вторник, 26 ноября 2013 г.

Thanks a lot for all our Alumnus who left us such warm, pleasant words in Evaluations!

At the end of the season we are happy to announce – from all 83 reviews 77 are very-very positive! Dear Students, thank you very much!

Thanks to your rating “Excellent” in most cases – we realize that our courses are really helpful, that our work is well done!

 Helen English, Ireland
         Everything was excellent. I visited Кижи island – we had an excellent guide and the trip was excellent. Маша was the most helpful volunteer. Petrozavodsk is a lovely, small city. I felt at home here. The atmosphere in the school is very positive and intercultural.

Kubra Demir, Turkey
         Everything was good. I went to Kizhi, it was beautiful. I recommend my excursion to other students. Volunteers are not bad, but Maria is my favorite volunteer, because she helped me when I had some questions.
         I would recommend program, because Petrosavodsk is small city and you can learn easily, you can live here. Everyone is very helpful. They helped us for everything.

Simone  Widhalm, Austria
         Content of the language course was excellent. There were interesting topics for different levels of knowledge. Александра Павлова is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Teaching materials were excellent. I’d like to add that organization and administration of program were excellent. Thank you for the great support before and during our stay. Everything worked out perfectly. It was a great experience. I’ll recommend it to other people. The course helped me a lot to lose my fear of speaking and to gain practice in speaking. I got a lot of information about Russia. The quality of handouts was very good. We had some additional texts. I hope that I could improve my Russian skills. Thank you very much!