пятница, 14 февраля 2014 г.

I worked as a volunteer in Russia! My name is Daniela Grossenbacher, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Switzerland.I came to Russia with nearly no Russian-knowledge. It was a spontaneous decision and when I look back, I have to agree, that I was not prepared well. And so it was difficult for the people to understand me. Also my hostfather could not understand, why I’ve decided to go to another country with so little knowledge. And he is right. In the future, I will think about such decisions longer, before I take them! That’s the first thing I learned in Russia. But although I couldn’t speak Russian, the family was very nice and took me as I am. They did everything for me and were very nice and helpful! That was the second thing I could learn. The hospitality is really great!
I went to Russian Language School for five weeks. I had individual lessons in the morning and I learned a lot.
Then I began my Volunteer work in a charity organization, a parish house.
The people there were very nice. The Administrator Masha explained me their work and then I was introduced to the teachers and to the children. First I only watched how they worked and it was very interesting! Children went there after school, we ate lunch together then we helped them with the homework. Unfortunately I could not help much, because my language skills were still not so big. It was depressing for me, when children asked me something and I did not understand and could not answer. But I tried to do the best. We also played with the children, went on excursions, rode the bicycles or had lessons. It depended on the daily program.
The children there are difficult and I think it is a difficult work. But it was very interesting and I could learn a lot! My big thanks go to one of the teachers, Vika, because she spoke English and helped me a lot! And also to the women who cooked, because she cooked very tasty and she was very nice! Спасибo!
I would advise such a Volunteer work only, when you can speak better Russian than I did. It means that you should have at least Basic Level.
But it was a good experience for me and I could learn a lot! 

By Daniela Grossenbacher                                                                                                   September 2009 

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