пятница, 29 ноября 2013 г.


Yesterday our students were having National Food Party! It was very cozy and nice indeed! Did you know that in Europe its ok to eat chees with a JAM?! Have you ever tried Russian Kalitki with Italian red wine?! )) A lot of enthralling facts surround those who are involved in Russian Language School Activities! Join us!

Today we say "See You" to some of our students – Claude and Richard!

Claude had a very intensive course of Russian Language. He studied 6 hours a day for 3 weeks! Such an encouraged student!
Claude, we hope you liked our course and you will come back one day to upgrade Russian ;)

Richard, we will be waiting for you in January! We believe that our methods of teaching, our work will help you in your Russian daylife!

Few students continue studying in the School! We all are getting ready for the winter! Christmas.. New Year.. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!!!

Dear Friends! Its high time to apply for the winter 2014! Wintry Kizhi, Russian Language course, cultural programs and FRIENDS are waiting for you!