пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.

You have always been dreaming about being awake all night long, but you are afraid of dark streets? No problem. In Karelia you will watch city nightlife in the daylight. Come and enjoy!

Moreover, only in June you will get a lot of pleasure and impression from listening live music. International festival of live music “Vozduh” – is one of the largest Russian open-air festivals. You must visit this wonderful music fest!
What is more, if you attend Karelia in summer, you will not miss such a marvelous event as Petrozavodsk Foundation Day, which is celebrated in late June. On that day you will feel the atmosphere of  old Petrozavodsk with the help of the “Illusions of the old city”. Besides, you will get acquainted with national Karelian cuisine and other facts about the history of this city and will visit a number of cultural attractions. You will not regret!

And last but not least, Karelia has astonishing and unique nature with great diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna. Only in summer you will be offered a wide range of different activities from fishing to river rafting or hiking, including walking through fantastic Karelian forests and sitting by the campfire and having different discussions with your Russian friends. Come and see everything by yourselves, feel the spirit of this northern region! And improve or start learning Russian!