пятница, 28 марта 2014 г.

Learning Russian for free – Scholarship program!

We often get questions about the ideas for the projects that we ask you to implement in terms of the Scholarship program! Obviously it is not very clear, so we decided to give you some prompts)

1)      Presentation about your country for citizens of our town! It can be like a virtual excursion!
Can you imagine – a meeting in a café in a friendly atmosphere. Tea and coffee are served! You use computer and all IT-devices to present your country: photo, video, music, dances may be ;)  it can be in a funny way or very strict one! You may prepare several versions: for kids with traditional cartoons, funny games and songs! another one - for adults! With an advice where to travel in your country, what to do and to sightsee, or an advise about business in your country. For students – it could be a presentation about the universities for foreigners in your country , so that our students can  try their forces later and  apply for the education abroad!!!!

     2)      You may create something in terms of Charity. You plan any meeting (concert, exhibition, workshop…) and all money collected will be given to Orphanage!

We have several Orphanages in our town and our students often take part in their activities. You may read the latest review left by our student Victoria, who volunteered last summer in one of such Orphanages.  http://enjoyrussian.com/3664_our_students_say/16192/16046/

You may create a program for kids from orphanage: presentation about traditions of your country, different workshops of traditional souvenirs, you may teach them your native language…

3)      You may choose a Holiday and plan its celebration! It could be your national holiday or Russian one!  You think about the presentation, the history, the attributes of the Holiday! You  show how it is usually celebrated in your country and you involve all guests of this meeting to enthralling activity!

4)      You may plan the course of your native language! The course can be adapted to kids or students or adults! It can be planned using active methods of teaching (audio, video, games..). it could  concern any concrete topic.. it means that during your stay you’ll teach your Language to Russians!

5)      You may create a run of several events: art workshops or sport events  or themed nights (for any age, on any topic)

These are only few ideas! Remember! Any, even very bold idea, can be realized in our School!

Your imagination is a key for the Scholarship!

Hope this info will help you to create your project and apply for the best program ever!

You’ll have an unique opportunity to learn Russian for free!

To immerse into real Russian life!

To find friends, to meet interesting people, to learn to be sociable! You’ll interact with people of different cultures, ages, religions and philosophies!

Hurry up! It’s almost dead-line!

понедельник, 24 марта 2014 г.

This week started again very actively!
Four students from Great Britain came to our school! They will stay here for 3 weeks: lessons, cultural events of interest, new friends and going out altogether!!!
This is our partner Shamil, who sends us students every year! We appreciate it very much! And we are always looking for new partners to expand our horizons  ;)
Our students Sarah and Giuseppe continue immersing into Russian culture) They were riding this weekend! The weather was so nice, that guys got a lot of impressions! You may enjoy some photos ) Sarah told that she felt like a Noblewoman! 
We invite new students from all over the world and our Alumnus to join us this season to learn / upgrade Russian!  Enthralling cultural program! International friendship! Unique experience through volunteer!
Hurry up! Apply ;)


пятница, 21 марта 2014 г.

Those students who stay with us during 3 months (Academic Semester or Long term course)  - they become our true friends! We still keep in touch and we are pleased to reread their reviews!  Reviews are as long as their stays in Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian” ))

During 3 months you’ll have:
- an opportunity to pass several levels, not the only one!  You’ll definitely start speaking Russian!
- a possibility to increase severalfold the number of friends from all over the world! 
- enough time to visit all the cultural activities, offered by our school!
- A volunteer opportunity! With a help of Russian volunteers and our teachers you will implement discussion clubs in cafes, different workshops for kids, students, adults, thematic shows and meetings! All these projects give you a great possibility to plunge into Russian way of life. 
You may read students reviews here  and take a right decision!

Coming to us – is a great and effective chance to learn Russian!

вторник, 18 марта 2014 г.

5 reasons to Learn Russian with “Enjoy Russian” School in Summer 2014:
1)      Experienced, highly educated enthusiastic teachers that are curios to make you speak Russian!
2)      Variety of programs offered to students: intensive Russian in mini-groups, one-on-one, standard groups, volunteer, Russian for adults 50+, business Russian…
3)      Summer is the HOT season in our school! About 30 students per month!  You’ll definitely find new friends from all over the world, and you’ll teach a lot from each other!
4)      Huge number of summer cultural activities that are unavailable in winter: Kizhi Island, rafting, Valaam, trolling, outdoor picnics and national food parties!
5)      Russian Volunteers don’t have exams, lessons, so they can spend more time with you! They help you with quotidian questions during the day and they walk and hang out  with you during the evening and White nights!
With us you will definitely enjoy your immersion into Russian culture and learning Russian!  


пятница, 14 марта 2014 г.

This week was very efficient at our office! First of all  the company of our Students has increased a little bit! Alexandra from Swiss  joined us this week! Now students learn Russian with their teachers, enjoy different cultural activities and take part in volunteering projects for kids in schools of Petrozavodsk!

This week we launched “the School of Russian Volunteers”! Guys started preparing a new cultural program for the summer season 2014 and we are proud to announce that new program will be more interesting, more exciting and more miscellaneous!!! Everyone will have something to enjoy according to his wish!
This week we had also a meeting with our host families! We discussed the approaching summer, all questions and tasks! Now families are all set and wait for students!
For those people who are still in a doubt “to go or not to go..’ to Russian Language School, we offer to enjoy this amazing video about the place where our school is situated!
 Look how beautiful our cozy small Petrozavodsk is in July!  Come and have a great and useful time with us!

среда, 12 марта 2014 г.

If you join Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian” in July 2014 you will definitely enjoy both:  

effective unordinary lessons in outdoor cafés with highly professional teachers that will make you speak Russian (Make no doubt about it!) and….
Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (ropes course, team building games)
Excursion to Kizhi Island (Open-air museum “Kizhi”)
Welcome party (Outdoor activity)
Russian Banya
“National food party”
Indoor rock climbing
Excursion to the Museum of Fine Arts
Excursion to the Museum of Regional History
Excursion around St. Petersburg….

 Sounds great, isn’t it?!
Hurry up! Choose the program here http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3687_summer_russian_courses/

пятница, 7 марта 2014 г.

четверг, 6 марта 2014 г.

Spring has begun!  
Sarah,  Alessandro and Giuseppe continue learning Russian! Now they are almost prof ! and  feel absolutely  assured in their knowledge) changing simcard in a mobile salon, buying Russian souvenirs in a shop or just asking “how to get to…?” – easy for our students  now! Guys, you are great!

During their stay they have already visited Waterfall “Kivach”, some museums in town and of course different cafes and clubs!
This weekend we meet a new student from Swiss! Alexandra, very welcome!
Do you know that on the 8th of March all women of the World wait for warm words, compliments and flowers?! Because it is International Women’s Day!
Don’t forget to congratulate your sweetheart :)

понедельник, 3 марта 2014 г.

July! +25C outdoor! Sun shining! Fresh air from the Onego Lake!
In the morning our Students have their lessons! Effective course of Russian with our talented teachers! But they are not in stuffy classes! They are having lessons in out-side cafes, they learn, speak, write, listen… all usual methods of teaching but all this while drinking coffee and enjoying warm summer heat…

Would you like to try such unusual way of learning? Would you like to start speaking Russian?
You definitely
have to apply and learn Russian in Russia with us! and don't forget about the Scholarship! 

In modern Russia, young people are very individualistic, active and self-confident. The value system of today's youth is extremely different from the Soviet one. Unfortunately, despite the patriotism of many Russians, some young people tend to leave Russia...