понедельник, 11 ноября 2013 г.

Russian + Volunteering
Volunteering – is a way of Learning Russian!

You are willing to learn Russian but your budget is limited?!
You want to achieve the fast progress in Russian but don’t want to follow usual classes?!
You want to immerse into a Russian lifestyle and find new friends?!

Than the program “Russian + Volunteering” is exactly for you! This project is targeted at people willing to spend more time in Russia to achieve the proper level of the Russian Language and learn how Russians do really live in Russia))

Thanks to this program you will be occupied by implementing different projects with a help of Russian Volunteers. Discussion clubs in cafes, different workshops for kids, students, adults, thematic shows and meetings – all these projects give you a great possibility to plunge into Russian way of life.

Thanks to it you’ll find friends, you’ll meet interesting people, you’ll learn to be sociable, and learn to find a language with each person. You’ll interact with people of different cultures, ages, religions and philosophies!

Isn’t it a way of immersion into a culture and learning the language?! Yes, it is! For sure!
So hurry up and apply for the program!

During 2 months you will learn Russian 4 hours per day, 5 days per week and develop and implement volunteering projects!

All levels are offered: from beginner to the third certificate level.

Course fees:
Tuition fee is 1040 euro for 160 hour course + 460 euro two months accommodation (incl. breakfast).