четверг, 29 мая 2014 г.

New office! new mood!
Nowadays we are doing our best that our new house meet every our student in comfortable atmosphere! 

If office is already furnished and well equipped with all design elements, classes furnishings is still in progress! But anyway large windows, light large rooms – everything is done for our dear clients!
This week our students from Germany leave our school! During two weeks Hauke, Robert and Heinz made a great progress! Their teachers are very content!
Now students speak, understand and feel Russian!


e wait for new students of course) summer comes and the hot season also does! We wait for more than 20 students in June, 30 in July and August! And this is not a limit) we invite everybody who wants to learn or progress in Russian with professionals and in best conditions ever ! http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3687_summer_russian_courses/

четверг, 22 мая 2014 г.

Dear friends! We are happy to announce!!! We have finally moved to another NEW office!

It was rather sad to leave the place where we had spent so many sweet moments with our students, teachers, colleagues and just friends!

But! New office is very cozy! And it is really huge) now our students will study in large light modern rooms! We will meet them in a cozy office!  new life, actually, begins!

So, dear students, who are right now study in our School! We are ready to meet you in our new office on Monday 26 of May at 10:00! The address is:  street Leningradskaya  (Ленинградская улица), building # 6B ( номер дома 6 Б).  Please see the map to get to us!

Anyway we are always online on phone +79114005854 and will be glad to help you!


четверг, 15 мая 2014 г.

Have you ever heard about “Night of Museums”?!  It is a fantastic opportunity to visit any Museum, any Exhibition you like during one night! And almost all exhibitions are free of charge!
Dear students, who are right now in Petrozavodsk!!! You will have such a great possibility this Saturday, 17 of May!  All Museums present different work-shops, concerts, exhibitions  for all ages!  For the concrete time-table you may link - https://vk.com/museum_night_2014_ptz
Nowadays we have Students from Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland! New Students are coming this weekend from Germany J now we have really international friendly team)
We are still getting applies for the Special June Offer! Have you heard about this program?! the BEST PROPOSAL for those people who adore intact  nature, love woods and lakes, want to find the Harmony with true virgin nature! Sure as shooting!   To learn more about the specialty of June program please link here!

вторник, 13 мая 2014 г.