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Christoph from Germany tells about his Skype course with "EnjoyRussian" Language School! One day hope to see him in our School!

"My attention to the Skype course was attracted on Facebook. It took me a while to sign in, but the stuff of the 'Enjoy Russian Language School' never forgot about me and also was always very polite and did never 'stalk' me. The whole subscription and payment process was very professional and I never had a doubt about giving my money to this institution. 

The Skype Language Course of 'Enjoy Russian Language School' is pure conversation course. The curriculum is supported by textbooks and a workbooks, which are mostly used for homework. After a 20 minutes test call my teacher, Olga, explained to me in our first lesson how the concept looks like and what we are going to do. She is very flexible in planning the lessons and the communication is always direct and easy​, which perfectly fulfills my needs, because I am travelling a lot.

For the most of the time we are having a regular conversation about daily issues and Olga is always directing those kind of conversations into a grammatical exercise. Like this the lessons pass by very quickly. I really enjoy the lessons, because Olga is a very smart person and able to explain everything to. I often wonder about the origin of words and she can explain the roots of those words which clearly shows that she has a huge knowledge not only about Russian language but also about Greek and Latin language. Again, it's a really great course and if I'll have the time in the future, I'll continue".

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среда, 26 апреля 2017 г.

📌“Make friends with Russians and don’t speak with other foreigners in English”- a piece of advice from a Canadian who knows Russian. 

Most of the students who learn Russian usually tell us that it is a very difficult language! We won’t argue. It is not easy. But we are pretty sure that it is possible to learn it, speak and understand it! 

Today we would like to introduce you the teacher of the Language Center in Petrozavodsk – Lloyd Morin from Canada! 🇨🇦 Lloyd has been living in Russia for 5 years. And his Russian is really good!

5 years ago it was not. Lloyd came to Russia with good knowledge of the language structure, but he couldn’t speak.📍Just immersion in Russian life📍helps him speak, more and more! He made friends with many locals and tried to communicate as much as he could. As a result he can speak, write and understand the language!

😏 Would you like to listen to Lloyd speaking Russian? Follow our news!

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We have been cooperating successfully with Associazione Portico delle Parole, corsi di russo a Bologna 🇮🇹. This year we have arranged a special Scholarship content for its students interested in the Russian language learning! 

The main idea was to make a picture "A piece of Russia in my city" and write few sentences about Russia. 

🏆 We are glad to announce the winner! 🇷🇺
Martina will come to the "EnjoyRussian" School in summer 2017 and will learn Russian in a group for free for two weeks! 

Congratulations, Martina! 🎉

Ask our coordinator info@enjoyrussian.com

вторник, 25 апреля 2017 г.

📢 Vacant spaces left in the groups in June:

🔔2-week course (40 intensive Russian lessons):
🇷🇺Dates: 05.06.17-16.06.17:
Levels: beginner, elementary, basic, 1st certificate.
🇷🇺Dates: 19.06.17-30.06.17:
Levels: beginner, elementary

🎉4-week course (80 intensive Russian lessons): 
🇷🇺Dates: 05.06.17-30.06.17
Levels:  beginner, 2nd certificate

👏Individual course is available for all levels on an dates! 👍

Join our courses in Petrozavodsk, Russia if you want to get immersed into the Russian language, life and culture to reach fast results in Russian and get and unforgettable memories! 😊

Ask our coordinator info@enjoyrussian.com ✍🏻
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Do you know that September is a really nice period of time in Karelia? We would like you enjoy it with us!
In Petrozavodsk you will:
- speak Russian in the city, because very few people speak English
- meet hospitable, talkative, open, friendly and patient with non-native speakers people
- see the authentic Russian environment and see the life as it is
In September you will:
- enjoy such a period of time as go-summer
- go fishing
- you’ll be able to visit “must see” places in Russia– Kizhi Open-Air Museum, Kivach Waterfall, Valaam Island, Solovki etc.
- you’ll pick mashrooms and berries (cowberry)
- meet many Russian students in the city as academic year starts this month
The program starts:
September 4, September 18
Ask our coordinator info@enjoyrussian.com
Apply http://enjoyrussian.com/3719/

Petrozavodsk - space of free museums and hundred of events!👯‍♂️🎈😄

Yesterday our student of Russian language School in Petrozavodsk Andre from Switzeland and our coordinator of cultural events Polina visited free excursion in the Gallery of manufacture history of Petrozavodsk🚂💣

The owner of the galery is "Alexandrovsky plant", the plant which from Peter the Great's times for centuries created canons and ballots needed for war aims. Today the museum consists of experimental physical hall, historical hall and hall devoted to USSA history of the tractor Onego plant. Museum guide Victoria was cool and me and Adre really enjoyed the philosophical and techical excursion!📗🔬

Join us! There are so many events in Petrozavodsk, happening almost all days!
Many of them are absolutely free! Petrozavodsk - cultural capital of the Northern Russia!

Ask coordinator if you have questions info@enjoyrussian.com
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воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

TOP-5 museums in Petrozavodsk 

1. The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia. 
It is one of the oldest museums of the Russian North-West. It has more than 200 thousand depository items. The Museum deals with history, local lore, traditional culture of Karelian people and the study of the natural features of the Russian North. It is the unique place to have general understanding of history and places! 
2.The Gallery of Industrial History of Petrozavodsk.The museum is situated in the city Centre in the historical place – here has been the Alexandrovsky factory and then Onego Tractor Plant. The main goal of the museum is to preserve all the history of the oldest industry on the city and fill it with the numerous hands-on exhibits offering visitors to make experiments. Prize and excusrion - free!
3. The Museum of Pre-Cambrian Geology. . The Museum belongs to the Institution of Geology of the Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Science.The museum has about 3500 items (minerals, stones, gems, etc) presented in Karelia and openes a view about the creation of the Earth and geological structure of Karelia and Baltic shield. Prize and excursion - free.
4. The Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia. The Museum occupies the oldest town building. At present, the museum collection has more than 12 thousand pieces of art.There is a small collection of the European Fine Art of the 17-19th centuries. The Museum arranges numerous exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.
5. Tatyana Kalinina's Art Gallery - the only private gallery in Petrozavodsk. Tatyana Kalinina is a Karelian artist and an Honoured Artist of the Republic of Karelia. The gallery consists of three workshops where you may see hundred of dolls coming from national fairy-tales and pagan's history of Russia and Karelia as well as modern dolls-famous people and so on.

Would you like to visit them all?
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Contact our coordinator info@enjoyrussian.com 

пятница, 21 апреля 2017 г.

Students share their opinions about the program! 🇷🇺

Laura from UK: 
"Content of the course was perfect for me - revision of some things I already knew, as well as new topics/grammatical aspects. We had a great teacher, very enthusiastic and helpful! Volunteers were very kind, some of them gave up lots of their time to help. Overall the program is very well organized, even though I would have preferred to pay before I came. It was a fantastic course I would definitely recommend: a good variety of resourses made classes interesting, host families are a great idea as it forces us to speak Russian on a daily basis. I liked the excursions: especially Kizhi and horse riding (and the price is good!). Definitely perfect environment to learn Russian in and make good progress, even for 2 weeks"

Would you like to make progress in Russian? 

Apply for June program http://www.enjoyrussian.com/3719/

среда, 19 апреля 2017 г.

Our students explore the city! Andre, Eleanor and Russian volunteers have visited our local Drama Theatre "Tvorcheskaya Masterskaya"! 

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Ask coordinator if you have questions info@enjoyrussian.com 

Let me introduce one of the “EnjoyRussian” Language School friends – Laura! 
For the first time she came to our school in 2015! And in 2016 she came back to Petrozavodsk as a volunteer in our International Summer Language Camp for Teenagers. Laura fond of the Russian language, so after the camp she had 2-week Russian course and lots of speaking practice during her stay in Petrozavodsk!

вторник, 18 апреля 2017 г.

🔔Hurry up to join our 2-4 week courses starting from May, 15 and experience the atmosphere of the amazing White nights - lively, friendly, romantic and bustling with people throughout the night as well as the day! 🔆

Groups of beginner and elementary levels 🇷🇺:
2-week course: May 15- 26;
4-week course: May 15 - June 09.

Start to speak Russian for a short period of time through the full language immersion: intensive Russian course, lots of speaking practice and Russian homestay! 👍

Ask our coordinator info@enjoyrussian.com ✍🏻
Apply for the course http://www.enjoyrussian.com/3719/ 👏

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