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вторник, 27 сентября 2016 г.

Intensive Russian language course in Russia*! Use your chance to spend 4 weeks in Russia learning Russian language!!!
You will:
1)     Have effective and fun classes in a mini-group (2-6 students)
2)     Live in a hospitable and caring Russian family
3)     Participate in everyday cultural activities with Russian volunteers
4)     Meet a lot of new international friends
5)     Take trips and excursions
6)     Practice Russian language all day long
7)     Learn about Russian culture and life in Russia
8)     Get a certificate after the course

The nearest 4-week group course:
Dates: 31.10.16-25.11.16
Levels: Beginner, Basic, 1st certificate
Tuition fee: 600 € for 4-weeks Russian course (80 hours)
Individual course for all levels is available all year round!

Contact your coordinator: info@enjoyrussian.com

*The EnjoyRussian School is situated in a safe and green town Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia (the so-called “Pearl of the Russian North”), very close to St. Petersburg. Welcome!

четверг, 22 сентября 2016 г.

One letter can change the whole meaning!

       1)     With letter ё : within the next few days the country will take rest from cold                

       2)     Without letter ё: within the next few days the country will die of cold

      Learn Russian and have fun in Russia! :) :)http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_p…/3689_autumn_russian_courses

среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Federico has been a volunteer in our International summer camp for children and teens. Read his small review!

«Было полезный опыт вообще работать волонтёром в детском лагере, сначала было трудно немного с детьми общаться потому, что я никогда не попробовал это делать раньше. Но в течение дней стало лучше особенно на второй неделе, дети часто разговаривали со мной и много спросили обо мне. Поэтому было полезно для улучшения русского языка. Жаль что сначала я не знал, что делать именно и как лучше помочь потому что не был привык к этому. Спасибо за всё!» (author’s style)

Besides volunteering in the camp, Federico taught the Italian language in the Language café for Russians!

If you want to get new experience participate in our program Volunteer and Learn Russian http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3693_long_term_russian_courses/

вторник, 20 сентября 2016 г.

Hurry up! Intensive Russian courses in Russia in November:

Learn Russian, speak Russian, live in Russia!

Spend a fantastic month learning Russian, having trips and cultural events with Russians, staying and spending cozy evenings in a Russian family. You’ll be surprised by fast progress in Russian language during our program of full language immersion!

Groups for Beginner, Basic, 1st certificate levels: Oct,31-Nov,25
Individual course is available from any dates!

Deadline for apply: 30.09.2016

Events in Petrozavodsk in November: Art night (excursions in theaters, museums and various cultural activities are held all night long for free), Hand-made fest, Capoeira Festival, Russian Rock concerts, Jazz nights.

Events in EnjoyRussian School in November: Halloween, Meeting party, National Food party, Literature club, Movie club, Discussion club, Language café, and much more!

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пятница, 16 сентября 2016 г.

And do YOU know the difference between «баранка» and «сушка»? Watch video, listen to the dialogue, read the text and practice Russian!

В булочной. Продавец и покупатель (иностранный студент).
Продавец. Здравствуйте!
Покупатель. Здравствуйте. Мне, пожалуйста, вот эту ватрушку.
Продавец. Это не ватрушка, а калитка.
Покупатель. Ну, тогда эту калитку и два бублика.
Продавец. Это не бублики, а баранки.
Покупатель. В чём разница?
Продавец. Бублики больше и мягче, чем баранки.
Покупатель. Хорошо. Тогда мне, пожалуйста, две большие баранки и три маленькие.
Продавец. Маленькие – это не баранки, а сушки.
Покупатель. Извините, я пока ничего покупать не буду, сначала нужно выучить все эти слова…

четверг, 15 сентября 2016 г.

Wanted! Basic level students!

Do you want a real progress in your Russian language? Do you want to practice your conversational Russian? Do you want to watch Russian movies, read Russian literature and discuss any topic in Russian? This course is for you! 4 weeks of full language immersion in Petrozavodsk, Karelia (the so-called “Pearl of the Russian North”).

Dates: Oct,31-Nov, 25
Deadline for applying:
Non-EU citizens: 21.09.16
EU-citizens:  30.09.16

Beginner, 1st certificate, 2nd certificate groups are also available!
Individual one-to-one course for any level starts specially for you any time you arrive!
Contact us: info@enjoyrussian.com

Amazing Russian language!

Join us and find other interesting and unusual phrases.


среда, 14 сентября 2016 г.

According to US-based publication “Russian Life”, Waterfall Kivach is one of the must see places in Karelia. Must see even if it is rainy!

Karelia is rich in various waterfalls. Kivach is the most eminent. This plain waterfall is situated in the Southern part of Karelia on the Suna River. The height of the waterfall is 10.7 meters. It is the second largest waterfall in Europe.

G.R.Derzhavin, the first Karelian (Olonets) Governor and a famous poet dedicated his ode “Waterfall” to the Kivach Waterfall:

The mount pours diamonds
From the tops of four cliffs,
The abyss of pearls and silver
Boils up and springs underneath;
A blue hill of splashes stands,

And a roar thunders afar in the forest…

“I enjoyed every single day! Thank you for a wonderful experience! But my favorite was the day before I left. We went rafting and then to the lake and to the little fair with the rides. The group of Russian tourists that accompanied us in the rafting was extremely nice and spoke to us in Russian all the time. We mixed in a way. It was a really good and fun cultural exchange, as well as we got to enjoy the beauty of Karelia's nature sites.” – Claudia (Portugal)

вторник, 13 сентября 2016 г.

Did you know that “Welcome!” in Russian is “Добро пожаловать!” (“Dobro pojalovat!”)?
Come to EnjoyRussian language School in Petrozavodsk, Russia and find out much more, as you’ll learn Russian and live with Russian family! You’ll experience the real life in Russia, not like a tourist, but as a houseguest! And you’ll start to speak Russian, even if you’ve never learned it before!
Join 4-week group course starting from October,31!
There are groups for different levels from beginners to 2nd certificate!
Hurry up, deadline for apply is close!
Individual one-to-one course is also available!
Добро пожаловать в Петрозаводск!

For students of advanced levels there is still chance to participate in our Scholarship competition (2 weeks tuition for free!). More info: http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/16257/19341/

пятница, 9 сентября 2016 г.

Learn Russian and listen to the music!
If you have ever left Petrozavodsk to Moscow by deluxe train you should have been listening to the song "Долго будет Карелия сниться"! If not, you can do it now!
Watch video, enjoy the beauty of our country and learn Russian!
В pазных кpаях оставляем мы сеpдца частицу,
В памяти беpежно, беpежно, беpежно встpечи хpаня.
Вот и тепеpь мы никак не могли не влюбиться,
Как не любить несpавненные эти кpая.
Долго будет Каpелия сниться,
Будут сниться с этих поp
Остpоконечных елей pесницы
Над голубыми глазами озеp.
Белая ночь опустилась безмолвно на скалы,
Светится белая, белая, белая ночь напpолет.
И не понять, то ли небо в озеро упало,
И не понять, то ли озеpо в небе плывет.
Долго будет Каpелия сниться,
Будут сниться с этих поp
Остpоконечных елей pесницы
Над голубыми глазами озеp.

четверг, 8 сентября 2016 г.

Welcome to our DISCUSSION CLUB in the Russian language!
These weird Russians, Russian way of life, relationships between men and women, traditions, food, culture, policy etc. Such an immense and mysterious Russia!
Would you like it becomes closer to you and more understandable?
This AUTUMN you can discover your own Russia in our school!

среда, 7 сентября 2016 г.

"Sometimes "picture is worth a thousand words".
What could be better than watch Russian movies and be able to discuss it with natives in the Russian language?
This autumn you can do it easily in our school!
Twice a month you’ll get acquainted to one of our famous and favourite Russian films and take a step closer to understanding the mystery of “Russian soul”.
Join our school this autumn and enjoy Russian movieshttp://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/19365/

A very special course of Russian language in Russia!
If you’re absolute beginner in the Russian language, but have a dream to speak Russian, it’s time now! A unique group course starting from October, 31 in Petrozavodsk, Russia is prepared specially for students of beginner level! Don’t be shy or afraid, just contact your coordinator and all your doubts will be dispelled! You can and will speak Russian, we assure you!
Why? Because we offer you a program of full language immersion: living in a Russian family, studying with a Russian teacher, and a wide range of everyday activities with Russian friends!
P.S. For students of advanced levels there is still chance to participate in our Scholarship competition (2 weeks tuition for free!). More info: http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/16257/19341/

P. P.S. This Autumn we start movie, literature, music and debate clubs to spend cozy evenings together twice a week! Hurry up to join us! http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/19365/

вторник, 6 сентября 2016 г.

Movie, literature, discussian and music clubs for foreigners and Russians

Really good study program, and really nice teachers. Couldn't had asked for more.
 Anne Sofie (Denmark).
And we can offer more! Many of our students were interested in Russian music, literature, movie and had a lot of questions about different spheres of Russian life.
Now we are glad to announce 4 CLUBS for foreigners and Russians: movie, literature, music and discussion! Starting from OCTOBER Russia will become closer to you! 
Everything you want to know about Russia and Russians you’ll find in our school!

понедельник, 5 сентября 2016 г.

Today our Tsentr “Initsiativa” CELEBRATES 13th BIRTHDAY!
That means “EnjoyRussian” School has its birthday as well!
For that time students from 45 countries have come to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian, more than 1000 students have improved the level of Russian in our school, many graduates have come back and continued Russian learning. We are glad to see all our visitors again and again!
We send greetings to all our foreign students who were studying Russian with us earlier, who are studying it now and who are going to do it in the very near future! Our teachers and staff present you these amazing pictures!
If you had been in our school, please write what was the most remarkable episode of your staying in Petrozavodsk!