пятница, 21 апреля 2017 г.

Students share their opinions about the program! 🇷🇺

Laura from UK: 
"Content of the course was perfect for me - revision of some things I already knew, as well as new topics/grammatical aspects. We had a great teacher, very enthusiastic and helpful! Volunteers were very kind, some of them gave up lots of their time to help. Overall the program is very well organized, even though I would have preferred to pay before I came. It was a fantastic course I would definitely recommend: a good variety of resourses made classes interesting, host families are a great idea as it forces us to speak Russian on a daily basis. I liked the excursions: especially Kizhi and horse riding (and the price is good!). Definitely perfect environment to learn Russian in and make good progress, even for 2 weeks"

Would you like to make progress in Russian? 

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