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Learn Russian & have fun!!!
Those who wished to come to Petrozavodsk to experience Russian winter but didn't manage to join us in winter months, don't be upset!
In March there is still winter in Karelia :) Moreover, in Petrozavodsk our students may try skating and play hockey all year round on ice rink "Lumi" with EnjoyRussian volunteers!

Your coordinator will gladly tell you more info@enjoyrussian.com

понедельник, 30 января 2017 г.

Summer Russian Immersion in Petrozavodsk! 🇷🇺🌳🔆
Manage your leisure time wisely! 😉☝

📌4 Components of Memorable Summer for Russian lovers: 
1. Effective and exciting Russian courses 
2. Eventful cultural program and excursions
3. Russian homestay and homemade meals
4. Communication with Russian volunteers

📌What will you get in our school this summer?
• learn and speak Russian 24 hours a day 💬
• travel and try Russian food 🌍
• experience Russian hospitality and find “second family” 👪
• experience true Russia and meet new friends 👫
• have a rest and get unforgettable experience 🎉

⏳Summer courses are available starting from:
June 5 and 19; July 3,17,31; August 14.

💰Price for 2 week course (tuition fee, homestay with breakfast): 470 euro.

🇷🇺 APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/3719/
📱 Do you have questions? info@enjoyrussian.com 

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How to get to EnjoyRussian School?
It's very simple! At first purchase a flight / train to Moscow or St Petersburg or Finland and from there you come to Petrozavodsk!
We will help you to book a ticket and your hostfamily will pick you up at Petrozavodsk bus/railway station. Also we may arrange transfer from the airport straight to your host family!
By the way, the closest group course (beginner, elementary levels) starts from March, 06. Join us!
APPLY: http://www.enjoyrussian.com/3719/
E-mail: info@enjoyrussian.com

Educative post! ☝🎓 Synonyms. 
Learn Russian and use all the beauty and richness of the Russian language! 🇷🇺💬

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12 Week Russian Course in Petrozavodsk 🇷🇺

📌You will achieve a meaningful result for a shorter period of time for the best price! Why? 👀

1. It is fast and intensive. 👍How many hours of Russian per a week do you have in your country? 2-4 hours? In our school there are 20 hours per a week! 

2. It is effective. 😎You’ll pass 2 levels for 240 hours and progress a lot! You’ll practice Russian 24 hours a day in a host family, with volunteers, in classes and outdoor. If you can’t speak you will. If you can’t understand you will.

3. There is the best price. 💰For the same amount of hours you will pay less than in your country.

March 6 – May 26 (Beginner and Elementary levels are available)
June 5 – August 25
September 4 – November 24

💰Price for the whole program (tuition fee and homestay with breakfast) is 2820 euros.

APPLY for spring 12 week course: http://enjoyrussian.com/3719/ 

среда, 25 января 2017 г.

One of the main things while learning the language is to practice it! 💬✍🏻 So Ulrich followed advice and wrote his evaluation in the Russian language! 🇷🇺

"Меня зовут Ульрих. Я из Германии. Уже две недели я в Петрозаводске. Я изучаю здесь русский язык. 
Петрозаводск – красивый и не очень старый город. Я уже был в музее, в бане , на озере, в деревне «Шуя». 
В Петрозаводске я живу в русской семье. Мы много говорим по-русски. 
Утром я завтракаю дома. Потом я изучаю русский язык в языковой школе. Это очень интересно! 
Днём я обедаю в кафе. Вчера я ел мясо медведя! Потом у меня экскурсии. В субботу я был в питомнике ездовых собак. 
А вечером я отдыхаю и учу русский. 
Мне очень нравится в Петрозаводске!" 👍😃


вторник, 24 января 2017 г.

Top 10 Must Try Dishes in Russia! 🇷🇺🍴 Have you already tried any of it? 😏

1. Холодец / Holodec (Jelly with meet and vegetables). 
2. Окрошка / Okroshka (Cold soup: meet/fish, vegetables, kefir/kvass ) 
3. Винегрет / Vinegret (Vegetable salad: carrot, potato, red beet, onion, canned peas, salad oil) 
4. Щи / Sci (Sauerkraut soup) 
5. Селедка под шубой / Seledka pod shuboi 
6. Пироги с капустой / Pies with cabbage filling 
7. Греча с грибами / Buckwheat with mushrooms 
8. Курник / Kurnik (Chicken pie) 
9. Драники / Draniki (Potato flapjack) 
10. Квашеная капуста / Sauerkraut 

Learn Russian and try all of them http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3689_autumn_russian_courses/

Some myths to dispel about the Russian language learning:
1. Russian language is difficult
Don’t learn, but enjoy language! Implement your skills in your life and communication with pleasure. Don’t wait for achieving results, but have fun in the process!
2. You need a certain talent to learn Russian
We are all different, and learn languages with different speed and effectiveness. If you get frustrated with the lack of progress, just change the method!
3. You can’t learn Russian past certain age
Anyone of any age can learn a language. It’s a question of enjoining and enthusiasm, not age!
Join our Russian courses in spring and see!
All levels from the very beginning!
2, 4, 6, 12 week courses in Petrozavodsk, Russia
Groups start from March,06; April, 03; May, 01
APPLY: http://www.enjoyrussian.com/3719/
Contact us: info@enjoyrussian.com

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