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Yesterday our students were having National Food Party! It was very cozy and nice indeed! Did you know that in Europe its ok to eat chees with a JAM?! Have you ever tried Russian Kalitki with Italian red wine?! )) A lot of enthralling facts surround those who are involved in Russian Language School Activities! Join us!

Today we say "See You" to some of our students – Claude and Richard!

Claude had a very intensive course of Russian Language. He studied 6 hours a day for 3 weeks! Such an encouraged student!
Claude, we hope you liked our course and you will come back one day to upgrade Russian ;)

Richard, we will be waiting for you in January! We believe that our methods of teaching, our work will help you in your Russian daylife!

Few students continue studying in the School! We all are getting ready for the winter! Christmas.. New Year.. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!!!

Dear Friends! Its high time to apply for the winter 2014! Wintry Kizhi, Russian Language course, cultural programs and FRIENDS are waiting for you!


It’s so pleasant to refer to the summer review left by Stuart about his stay in Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian”! Would you like to read?! ;)

вторник, 26 ноября 2013 г.

Thanks a lot for all our Alumnus who left us such warm, pleasant words in Evaluations!

At the end of the season we are happy to announce – from all 83 reviews 77 are very-very positive! Dear Students, thank you very much!

Thanks to your rating “Excellent” in most cases – we realize that our courses are really helpful, that our work is well done!

 Helen English, Ireland
         Everything was excellent. I visited Кижи island – we had an excellent guide and the trip was excellent. Маша was the most helpful volunteer. Petrozavodsk is a lovely, small city. I felt at home here. The atmosphere in the school is very positive and intercultural.

Kubra Demir, Turkey
         Everything was good. I went to Kizhi, it was beautiful. I recommend my excursion to other students. Volunteers are not bad, but Maria is my favorite volunteer, because she helped me when I had some questions.
         I would recommend program, because Petrosavodsk is small city and you can learn easily, you can live here. Everyone is very helpful. They helped us for everything.

Simone  Widhalm, Austria
         Content of the language course was excellent. There were interesting topics for different levels of knowledge. Александра Павлова is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Teaching materials were excellent. I’d like to add that organization and administration of program were excellent. Thank you for the great support before and during our stay. Everything worked out perfectly. It was a great experience. I’ll recommend it to other people. The course helped me a lot to lose my fear of speaking and to gain practice in speaking. I got a lot of information about Russia. The quality of handouts was very good. We had some additional texts. I hope that I could improve my Russian skills. Thank you very much!

понедельник, 25 ноября 2013 г.

Would you like to taste Russian severe winter in our friendly warm company?!

Dear friends! We invite you to feel deeply our winter atmosphere, to be surrounded by snow-crowned trees, by songs of winter bullfinches. In winter Karelia provides great opportunities for active entertainment.

You can enjoy wonderful relaxing rest in Russian banya – the best way of time-passing one frosty day. From times immemorial it has been believed that Russian sauna brings health, recovery and life-giving forces. Sauna lovers live longer, look and feel better. Can you imagine!! !! You take a birch brunch , you sit on an aspen bench and you breath in a hot dry steam filled with flavor of birch, aspen or needles.. And then you shoot out and jump into the snowdrift!!! Yes! It’s the main part of winter banya! After such a rite you’ll be full of health and forces and will be ready to start more exciting activities!!!

Would you like to try a real arctic riding a snowmobile on the frozen lake of Onega through the surreal beauty of frozen desert covered with fluffy Russian snow?! And there will be plenty of it, for sure!
And what about the unique and unforgettable experience of a journey along the frozen lakes and snowy taiga on dogsledges. You will love the pristine wilderness, the thrill of being surrounded by abundant wildlife and the majestic winter scenery. The clear air and the endless snowy forest will transport you to the world from a winter fairy- tale. Karelia offers you breath-taking and challenging adventures in the Russian North.
For hardier people we can offer different cross-country ski routes that run along the woodlands, the frozen lakes and through old traditional villages, where beautiful treasures of Russian wooden architecture can be found. Enjoy the quiet beauty of the Karelia and plenty of snow!

For those who prefer short-time activities we can offer skating. Our stadium, which is situated in the center of Petrozavodsk, gives you a possibility to rent the skates! Cheerful music, bright lights on the ice – all for an excellent way of rest!
As for the guests who come in February we are glad to offer you to visit or even to participate in another winter magic! International Winter Festival of the North "Hyperborea" held in Petrozavodsk each February. This is a Festival of Snow and Ice sculptures, where different music & dance societies take part in a great concert, where you can see masterpiece sculptures made of ice and snow! Usually the holiday ends by gorgeous fireworks!!! If you feel interested in taking part in this completion – let us know! We will be happy to help you with organization process!

As for the guests who come in February we are glad to offer you to visit or even to participate in another winter magic! International Winter Festival of the North "Hyperborea" held in Petrozavodsk each February. This is a Festival of Snow and Ice sculptures, where different music & dance societies take part in a great concert, where you can see masterpiece sculptures made of ice and snow! Usually the holiday ends by gorgeous fireworks!!! If you feel interested in taking part in this completion – let us know! We will be happy to help you with organization process!

Karelia in winter attracts you by enormous ways of spending time! Winter in Karelia - time of unimaginable beauty. A ringing crystal frosty air, the crunch of pure snow, which for many people large cities have become a distant childhood memory, sparkling snow caps of giant pines and firs, and even the northern lights - a real winter kingdom!

пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

Do you want to plunge into a warm amicable atnosphere during the cold severe winter?! ))) So, very WELCOME!!! http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3691_winter_russian_courses/ 
Here you may read our students reviews from last winter))

Caroline Engl, Austria

I was studying here from February till March. I think that the courses are excellent. The courses are really useful things. I learnt a lot of words and did many exercises for grammar. There were good texts in Russian. Living conditions were excellent. I didn’t miss anything, I had my freedom and host mum cared about me like my own mum too. Cultural program was good. There was the possibility to do something every day. In my case, I need no help, but I’m sure if I had needed help, volunteers would help me. They were really nice and friendly. I’m really happy that I was there, I learned so much and I felt welcomed and not on my own (if you need anything you always get help). Study rooms were comfortable. Everything was fine. I learnt a lot, more than the half of Grammar, I learnt (I counted) about 1000 new words. The teachers always prepare materials for lessons. Мне очень понравилось! Удачи, здоровья и успеха!

Nicholas Lone, United Kingdom

I was studying here from January till February. Content of the language course was perfect. There was a great variety of interesting topics. I liked some topics particularly on СМИ and Education. Our teachers were excellent. Two very helpful teachers were patient, interesting and understanding. I’m very thankful to them. My living conditions were perfect. Rock climbing was very fun. We went bowling, which was also nice. Volunteers were excellent as always. They are very kind, helpful and friendly people. Organization of program was very good. Ася and Алевтина – СПАСИБО! I really enjoyed the course and I would come back again. The teacher’s work was perfect. We studied many interesting topics, which were well structured and logical. Sometimes it was difficult to understand but our teachers Настя and Саша helped us by giving explanations. The methods of teaching were always interesting. Both teachers had a wide knowledge and prepared good materials for us. Study rooms were always comfortable. Using of audio and video materials helped us to understand Russian better. It is fantastic. I think that I improved my knowledge of Russian language.

вторник, 12 ноября 2013 г.

We continue interviewing our students while their staying in Petrozavodsk!
Today we are glad to introduce you Martina!
Where are you from?
I am from Austria. It's kind of a small town, where I live. There are 9000 habitants and it's quite weird for me to live in such a big city like Pertozavodsk now. Of course we have Graz, which is the second biggest city in Austria but it has the same number of habitants like Petrozavodsk – about 300 000. Petrozavodsk is very big for Austria and for Russia it's rather small I think.
Why have you decided to study Russian?
I have decided to study Russian because I like the project I am working in here. I am being a volunteer service here and the project is about attending school classes, cafes and helping organizing different events. Actually I applied to many different countries so I wasn't at first really sure where to go. But then Russia suggested me to come and  so I had decided that I needed to study Russian. I like Russian because my grandparents speak Russian since they had this language at school. Apart from that I like the sound of Russian. From one hand it is so fluent and from the other hand – so aggressive and I like it. I like this mix.
Why have you decided to come to Petrozavodsk?
It was actually project who invited me here. And it was also more interesting for me to be a volunteer in a small town because it isn't such a touristic place so I could see what people do in usual life. And because it is hard to imagine any other situation when I would have a chance to visit this place. And now I am really glad that I am here.
What was the most difficult part of coming here? Were there any difficulties?
Yeah! It started when I came to Saint-Petersburg and my suitcase didn't. And I couldn't speak Russian at all, only English. But the woman from airport service didn't speak English so she couldn't explain anything to me. Luckily there was a girl who was sitting in the plane next to me and she helped me then. But it took two hours and I had only one hour left to catch the train. That girl helped me again — she took me to the train station, and I was very grateful to her. I think if I had this situation somewhere in Europe I would be able to communicate with people but here it's impossible because just a very few people can speak English and it's a problem for foreigners.
And one situation happened to me in the supermarket. I couldn't read the names of the products and could only guess what that or other thing was. And when I have decided to buy some milk and took something that was looking like milk it turned to be kefir.
Was there anything strange for you when you came here?
Actually quite a lot of things.. Better to say they were unusual.  One of those things is paying at the bus when you are out of it. And all those holes in the streets and people just drive through them. That is just weird! People are very friendly here and even when they realize you are a stranger they still are very very friendly. In Austria many people are racists and behave very impolite with foreigners. So I wasn't expecting such a good attitude from Russians. And everyone here has a water boiler because everyone drink tea all the time – no matter what occasion. When I came here I've bought this little pack of tea and I thought that would be enough for three months. But after one week it was gone! Now I got used to drinking tea, I even like it, but in the very beginning it was strange.
Is there any difference between people in Austria and people in Russia?
This difference is really big. People in Austria make a huge problem out of a little thing and here when there is a little problem people prefer to ignore it if they don't know how to deal with it. It's one of those things I like about Russians – they stay calm no matter what.
Tell me about your volunteer activity.
I attend classes at schools and play with children. For example sometimes I split the class in some groups and ask them different questions like "funny facts about Europe" or other topics. In one class I had to talk about studying in Austria so I needed to sum up the information and present it to those children. Actually it's not only children. Sometimes I have classes with adult people who have started learning English not long ago. We also organize some events in those cafes in "Begemot" or "Time Shop", where we discuss different problems or watch movies.
What was your main goal when you came here? Have you reached it?
I just wanted to see something completely different from school. And I did it.

понедельник, 11 ноября 2013 г.

Russian + Volunteering
Volunteering – is a way of Learning Russian!

You are willing to learn Russian but your budget is limited?!
You want to achieve the fast progress in Russian but don’t want to follow usual classes?!
You want to immerse into a Russian lifestyle and find new friends?!

Than the program “Russian + Volunteering” is exactly for you! This project is targeted at people willing to spend more time in Russia to achieve the proper level of the Russian Language and learn how Russians do really live in Russia))

Thanks to this program you will be occupied by implementing different projects with a help of Russian Volunteers. Discussion clubs in cafes, different workshops for kids, students, adults, thematic shows and meetings – all these projects give you a great possibility to plunge into Russian way of life.

Thanks to it you’ll find friends, you’ll meet interesting people, you’ll learn to be sociable, and learn to find a language with each person. You’ll interact with people of different cultures, ages, religions and philosophies!

Isn’t it a way of immersion into a culture and learning the language?! Yes, it is! For sure!
So hurry up and apply for the program!

During 2 months you will learn Russian 4 hours per day, 5 days per week and develop and implement volunteering projects!

All levels are offered: from beginner to the third certificate level.

Course fees:
Tuition fee is 1040 euro for 160 hour course + 460 euro two months accommodation (incl. breakfast).





пятница, 8 ноября 2013 г.

Our news))
This week we welcome our new brave students from Italy and France! Jessica is new in the Russian language and it is really interesting to evaluate the progress that she will attain in her knowledge during her stay!!! And Claude has a very high level of Russian. He applied for the Business course! He will study 3 weeks, 6 hours a day!

November is going to be an interesting month full of different interesting project to realize and to visit! Two girls-volunteers, Martina from Austria and Jade from England, came to our Centre!
Their plan is full of different workshops in English and Russian, different lessons for kids and students in schools and University, exciting thematic meetings with citizens and guests of Petrozavodsk!  

And the main announcement – we are getting a lot of applications for the next year! Guys, don’t miss a chance to join our friendly company! We have a program for each for you and a SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!