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Do you miss snow? Or never saw it?

In Petrozavodsk you'll see snow in November already! Apply for EnjoyRussian group course starting from October, 30, pack your suitcase and come to Petrozavodsk! 

Open groups: A1+, A2+, B1 (elementary - 1st certificate)
Tuition fee: from 320 euro (for 2-week course, 40 lessons)

APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/
Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com

Effective Russian course, lots of Russian language practice and unforgettable experience of Russian life! Contact us and follow simple steps to come!

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Learn Russian online with EnjoyRussian School!

Individual Skype Russian course with a professional native speaking teacher is exactly what you need if you want to improve your Russian fast without even leaving your chair! 

Timetable: flexible including evening time and weekends
Cost: 20 euro for 1 private 60 minute lesson
Course duration: from 20 lessons
Requirements: Internet connection and computer with camera and microphone
All levels available including absolute beginners.
Apply: https://enjoyrussian.com/apply-skype/

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Dear Russian language learners! Right now we're gathering a team of the most talkative students of Russian!
If your language level is A1+ (elementary), A2+ (basic) or B1 (1st certificate), join our students for a group Russian course in Russia starting from October, 30! Participate for 2-4 weeks to communicate in Russian all day long and improve your speaking skills in a fast and easy way!
APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/
Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com
Here are some photos of November course in 2016 - that was fun, wasn't it?


New Enjoy Russian video lesson!

What is the first thing you do when you first arrive in a new country? Yes, you greet people you meet. And greeting customs differ from one country to another. That is a really crucial to keep in mind all the details not to offend somebody. Greeting tradition in Russia is also something special.
When you are greeting people in Russia you need to be very careful, because there are informal and formal greetings. And it’s easy to confuse the two when you start learning the language. It is really important for Russians to keep boundaries between people they know well and they don’t. For example it is not typical of Russians to say “Hi, how are you?” to a shop assistant, we are quite formal. In English we use YOU for both cases but in Russian we have ТЫ (informal) and ВЫ (formal).
Watch the video lesson of Enjoy Russian language school to know more! Our guest Jack Lowlor from the USA has been learning Russian for 4 years and is aware of all the obstacles you may face! Find out how to say hello and learn some basic vocabulary you need to know to start a conversation!
Choose a course to learn Russian in Russia with our school!

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Have reached the lowest point of Mariana Trench? Climbed Everest and took a trip inside in the crater of Icelandic volcano? Unless you’ve been to Russia, It doesn’t really count!After reading this you will probably want to experience Russian winter!

Join “Enjoy Russian” language school and challenge yourself!  

Зиму мы перезимовали, осталось перезимовать весну –  We’ve overwintered  the winter, now we have to overwinter the spring!
  1. The weather is cruel. Yes, Russian weather always holds the top positions. The Russian village Oimyakon is known as the Cold Pole of the Earthwhere the temperature might hit -71C! And the locals still live their own lives without any problems. As for Karelia, we can’t be proud of that low temperature but still be ready to 25 degrees below. By the way Russians believe that if people fall in love in wintertime that kind of relations is the strongest and is going to last forever. Because usually people put so many layers of clothes that it’s really hard to see a person behind, not to mention falling in love.
  2. Ice swimming is pretty popular. Despite the cruelty of Russian winter people in Russia tend to swim a lot! And we talk about ice swimming of course, not just the swimming pool. On January 19 Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate religious holiday when they can wash away the sins by bathing into the ice water. According to the statistics approximately 5 000 of Petrozavodsk citizens swim in 20 specially equipped spots all over the city.  Even little kids are long to be a part of this Russian Walrus club.
  3. 90C in Banya. Some people do not wait for a certain date to enjoy ice cold water. They swim on regular bases after each Banya session. The average temperature may exceed 90C. Sometimes they even spend the whole day in Banya massaging themselves with bunches of dried branches and leaves from bearch or oak, drinking green tea and jumping into the snow.  Banya is believed to be a good option for getting rid of toxins and gaining energy.
  4. Ice fishing is not for everyone. What could be more romantic than sitting for 5-6 hours in a row in the freezing cold? Russian fishermen are often called the craziest people in the world. To become a professional in all types of fishing techniques takes time and patience. Some say it’s rather a lifestyle than just a hobby.
  5. Holiday season is pretty long. Only the strongest can keep celebrating on and on for 9 days:) The New Years’ Eve and then Christmas. And some family gathering in between. From the Russians point of view the festive season is the good option to prepare yourself to the year of hard work and to make a list of New Year resolutions.
And know you should answer a simple question: are you ready for this? If yes, then come to Enjoy Russian language school in February to take our 4-week course and present yourself unique and priceless memories!

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Last weekends to apply for the next group Russian course in Russia starting from October, 16! 

Hurry up! There are not so many places left! 
Levels: A1 (elementary), A2+ (basic) 
Duration: from 2 to 6 weeks 
Cost: 320 euro for 2-week tuition (40 lessons) + 150 euro for 2-week Russian homestay with breakfast 

APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/ 
Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com 

Reach fast progress in Russian in a short time! 

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Distance is nothing if you want to learn Russian in Russia.

Each year students from distant countries prove that. They take long trips to participate in Full Russian Language Immersion Programs and learn Russian fast.

8824 km to achieve desired goal

Exactly that distance should be covered if you live in Singapore and want to study Russian in Petrozavodsk. Last year we were happy to host students from this country for the first time.

Tong and Kay Lin

Tong and Kay Lin have been studying in our school for 2 weeks. They tried to do as much as they can. They even visited Saint Petersburg and Velikiy Novgorod while studying in Petrozavodsk. But the main result of their staying in our city is Russian language progress:
«I improved my knowledge in the six grammatical cases and also picked up useful everyday phrases from the program», – Kay Lin
«I improve a lot in speaking and listening and I hope to come for 3 months study in summer period», – Tong.


In 2017 another student from Singapore has been studying in the school for 10 weeks. When Jackie came she couldn’t say a word in Russian. By the end of the program she could write a small text and tell about her life in Petrozavodsk.


The most admirable student for us is Debra. She has come to Petrozavodsk to study Russian, but she is going to stay here less than for one week. She explains that she doesn’t have time to stay longer, but she really wants to study Russian. Just after her arrival to Petrozavodsk she came to the school and had 2 individual Russian classes.
As you see distance is nothing for those who really want to know Russian! And would you like to study this language? Choose any course and come to Petrozavodsk!

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To speak Russian is your cherished dream, isn’t it? 😏🇷🇺
Coming winter you will make your dream come true with “EnjoyRussian” Language School!

You will be able to study and broaden various vocabulary necessary for real life situations and practice it every day:

- you will learn neutral vocabulary on our Intensive classes
- you will acquire Russian colloquial vocabulary while living in a Russian host family
- you will get an idea of Russian slang while communicating with Russian volunteers.

😃 Besides you’ll find out what is Russian way of life, taste delicious Russian food, find new friends, experience winter cultural activities and have a good time in Petrozavodsk!

Our friendly team will support you with each step!

📌Dates of the course: February 5 – March 2.
💰Apply before October 01 and get 10% discount for tuition fee!

👉  https://enjoyrussian.com/courses/standard/

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What is the Russian language and Russian winter you will know in Petrozavodsk.

Northern part of Russia is an amazing region with unique atmosphere and sights. Visiting northern cities allows you to take part in very special activities you won’t find in other places. And Northern nature will dazzle you with its unique beauty even in winter.

Let’s find out why you should come to study Russian in Petrozavodsk this winter?

1. To enjoy snowy and frosty Russian winter. In Petrozavodsk you may easily take a walk through a forest to relax and you don’t even have to leave the city.

2. To relax in Russian banya and know what Russian proverb means: “В бане помылся – заново родился” (Washing up in the banya is like being born again). Banya is one of the most favourite Russian experience.

3. To bathe in an ice-hole and improve immunity.

4. To make a trip to Winter Kizhi. Open Air Museum Kizhi is “must see” place all year round.
5. To visit Hasky Dog farm and have dog-sleigh ride. Exciting active leisure and positive emotions.

6. To play outdoor winter games, to go skating and skiing.
7. To visit the International Winter festival of ice and snow sculptures “Hyperborea”. So many talented masters from Russia, Belarus, Finland etc. come to Petrozavodsk and share their art and ideas.
8. To celebrate Russian Maslenitsa and eat as many blinis as you can. The whole week you can try blinis with various fillings and have fun.
9. To participate in new cultutral activities – cooking and dancing class.

10. To take the best Russian language course starting from February 5 and make good progress in Russian!

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Experience unforgettable Russian immersion program this autumn! 

Fast results in Russian, speaking practice with natives, cozy evenings in a Russian host family with homemade traditional Russian meals, lots of October events in Petrozavodsk (fests, art exhibitions, handy crafts, musical theatre, ballet and classical Russian plays and orchestra and lots more!)

Welcome to our Russian language course in Russia in October 2017:
Starting date: October, 16
Levels: A1 (elementary), A2+ (basic)
Duration: 2-6 weeks
Cost: from 470 euro (2-week course and homestay with breakfast)
Deadline to apply: Sep, 15

APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/
Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com

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Learn Russian with "Enjoy Russian" school video lessons!

Great news! We officially start our series of Enjoy Russian school educational videos. The pilot episode is already on our youtube channel! In this video you will find out the difference between some confusing Russian verbs, get familiar with Russian grammar and learn some brand new phrases! Make sure you are subscribed! Following our news is a great way to improve your Russian!

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During these three months we had an enormous amount of cool guys and hardworking students. Our teachers can’t stop recalling some funny moments they had during classes. Host families keep saying they had built really close bonds with students and they would love to see them again in the near future. Our volunteers miss the days they were able to text someone from the USA or Italy “let’s go outside and have a picnic”. By this short statistics review we can only give you a fragment of Enjoy Russian summertime. But to experience that to the whole measure, choose a course and join us! So let’s go. For these 3 monts we:

суббота, 2 сентября 2017 г.

🇷🇺 Intensive Russian course in Russia in October! 👍

Learn Russian fun and effectively and enjoy your results!

Starting levels: elementary, basic. 
Starting date: October, 02

Course includes:
- Intensive course in a group (2-8 weeks)
- Russian homestay with meals
- Language practice in cafes, shops, streets, etc
- Lots of fun and entertaining cultural activities
- Support of Russian volunteers
- information and document support from the moment of enrollment

Tuition fee for 2 weeks (40 Russian lessons in a group) - 320 euro

APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/
Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com