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 Spring is in advance this year, although today is the last day of winter!!!  The weather rejoices by sun, absence of snow and 0C outdoor! Moreover  this weekend all citizens and guest of the town are invited to Kirov Square, where they will have a great possibility to welcome Spring by taking part in Maslenitsa Fair!  

Are you interested in spring Russian Traditions?! Would you like to taste true Russian blinis with a caviar, sour-cream, honey, jam…?!  Than this event is definitely for you! Blini, hurling felt boots, climbing on a pole and other outdoor games, fair!!! A lot to do and a lot to see!  
Another event that will take place tomorrow on Kirov Square is Paralympic Torch Relay! You may also join this significant performance!

вторник, 25 февраля 2014 г.

понедельник, 24 февраля 2014 г.

Walk in Petrozavodsk
Have you ever been to the capital of Karelia? Have you ever seen its streets, museums, monuments, historical places? If not, it is worth spending your time on this walk. Let us help you to decide where
you should go in order to feel the atmosphere of Petrozavodsk. 


пятница, 14 февраля 2014 г.

I worked as a volunteer in Russia! My name is Daniela Grossenbacher, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Switzerland.I came to Russia with nearly no Russian-knowledge. It was a spontaneous decision and when I look back, I have to agree, that I was not prepared well. And so it was difficult for the people to understand me. Also my hostfather could not understand, why I’ve decided to go to another country with so little knowledge. And he is right. In the future, I will think about such decisions longer, before I take them! That’s the first thing I learned in Russia. But although I couldn’t speak Russian, the family was very nice and took me as I am. They did everything for me and were very nice and helpful! That was the second thing I could learn. The hospitality is really great!
I went to Russian Language School for five weeks. I had individual lessons in the morning and I learned a lot.
Then I began my Volunteer work in a charity organization, a parish house.
The people there were very nice. The Administrator Masha explained me their work and then I was introduced to the teachers and to the children. First I only watched how they worked and it was very interesting! Children went there after school, we ate lunch together then we helped them with the homework. Unfortunately I could not help much, because my language skills were still not so big. It was depressing for me, when children asked me something and I did not understand and could not answer. But I tried to do the best. We also played with the children, went on excursions, rode the bicycles or had lessons. It depended on the daily program.
The children there are difficult and I think it is a difficult work. But it was very interesting and I could learn a lot! My big thanks go to one of the teachers, Vika, because she spoke English and helped me a lot! And also to the women who cooked, because she cooked very tasty and she was very nice! Спасибo!
I would advise such a Volunteer work only, when you can speak better Russian than I did. It means that you should have at least Basic Level.
But it was a good experience for me and I could learn a lot! 

By Daniela Grossenbacher                                                                                                   September 2009 

Other interesting and exemplary reviews and feedbacks you may find here) 

and don't forget to choose your program!

четверг, 13 февраля 2014 г.

Hyperborea 2014
It is an International winter festival organized by the Administration of the city and Social and Cultural Center municipal institution.
There will be held book and art exhibitions, concerts, competitions and other events devoted to living in the North. The key event of the celebration program will be the Xth international competition of snow and ice sculptures. Teams from Russia, Sweden, Italia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan will take part in such a competition


Maybe you think that living in the North is boring and cold? We would like to reassure you that it is not so. Come and see everything by themselves and catch all fun and joy.
For those who just plan to come to our school - we assure you that any season you come to us - we will offer you a lot to see, a lot to do and a lot to learn)
Hurry up! its high time to prepare for the Spring!
Choose the date and apply!

3rd March - 14th March
17th March - 28th March
7th April - 18th April
21st April - 2d May
5th May - 16th May
19th May - 130th May

and again 2 masterpieces made by Kids from our Language Center))
they were asked to describe the unusual animal!
Look how creative they are, young and talented kids))


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пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.

You have always been dreaming about being awake all night long, but you are afraid of dark streets? No problem. In Karelia you will watch city nightlife in the daylight. Come and enjoy!

Moreover, only in June you will get a lot of pleasure and impression from listening live music. International festival of live music “Vozduh” – is one of the largest Russian open-air festivals. You must visit this wonderful music fest!
What is more, if you attend Karelia in summer, you will not miss such a marvelous event as Petrozavodsk Foundation Day, which is celebrated in late June. On that day you will feel the atmosphere of  old Petrozavodsk with the help of the “Illusions of the old city”. Besides, you will get acquainted with national Karelian cuisine and other facts about the history of this city and will visit a number of cultural attractions. You will not regret!

And last but not least, Karelia has astonishing and unique nature with great diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna. Only in summer you will be offered a wide range of different activities from fishing to river rafting or hiking, including walking through fantastic Karelian forests and sitting by the campfire and having different discussions with your Russian friends. Come and see everything by yourselves, feel the spirit of this northern region! And improve or start learning Russian!

четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

 and again souvenirs and positive feedback left by our Erika)

Erika Attene, Italy
Content of the language course was good. I very much appreciated the themes we have gone over, everything was really helpful and interesting. Above all, because there were themes that you don’t often study in university ... in mine at least. I would only suggest to include more specialize themes about, for example, politics and economy.

Teaching was excellent. Teaching here really try their best to make you perfectly understand and learn as much as you wish!
Every volunteer was really helpful, nice and friendly and I’ve made really good friends among volunteers. Thank you for everything!
Organization and administration of program was also excellent. Differently from everywhere else I’ve been, I had no problems with documents and so on. Only one thing I would wish is: don’t forget about me!
I have excellent impression about program. I already understand now why my teacher strongly suggested to come here.
I would like to recommend this program to other people because it has been not only useful for my Russian and also, being here has been all amazing experience. I just wish to come back soon, go on practicing Russian in the best way ever speaking!
I had excellent teachers Ольга и Настия and I found nothing that could be improved. Just one thing: I think that speaking in Russian in class would be better. This course was appropriate to my level. I’d prefer something more challenging, thought it was already challenging.
Study rooms were nice, Maybe a bit cold, but this is something I found everywhere in Russia. Also, there was perfect atmosphere to concentrate on what you’re studying.
Unfortunately, I have been here only one month , not enough to achieve the goal I wanted, i.e. PERFECTLY learn Russian. But I’m incredibly satisfied, I learnt a lot and I feel much more confident when speaking Russian.
I can just thank you for such interesting and useful lessons.

среда, 5 февраля 2014 г.

Best job ever!!!

Can you imagine a better job than the one which makes you feel happy and satisfied?! Probably everyone dreams about such work! Our work - teaching Russian to Foreigners – is all about this – relax, work, communication and experience, huge and diverse. I think that my colleagues will agree with me! And now I would like to tell you about our work and our friendly company!...