вторник, 25 июля 2017 г.

Autumn is the right time for new Russian experience

I like autumn more than summer.  For me that is a good time for making new experiments,
trying something new, fulfilling your dreams. Autumn is a good time for travelling,
making new friends, learning Russian and other foreign languages.
Welcome to EnjoyRussian language school in September-November and enjoy
new Russian experience with us.

Start dates of the Intensive Russian courses in Autumn 2017

September  4,  October 2, November 6

Russian levels avalable (according to Russian testing system)

beginner (A0), elementary (A1), basic (A2)

Choose the Russian course suitable for your needs and welcome to Petrozavodsk

What to do in Petrozavodsk, Karelia?

to succed in Russian learning and achieve new Russian level for 3 months
with professional Russian teachers

to start speaking Russian fluently. You will have chance to practice Russian
24 hours per day with Russian volunteers, Russian hostfamilies and Russian teachers

to meet new Russian friends among Russian volunteers

to experience the real Russian hospitality and taste delicious Russian food

to enjoy beautiful views, relax watching Onego lake, walk  a lot and become more healthy,
pick up berries and mushrooms

to visit Kizhi island, Valaam monastery, Solovki monastery, Kinerma village, Kivach waterfall.
These sights of interest are worth seeing in the fall.

What to taste?

Autumn is a time of berries and mushrooms. Ask your Russian homestay family to cook a delicious mushroom soup, tasteful popatoes with mushrooms and meat, healthy cranberry kisel’ and Russian pies with lingonberry.  In autumn we cook fish a lot – sudak, whitefish, salmon and pike. You will definitely enjoy it.

Where to go and what to do in Petrozavodsk?

Our students say that Petrozavodsk has the right size. That is not as big as St.Peterburg
and Moscow and not as small to get bored. There are a lot of things to do here.

You may enjoy listening to music in Philarmonia and Conservatory, or watching ballet
in Music theater or performances in Drama theater. I recommend a new performance
“Nastasya Philipovna” based on the novel “Idiot” by Dostoevskiy.

You may do a lot of sport in Petrozavodsk – biking, running, swimming,
playing football, skating, joga and others.

You may take part in various workshops, lectures, exhibitions etc.
I recommend a cooking master-class and learn to cook “kalitki” – Karelian pies with potatoes,
carrots and millet.

Watch amazing pictures of Karelian Autumn https://enjoyrussian.com/russian-autumn/