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"Great experience to see the "real Russia" and not St.Petersburg and Moscow" - Alexander (Denmark)


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We continue our posts about great Russian writes and their wives

The last and beloved wife of Dostoevsky was invited to his house as a stenographer. The writer had an idea to type his novel “Igrok” (Player) and for this purpose he was looking for an assistant. Stenography was a new thing and was not widespread at that time. But Anna Grygor'evna was the best one.
She counted herself fortunate to get the job and especially to get to know Dostoevsky. But at the first meeting she was a little disappointed with him. Later she told her mother that he had arisen complex and strong feeling of compassion, blank amazement and irrepressible carving for him. In fact she fell in love with Dostoevsky at once and even didn’t notice that.
While they were working together Dostoevsky was talking so much to her. Every time it was heart-to-heart talk. He became attached to the young girl. Finally he found his soul mate. Both were aggrieved when their work on the novel had ben finished. Dostoevsky decided not to lose Anna and proposed to her.

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Riccardo (from Italy) was the first one who succeeded in learning Russian with our teacher who is the author of our new language course "Learn Russian in Russia BUT in the Italian language".
Let's see what he thinks about it!

"Il corso è organizzato per fornire gli elementi di conversazione della vita quotidiana tra russi. Permette quindi di integrarsi giorno dopo giorno e le attività culturali organizzate dalla scuola consentono di visitare posti fantastici e naturali. Io partendo da zero ho trovato il corso perfetto e dopo sole 10 lezioni sono stato in grado di fare frasi semplici al tempo presente. L'insegnante, conoscendo un ottimo italiano, ha saputo indirizzare il corso evidenziando i punti critici per un italiano che impara il Russo velocizzando l'apprendimento".

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Are you ready for tasting all that dishes? We are!

Danish meet with potatoes, Italian PanaCotta, Italian pasta, German sweets, Russian "Olivje" salad, Finnish karjalanpiirakat... mmm!

Outdoor National Food Party in a good company! Thank you!

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The best place to speak Russian is Russia!

"The most remarkable episode for me was when I started to speak Russian people and they understand me" - said Deborah (Italy)

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You had come to learn Russian and got absolutely new experience! Isn't it great?

 "I really liked being a volunteer and helping children with the Finnish language. It was interesting to see how people study Finnish abroad. I'm very happy that I was asked to be a volunteer although I was here only 2 weeks. I would like to do something like this else in future" - said Kirsi (Finland).

Our school offers not only interesting and useful language courses, but various fascinating actitvities!

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And what do you know about Russian classics?

Everybody is aware of one of the greatest Russian writers - F.M.Dostoevsky. Hardly anyone knows his wife, the last one.Today we would like to introduce her and share some interesting facts about their life.
Anna Grygor'evna Snitkina was the last wife of Dostoevsky. He was 25 years older. In spite of this the time they were living together was Dostoevsky's golden hours. Anna was very smart and kind. She dedicated the whole life to him. Even after his death she kept faith with Dostoevsky and never got married again. At that time she was only 35 years old.
By the way, the last Dostoevsky's novel "Братья Карамазовы" (Bratya Karamazovy) was dedicated to her.

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Learning foreign language doesn't mean just classes, but fun as well!

"The rafting trip was excellent because you could enjoy nature while getting exercise. And good company was all round" - Albert (Denmark)
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"It's a great language practice. You don't only learn grammar or vocabulary like in school, but also get to know the culture and people connected to the language" - Lisa (Austria)

To have success in language learning you should be motivated strongly and try not to miss any chance to practice your Russian while you are in Russia.

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Perfect place to make progress in Russian!

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"Definately perfect environment to learn Russian and make good progress. Host families are a great idea as it forces us to speak Russian on daily basis" - said Laura (UK) after two weeks course in our EnjoyRussian Language School

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Complete immersion as a dream for careful language learner! Don't you think so?

"Complete immersion is so useful when studying a language. It can seem scary as well, but this program was great!" - said Caroline (United States of America) after a month language course in our school.

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Students love our volunteers! Read what they say

We've never written about our volunteers! They are doing great job! And our students are really thankful to them! And we too!
"Volunteers help me a lot to discover the city, explain its history. They help us to find things we need" - Giada (Italy)
"They were all adorable and really helpful" - Anouche (France)
"Excellent!" - Paavo (Finland)
"I hope to keep touch with the people I met here" - Caroline (USA)
"They were very motivated to help us!" - Andrea (Switzerland)

If you want to be a volunteer join us! You'll find new friends, practice your language and have a good time!