четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

 and again souvenirs and positive feedback left by our Erika)

Erika Attene, Italy
Content of the language course was good. I very much appreciated the themes we have gone over, everything was really helpful and interesting. Above all, because there were themes that you don’t often study in university ... in mine at least. I would only suggest to include more specialize themes about, for example, politics and economy.

Teaching was excellent. Teaching here really try their best to make you perfectly understand and learn as much as you wish!
Every volunteer was really helpful, nice and friendly and I’ve made really good friends among volunteers. Thank you for everything!
Organization and administration of program was also excellent. Differently from everywhere else I’ve been, I had no problems with documents and so on. Only one thing I would wish is: don’t forget about me!
I have excellent impression about program. I already understand now why my teacher strongly suggested to come here.
I would like to recommend this program to other people because it has been not only useful for my Russian and also, being here has been all amazing experience. I just wish to come back soon, go on practicing Russian in the best way ever speaking!
I had excellent teachers Ольга и Настия and I found nothing that could be improved. Just one thing: I think that speaking in Russian in class would be better. This course was appropriate to my level. I’d prefer something more challenging, thought it was already challenging.
Study rooms were nice, Maybe a bit cold, but this is something I found everywhere in Russia. Also, there was perfect atmosphere to concentrate on what you’re studying.
Unfortunately, I have been here only one month , not enough to achieve the goal I wanted, i.e. PERFECTLY learn Russian. But I’m incredibly satisfied, I learnt a lot and I feel much more confident when speaking Russian.
I can just thank you for such interesting and useful lessons.