пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

Do you want to plunge into a warm amicable atnosphere during the cold severe winter?! ))) So, very WELCOME!!! http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3691_winter_russian_courses/ 
Here you may read our students reviews from last winter))

Caroline Engl, Austria

I was studying here from February till March. I think that the courses are excellent. The courses are really useful things. I learnt a lot of words and did many exercises for grammar. There were good texts in Russian. Living conditions were excellent. I didn’t miss anything, I had my freedom and host mum cared about me like my own mum too. Cultural program was good. There was the possibility to do something every day. In my case, I need no help, but I’m sure if I had needed help, volunteers would help me. They were really nice and friendly. I’m really happy that I was there, I learned so much and I felt welcomed and not on my own (if you need anything you always get help). Study rooms were comfortable. Everything was fine. I learnt a lot, more than the half of Grammar, I learnt (I counted) about 1000 new words. The teachers always prepare materials for lessons. Мне очень понравилось! Удачи, здоровья и успеха!

Nicholas Lone, United Kingdom

I was studying here from January till February. Content of the language course was perfect. There was a great variety of interesting topics. I liked some topics particularly on СМИ and Education. Our teachers were excellent. Two very helpful teachers were patient, interesting and understanding. I’m very thankful to them. My living conditions were perfect. Rock climbing was very fun. We went bowling, which was also nice. Volunteers were excellent as always. They are very kind, helpful and friendly people. Organization of program was very good. Ася and Алевтина – СПАСИБО! I really enjoyed the course and I would come back again. The teacher’s work was perfect. We studied many interesting topics, which were well structured and logical. Sometimes it was difficult to understand but our teachers Настя and Саша helped us by giving explanations. The methods of teaching were always interesting. Both teachers had a wide knowledge and prepared good materials for us. Study rooms were always comfortable. Using of audio and video materials helped us to understand Russian better. It is fantastic. I think that I improved my knowledge of Russian language.