вторник, 25 декабря 2012 г.

Дорогие друзья, с Рождеством!! Merry Christmas!! Hyvaa joulua!! Joyeux Noel!! Fröhliche Weihnachten!! Buone Feste Natalizie!! Feliz Navidad!!

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

Bill Vaughn

Dear friends!  We are happy to congratulate you on coming Christmas and New 2013 Year!!!

 New Year begins, let us pray,
 that it will be a year with new Peace,
 New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,
 God bless you on the New Year.

Our office will be closed since 27.12.2012 till 03.01.2013!
Have a good time!!!

The New Year's celebration in Russia

For Russians, there is no holiday more important than the New Year’s Day. Christmas is less popular in Russia compared to Britain or the USA, where it is the greatest holiday of the year. After the Revolution in 1917 religion was called as "opium for people" and Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious holidays. So celebrating the New Year’s Day became a sort of "replacement" for it. Only after 75 years, in 1992, Christmas became openly observed. Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on January 7th, in accordance with the old Julian calendar. A lot of people go to church services that night.

By the way if follow the orthodox rules, from the end of November till the first star on the sky on the 6th of January it’s fasting time. But not many people follow it; otherwise they wouldn’t be able to celebrate the New Year’s Day which falls on the last week of the fasting.  This mess happened because of the use of two calendars, the new one and the old one. But before that we celebrated the New Year’s Day a week after Christmas and it was ok, fasting was over and there was no need to break orthodox rules. Don't be surprised, but at midnight on the 13th of January people in Russia celebrate Old New Year on the Julian calendar, used in Russia before 1918. Everything goes in the same way. Russian people celebrate twice.

New Year’s Day is the most beloved holiday in Russia. People start waiting for it since the end of summer. It’s like a light spot during long and dark winter.  People usually make grandiose plans on New Year’s party.  There is also a tradition among big organizations to rent a restaurant for employees and to make an entertainment program for them as a team building means and also to see the workers in real informal life.

People gather for the New Year‘s celebration at night on the 31st of December. Russian Holiday tradition includes a decorated New Year's tree - Yolka (fir tree). For Russian, the New Year is a family holiday; people think about friends and relatives prepare presents for everyone.  But young people prefer to have the New Year parties of their own and often visit New Year’s parties at night clubs, but only after Midnight, because it’s a strong tradition to greet the New Year with champagne, listen to the Kremlin chimes beating 12 o'clock and watch the congratulation of the President in a family circle. Even those who don’t like champagne should drink a bit anyway.  

After the President’s tost people shout [SN’ovim G’odahm] (Happy New Year) and then tell other toasts. For example, translated into English as follows, "My grand-grandfather said: "I have a desire to buy a house, but I have no opportunity. I have an opportunity to buy a she-goat, but I have no desire". So, let's drink to having correspondence of our wishes and opportunities!"

Many of such toasts are said during this night dinner. In every house one could smell tangerines; it’s a symbol of sun and future summer, the host usually cooks fish dishes as a symbol of fertility. By the way no NY celebration can omit special salad Olivier. This salad should be in every family.  
1lb of bologna
1 can (15 oz) of sweet peas
3 middle size potatoes
4-5 middle size carrots
5-6 eggs
1 bunch of green onions
1 bunch of fresh dill
5-6 middle size cucumbers (pickled with salt not with vinegar, that is important)
black pepper
Mayonnaise by taste (the more the better)

Children wait for this day so eagerly; they have a pause at school, about 2 weeks. Small kindy-kids write letters to Grandfather Frost (Rus. Ded Mor’oz) and describe what presents they would like to be presented.  Moms prepare masquerade costumes for children.  Ded Mor’oz has a granddaughter Sneg’oorochka (Snowmaiden). They come together at a kid’s home and give presents in exchange for a poem or a song.  Ded Moroz usually looks like Santa, but he wears long outer garment that can be red or blue. Snegoorochka  has a long plait, a kok’oshnik (woman's headdress in old Russia) and a blue fur coat.  For travelling around Russia they use a sleigh harnessed to a troika (three horses harnessed abreast).

There is a special New Year song about little fir tree. Kids usually sing it and dance around the tree. This dance is called Chorovod. It’s very old and popular. Usually not only kids but also parents dance it outside after dinner at New Year’s Night.

Then the firework comes. It continues the tradition to scare evil spirits with loud sounds and fire.  Everybody hugs, congratulate each other and feel happy.

Winter entertainment in Karelia

Dear friends! We invite you to feel deeply our winter atmosphere, to be surrounded by snow-crowned trees, by songs of winter bullfinches. Winter is a perfect time to visit Karelia. In winter Karelia provides great opportunities for active tourism.  

You can enjoy wonderful relaxing rest in Russian banya – the best way of time-passing one frosty day. From times immemorial it has been believed that Russian sauna brings health, recovery and life-giving forces. Sauna lovers live longer, look and feel better.  Can you imagine!! !! You take a birch brunch , you sit on an aspen bench and you breath in a hot dry steam filled with flavor of birch, aspen or needles.. And then you shoot out and jump into the snowdrift!!! Yes! It’s the main part of winter banya! After such a rite you’ll be full of health and forces and will be ready to start more exciting activities!!!

Would you like to try a real arctic riding a snowmobile on the frozen lake of Onega through the surreal beauty of frozen desert covered with fluffy Russian snow?! And there will be plenty of it, for sure!

And what about the unique and unforgettable experience of a journey along the frozen lakes and snowy taiga on dogsledges. You will love the pristine wilderness, the thrill of being surrounded by abundant wildlife and the majestic winter scenery. The clear air and the endless snowy forest will transport you to the world from a winter fairy- tale. Karelia offers you breath-taking and challenging adventures in the Russian North.

For hardier people we can offer different ross-country ski routes that run along the woodlands, the frozen lakes and through old traditional villages, where beautiful treasures of Russian wooden architecture can be found. Enjoy the quiet beauty of the Karelia and plenty of snow!
For those who prefer short-time activities we can offer skating. Our stadium, which is situated in the center of Petrozavodsk, gives you a possibility to rent the skates! Cheerful music, bright lights on the ice – all for an excellent way of rest!
As for the guests who come in February we are glad to offer you to visit or even to participate in another winter magic! International Winter Festival of the North "Hyperborea" held in Petrozavodsk each February. This is a Festival of Snow and Ice sculptures, where different music & dance societies take part in a great concert, where you can see masterpiece sculptures made of ice and snow! Usually the holiday ends by gorgeous fireworks!!
Karelia in winter attracts you by enormous ways of spending time! Winter in Karelia - time of unimaginable beauty. A ringing crystal frosty air, the crunch of pure snow, which for many people large cities have become a distant childhood memory, sparkling snow caps of giant pines and firs, and even the northern lights - a real winter kingdom!
Dear friends! We are glad to announce: our last working week in this year has begun!! we are very thankful for our dear students who made our year so interesting, full of exciting moments !!! We’ve managed to teach Russian language more than 100 students from all over the world: UK, France, Germany, Finland, Australia…
On the 4th of January we are waiting for our first guest from UK, who is going to get acquainted not only with our Language and Russian culture, but with our sever North Climate too!! So, Steve , be careful, take warm clothes, please ;) On the 7th of January we meet our first group of students!! This is the day when Russians celebrate Orthodox Christmas! Christmas Day in our country marks the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian Orthodox tradition. Although banned during the Soviet times, Christmas is now regaining its popularity and religious meaning in Russia. People in Russia celebrate Christmas Day with activities such as having a family dinner, attending a Christmas liturgy and visiting relatives and friends. There is a 40-day Lent preceding Christmas Day, when practicing Christians do not eat any meat. The Lent period ends with the first star in the night sky on January 6 – a symbol of Jesus Christ's birth. Many Orthodox Christians go to the church to attend a Christmas liturgy that evening. The first star also signals the start of the Christmas dinner. For many secular Russians, Christmas Day is a family holiday but it is not as important, for many families, as New Year's Day. Many people visit friends and relatives, as well as give and receive presents, on January 7. Prior to Christmas Day, there is Christmas Eve, which marks the start of an old Slavic holiday, “Svyatki”, in which young women used a mirror and candles to invoke the image of their future husbands. Like going to church, fortune-telling on Christmas Eve is again becoming popular in Russia


If you are interested in learning more about Russian traditions, please, join our programs of Russian Language School Enjoy Russian! for ex A great opportunity to learn more about Russian Easter is to take part in our spring courses http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3692_spring_russian_courses/So, Dear Friends! We are congratulating you with all coming winter holidays and we wish you all best!!! Stay with us!!

About the School Enjoy Russian

“I think that Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” is a very good organization, I learned a lot about Russians and Russia itself. It was a very good experience! I think it is necessary to learn any language in the country where it is spoken and it is really good to live with a host family. The volunteers were also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this Russian language school to other people!”
Tilde Geerardyn, Belgium

Our Russian Language School "Enjoy Russian" was founded in Petrozavodsk, in 2003. When creating our School we adopted a principle that the learning process should be both effective and enjoyable. That’s why we offer you a complex course that combines Russian language classes, living with Russian host families, communicating with Russian students and participating in cultural activities.
The Russian courses are based on the participants’ expectations and wishes. According to our experience most students want to be able to speak and communicate effectively in Russian. Therefore we offer courses in small groups (around 4-6 people in each group) with a curriculum based on students’ wishes. The courses include the most current topics which let our students, from their very first day in Petrozavodsk, survive in a Russian environment without using English . You’ll never be bored during the lessons: our teachers prefer using active learning methods such as role and language games, outdoor classes etc.


To help our students experience a full language immersion we offer them the option of staying with a Russian host family. After their lessons, our students spend their free time with our volunteers, who help our foreign guests to adapt to local conditions, organize excursions, parties and other exciting activities.
For 9 years more than 650 students from Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan have come to study at our Russian Language School "Enjoy Russian". Thanks to our School they have made considerable progress in learning the Russian language learning.