четверг, 26 сентября 2013 г.

Yesterday our students could see first snowflakes!!! Yep! I’m not kidding! In the end of September! It is unusual even for us! The weather is really poor this year. The summer was only in June (Victor, do you remember our +36C outdoor and lessons in cafes ?! ), July and August were changeable!

But however we had a great season full of interesting meetings, exciting moments and sad partings. More than 100 students came to our school! Hope to improve this number next season)
We are waiting for new and old friends 

Did you know that today it is the European Day of Languages!!! Next few weeks we are going to visit some of our Petrozavodsks’ school s, to present our project “Colorful Europe”. Our international students Emma and Arend are going to amuse kids, to quiz them, to tell some interesting facts about Europe!

In fact, we are always ready to such projects! If you want to join us (as a creator, participant, volunteer) – we are very welcome!!!!

среда, 18 сентября 2013 г.

Этим летом в центре "Инициатива" проходил детский лагерь. Иностранные студенты, обучающиеся в центре, принимали участие в различных мероприятиях с детьми. Это был очень полезный опыт как для иностранцев, так и для детей. Ведь и те, и другие получили уникальную возможность пообщаться на иностранном языке. Иностранные ребята смогли попрактиковать свои навыки русского языка, который они изучают в центре, а русские дети разных возрастов (от 7 до 16 лет) смогли собственными глазами увидеть иностранцев и пообщаться с ними на английском.

Первую половину дня русские ребята были заняты уроками английского, на которых так же присутствовали иностранцы, выступающие в качестве волонтеров. Вторая же часть дня представляла собой разнообразную развлекательную программу. Дети рисовали на футболках, ходили на скалодром, рисовали на песке - иными словами, эти дни были невероятно насыщенными и интересными. Что касается детей постарше, старшеклассников, то с ними проводились занятия по профессиональной ориентации. Профессиональные психологи и журналисты приходили для того, чтобы помочь ребятам понять, чего они хотят в жизни.

В общем и целом, время пролетело интересно и с пользой как для иностранцев, так и для русских учеников!!!


пятница, 13 сентября 2013 г.

Last week was the 10th anniversary of Center “Initiative” and celebration party, which was held on this occasion, was just perfect for our staff, students and guest and we thank everybody for coming and participation in games and contests. It was one in a lifetime event and we are glad we could share this moment with such a great number of people who cares about our center and wants to be a part of it.
Today, the 13th of September, our students will have a National food party, which turns out to be a Goodbye party for some them=( Students will present some food common for their countries. We will be able to taste national food from all across the Europe – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Italy, etc. We hope this will be an unforgettable experience for students, who leave our country this weekend.  But while some of our students are leaving us, we are waiting for new ones, who will arrive this weekend too. This time our school meets two students, one of them is Thomas from Austria, another – Armin from Estonia. We are looking forward to see you guys!
Another event, which we are looking forward to have in the near future, is the European Day of Language, celebrated on 26th of September. During the week of this holiday our foreign volunteers will visit different schools in Petrozavodsk and conduct various entertainment events in English language which will be both, fun and helpful for Petrozavodsk pupils and volunteers. 

среда, 4 сентября 2013 г.

Creative young people made a video about night life in Petrozavodsk! Very cute one! Enjoy!!!

our latest news) 

Yesterday, the 3rd of September, was the day of arrival of a new group of students to our language school "Enjoy Russian". This time our school will be represented by wide range of countries like, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, etc.
During next two weeks they will have various cultural and entertainment events apart from different education courses. Yesterday students had Welcome party conducted by our volunteers where they had a chance to get know each other while playing different games. After that, they had walking tour around the city and were able to see main historical and cultural sights of Petrozavodsk.
Tomorrow our newcomers are the only group which can become a witness of the greatest event in history of Centre "Initiative" and our language school "Enjoy Russian" - our 10-year jubilee. This event will be celebrated in restaurant "Begemot" and all members of staff and students are invited. Everybody will have a chance to participate in entertainment program hosted by Russian language school team. 

These weekends our students will be able to attend major musical event in Karelia - an open-air festival of Russian rock music called "Vozduh (i.e. "air" in Russian) 2013. This festival wasn't held since 2009 and this was an upsetting fact for fans of russian rock. But this year everyone can see a revival of this event. Guests of our country will have a chance to see performances of bands which are regarded as classic bands of Russian rock, like "Alica", "Aria", "Lyapis Trubetskoy", etc. This festival will be held on the beach of Konchezero Lake on the camp site "Aviaretro", students will be able to lend a house or a room there. More information about accommodation and tickets can be found in the office!

Join us! we always have a lot to see! a lot to do!!!!