вторник, 25 декабря 2012 г.

About the School Enjoy Russian

“I think that Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” is a very good organization, I learned a lot about Russians and Russia itself. It was a very good experience! I think it is necessary to learn any language in the country where it is spoken and it is really good to live with a host family. The volunteers were also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this Russian language school to other people!”
Tilde Geerardyn, Belgium

Our Russian Language School "Enjoy Russian" was founded in Petrozavodsk, in 2003. When creating our School we adopted a principle that the learning process should be both effective and enjoyable. That’s why we offer you a complex course that combines Russian language classes, living with Russian host families, communicating with Russian students and participating in cultural activities.
The Russian courses are based on the participants’ expectations and wishes. According to our experience most students want to be able to speak and communicate effectively in Russian. Therefore we offer courses in small groups (around 4-6 people in each group) with a curriculum based on students’ wishes. The courses include the most current topics which let our students, from their very first day in Petrozavodsk, survive in a Russian environment without using English . You’ll never be bored during the lessons: our teachers prefer using active learning methods such as role and language games, outdoor classes etc.


To help our students experience a full language immersion we offer them the option of staying with a Russian host family. After their lessons, our students spend their free time with our volunteers, who help our foreign guests to adapt to local conditions, organize excursions, parties and other exciting activities.
For 9 years more than 650 students from Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan have come to study at our Russian Language School "Enjoy Russian". Thanks to our School they have made considerable progress in learning the Russian language learning.