Cost: from 470 euro (2-week course + Russian homestay with breakfast)

📝APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/
✉Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com

#enjoyrussian #bestrussiancourse #learnrussianfast #russianinrussia #languageschool#karelia #petrozavodsk #studyrussian #summerrussiancourse #russianforbeginners 

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2 young girls from Austria have finished 2 week Intensive Russian course for beginners! Their teacher Olga has told: "They didn't know anything when they came to Petrozavodsk. In 2 weeks they can read in the Russian language and speak Russian little". The girls have been really happy to study in Petrozavodsk and promise to come back! 

Would you like to spend good time in Russia and start to speak Russian, join us!

Choose any Russian language course in Russia and make progress http://enjoyrussian.com/courses/standard/

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How to become a true Russian and learn language?  For sure, you need to taste shaslili, swim in the second biggest lake in Europe, play hot potato and pioneer ball!  On Tuesday, Enjoy Russian Language School decided going to sand beach of Petrovodsk for shasliki party. The weather was cool! +25 C.

Volunteers of Russian Language School Mane, Lilit, Ivan, Kristina, Diana and Vika helped students to order dishes and drinks in the cafe called “Fairytale” (Сказка). In this cafe, guests celebrated wedding day of new couple and shouted “ГОРЬКО! ГОРЬКО!”.  Our students asked what does it mean. Volunteers answered that it can be translated as “Bitter! Bitter! By shouting “ГОРЬКО!” the guests are saying that the alcohol is bitter, and the couple needs to start kissing to sweeten the drinks.
Our students, teachers and volunteers tasted shasliki. Shashlik or shashlyk is a dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat popular in IranEastern and Central Europe.  Shashlik (meaning skewered meat) was originally made of lamb. Nowadays it is also made of pork or beef depending on local preferences and religious observances. The skewers are either threaded with meat only, or with alternating pieces of meat, fat, and vegetables, such as bell pepper, onion, mushroom and tomato.
After that, our students from the Maldives, Ecuador, Belgium, Great Britain, Finland and volunteer from Russia decided to swim in Onego lake, second biggest lake in Europe!
During the evening, our students and volunteers also played pioneer ball and hot potato.  Who are pioneers? Read more here. These ball games were very common among schoolchildren, and the game of “potato” was a favorite, while “pioneer ball” was the official game. For both games you need at least 5-6 players and a volley ball. Read the rules of TOP popular USSA games here:  hot potato and pioneer ball.