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Speak Russian. Meet Arina Drogunova, Russian language teacher

Dear friends, we continue introducing our Russian language teachers. 
Please, meet Arina Drogunova. Very creative, kind and talented Teacher with a lot of positive evaluations left by her students! 

For reviews and our programs please link  

четверг, 29 января 2015 г.

In England people drink tea at 16:00! It’s a tradition! 
In Russia people drink tea ANYTIME they like) and it is not just a cup of tea )) 
Look, here are some  Russian Traditional tea “snacks”) 
Would you like to taste them?! Come and join us) And we will help you with a cup of hot tasty tea boiled in real Samovar with a yummy  bread-roll) 

среда, 28 января 2015 г.

If you come to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian with us you will definitely get the effective course, traditional care from our host families and interesting and exciting cultural program with our Russian volunteers!

But we offer more ;) Here are 5 reasons more to come to Petrozavodsk in 2015 season:

1 You will visit Kizhi! You should visit this incredible open-air historical museum of wooden architecture! 

2 Old village Kinerma with few wooden houses and a small church.  Traditional rural atmosphere will make you feel safe, cozy and relax!

3 Rafting will fill your summer memories with joy, enthralling 
moments and new  friends) Exciting rapids, mind-blowing sceneries will make this  challenging recreational activity fantastic!

4 Meeting on  the roof. Splendid evening full of beautiful sceneries will make your stay in Petrozavodsk unforgettable!

5 traditional wooden "banya" in the country nearby lake and cold "quass" after it  – it’s all you need after a long hard-working week.

Take a chance and join us) We will have a great season! 

Enrolment is in full swing! Groups that are already fixed:
February 2 - 27 - Basic level 
March 2 – 28 – Elementary level
April 6 - 30 - Basic level
April 6 - 30 - 2, 3rd Certificate levels

вторник, 27 января 2015 г.

And again fond memories left by our student Dorian De Ridder from Belgium that can be useful for our prospective students! With us you will start speaking Russian easily!

"I was here in September. The content of the language course was excellent, also it was really what I expected of it, I learned a lot of new words and I had a lot of speaking practice and I got everything I wished for^ grammar, vocabulary and speaking.
My teacher Настя was very patient, she teaches me a lot. She did a great job making the course book. It was really useful.
Concerning our living conditions, we had a great apartment in the centre. It was clean and big and room was cosy. Our host mother was really nice and she bought us a lot of breakfast.
Our cultural program was excellent. Кивач: the excursion was fun Настя was a good guide and she told us everything there was to know about Karelia. Bowling was nice, but the service in the bowling was really bad. Picasso – museum was nice to be able to see pictures of art of such a famous painter. Anniversary of “Центр Инициатива”: the party was nice and we cooked a really special pie.
Every volunteer was really helpful, but I think Denis taught me the most because he always talked to me in Russian and it helped me to improve my russian.
Organization and administration of program was good, but sometimes there were small problems, but you always fixed them very fast.
Anastasia Zhigalina was my teacher and I like everything. She explained everything clearly, she was really patient . we did a lot of speaking and we learned a lot of new words. I like her methods of teaching. Our study rooms were small, but cosy, everything we needed. 
So, everything was nice and I learned a lot!"

пятница, 23 января 2015 г.

Dear friends! We start new project “Those weird Russians!”

The great Russian poet Fedor Tutchev wrote in 1886:

You will not grasp her with your mind
Or cover with a common label,
For Russia is one of a kind –
Believe in her, if you are able..

Those weird Russians! exclaims foreigners. We are loved and mocked on, respected and misunderstood. Russia is a great large country with a long story. We are proud of Russian prominent poets, writers, composers, generals, emperors. For 70 years we were cut off with the “iron curtain”, thus there are a lot of stereotypes about Russia and Russian people, sometimes weird and not matching the reality.

We are starting the series of articles about us, Russians, our peculiarities, oddity, values etc. We`d be very glad to have your opinion about it.

1. We believe in luck, magic, and coincidence more than in our own labour. We are fond of dreaming of unexpected fortune which comes to our possession. “One of the most popular Russian tales tells about an idler called Emelya and a magic pike. Emelya was spending his days sitting on the warm stove in his house. Once he went to the river to have some water and accidentally pulled out the big pike which could make wishes come true. The pike gave Emelya the power to make his wishes come true by saying the special phrase. So Emelya could get everything he wanted without making any effort and the morality of the story is that your destiny doesn`t depend on the fact whether you are good or bad, but on your luck.”

2. Russians value friendship. We are good friends and a lot of Russian proverbs state the importance of friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed – if you are lucky to be a friend of Russian, that means that you have a good and reliable friend who will go through thick and thin with you.
Do you know that according to Russian there are two types of friendship: “male” and “female”? Men suppose that only male friendship is a true one and there is no female friendship at all.

3. Russian people are hospitable. We love our guests, so we clean up, cook a lot, dress up before their arrival. If we had guests in our house, we would eat, dance, drink till the morning comes.
Have you seen a cartoon about Winnie-the-Pooh`s visit to the Rabbit?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2D0zr_P0Ps  

4. We love to laugh and above all at ourselves. We make fun of our government, ourselves, our friends.. We admit having problems: corruption, awful roads, alcoholism, bad work of post office etc. We are not trying to change it, we just make fun of it.

5. Russians are very kind and generous. We are willing to share what little we have and we do help some homeless people, neighbors etc. We help without any desire to get anything in return as we realize that anyone can turn out to be in similar situation. Don’t count out a prison cell; a begging bowl may come as well!

To be continued……..

Learn Russian: Russian kids tell about Valenki and Samovar!

Learn Russian easily and with fun! our Russian kids from Lingvo studio discourse about traditional russian attributes of Winter!

четверг, 22 января 2015 г.

Уникальный курс «Словесная импровизация» для иностранных студентов, июнь 2015 г.

Школа русского языка “Enjoy Russian
приглашает студентов, преподавателей, руководителей
на уникальный курс «Словесная импровизация».
Этот курс будет интересен студентам, преподавателям, руководителям, чья деятельность  связан с выступлениями, ведением переговоров на русском языке.

Волнуетесь перед выступлением, переговорами, если они проходят на чужом для Вас языке - русском?
В горле пересохло, руки дрожат, коленки подгибаются?
Забыли все, что знали?
Это знакомая ситуация  для многих людей перед выступлением, переговорами, экзаменом.

Уникальный курс «Словесная импровизация» поможет Вам:
преодолеть  страх и волнение перед экзаменом, выступлением, переговорами,
- научиться контролировать свои жесты, мимику, интонацию, взгляд и слова,
- грамотно взаимодействовать с экзаменатором, оппонентом, аудиторией,
- овладеть приемами спонтанной речи и импровизации.

- улучшить знания русского языка.

Ведущий тренинга: Оксана Алтусарь, тренер-лицензиат «Университета риторики и ораторского мастерства»  (оксана-алтусарь.тренер.рф)


Курс включает 3 модуля:
Базовые навыки публичной речи. 14 часов.
Видеотренинг. Выступления в жанрах. 14 часов.
Эффективная презентация. 14 часов

Сроки курса:
15 июня 2015 – 26 июня 2015
29 июня 2015 – 10 июля 2015

Условия участия:
Требуемый уровень владения русским языком – 2 сертификационный уровень.
Продолжительность курса: 42 часа.
Стоимость курса – 420 евро (дополнительно оплачивается стоимость проживания в семье, регистрационный взнос)

Контактная информация info@enjoyrussian.com
Dear Friends, 
My name is Tatjana Kurgi. I work as a teacher of Russian for foreigners the In Russian Language School «Enjoy Russian» since 2010 year.http://enjoyrussian.com 

I have experience in teaching students from Finland, Sweden, the USA, France, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Creat Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czechia and Turkey. Let two good mottos always inspire you - "Fortune favours the brave" and "It is never too late to learn"!
Everyone knows that any language is history, traditions and soul of the nation. Famous Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov said that in the Russian language you can find "the splendor of the Spanish and the liveliness of the French, fortress of German and Italian soft, rich and powerful depiction of Latin and Greek."
A French writer and translator Prosper Merimee supposed that the Russian language is one of the richest European languages and is designed for delicate shades of expression, it is the language of poetry, in which one word can convey the idea.
And what do you think of the Russian language?

среда, 21 января 2015 г.

What you should do / see / visit in Petrozavodsk in winter 2015 if you come to our Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian”:
1. You should definitely take part or at least visit our Traditional Winter Holiday “Hyperborea” which unites artists from Karelia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden….. Artists create sculptures with ice and snow! It is unforgettable show that includes concerts, fairs, exhibitions…. Must see!
2. Husky tour is a great way to experience winter in Karelia. Friendly dogs, amazing wintry forests, beautiful sceneries will give you cheerful emotions and good mood! Must do!

3. True ice fishing when it is -15C outdoor is a Must-do experience! You won’t get cold, cause you have hot tea in your thermos or something more hot)
4. Unforgettable chance to get to Kizhi island by snowmobiles! 68 km of road by ice! And then remarkable sceneries of charming Kizhi museum, the one that everybody must see once in a lifetime! And after that the warm rural oven in a wooden guest house will make you feel safe and relaxed!
5. Traditional wooden banya (Russian sauna) on a lake shore with an ice-hole near it - an old winter tradition that is offered to our guests! Would you like to recuperate?! Must try!

6. February gives us a great possibility to taste Russian blinis with honey or caviare! You will find out how Russian people meet Spring by burning Lady Maslenitsa! Must visit!
7. For hardier people we can offer different ross-country ski routes that run along the woodlands, the frozen lakes and through old traditional villages, where beautiful treasures of Russian wooden architecture can be found! Must try!
8. Everybody heard about traditional Karelian cuisine, but I should say that in winter, especially cold one, traditional hot “Borsch” tastes much more delicious! And especially if you taste it with traditional 
“Kalitkis”) Must try!
 9. and of course Effective Russian Language Course ;)  You should definitely come and join us! You will start speaking Russian easily! Must do ;) 

вторник, 20 января 2015 г.

And again fond memories left by our student Erika Attene from Italy that can be useful for our prospective students! With us you will start speaking Russian easily!

“Content of the language course was good. I very much appreciated the themes we have gone over, everything was really helpful and interesting. Above all, because there were themes that you don’t often study in university ... in mine at least. I would only suggest to include more specialize themes about, for example, politics and economy.
Teaching was excellent. Teachers here really try their best to make you perfectly understand and learn as much as you wish!
Every volunteer was really helpful, nice and friendly and I’ve made really good friends among volunteers. Thank you for everything!
Organization and administration of program was also excellent. Differently from everywhere else I’ve been, I had no problems with documents and so on. Only one thing I would wish is: don’t forget about me ;)
I have excellent impression about program. I understand now why my teacher strongly suggested to come here. 
I would like to recommend this program to other people because it has been not only useful for my Russian and also, being here has been all amazing experience. I just wish to come back soon, go on practising Russian in the best way ever speaking!
I had excellent teachers Ольга и Настия and I found nothing that could be improved. Just one thing: I think that speaking in Russian in class would be better. This course was appropriate to my level. I’d prefer something more challenging, thought it was already challenging. Also, there was perfect atmosphere to concentrate on what you’re studying.
Unfortunately, I have been here only one month , not enough to achieve the goal I wanted, i.e. PERFECTLY learn Russian. But I’m incredibly satisfied, I learnt a lot and I feel much more confident when speaking Russian!”

And take a chance! Enrolment is in full swing! Groups that are already fixed:
February 2 - 27 - Basic level 
March 2 – 28 – Elementary level
April 6 - 30 - Basic level
April 6 - 30 - 2, 3rd Certificate levels

понедельник, 19 января 2015 г.

Learning Russian can be both effective and fun! Come to the Russian Language School in Spring 2015 and immerse into Russian traditions while celebrating Maslenitsa festival and Easter! 

You will know and like definitely the taste of Russian blinis with honey or caviare! You will find out how Russian people meet Spring by burning  Lady Maslenitsa!  

If you want to discover Russia and to immerse into the Russian Culture – choose the program that suits you best and apply! With us you will start speaking Russian!  

Enrolment is in full swing! Groups that are already fixed:
February 2 - 27 - Basic level 
March 2 – 28 – Elementary level
April 6 - 30 - Basic level
April 6 - 30 - 2, 3rd Certificate levels

пятница, 16 января 2015 г.

Learn Russian: russian kids discourse about New Year and the Father Frost

Concluding the series of New Year holidays we publish fun video with Russian kids discoursing about the Father Frost and the New Year holiday. 

Did you know that the Snow-maiden is the youngest daughter of the Father Frost! (I wonder who is his eldest one?!) :))) 

Enjoy Russian baby language. Problems with listening and understanding? Welcome to Russian language school "Enjoy Russian" 

Learn Russian: Russian kids discourse about New Year!

Concluding the series of New Year holidays we publish fun video with Russian kids discoursing about the New Year holiday. 

Did you know that the Russians hang pouch for the New Year?! :))) Some kind of new tradition, i guess))))
Enjoy Russian baby language. Problems with listening and understanding? Welcome to Russian language school "Enjoy Russian"  

четверг, 15 января 2015 г.

This year we decided not to conclude the season 2014! We just want to look back and emphasize the most exciting and unforgettable moments that made 2014 year just  great! We met so many amazing, intelligent people!!! We got so many new friends!!! And we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who spent this year with us!

- More than 100 students started  speaking  Russian with us!  Few people  - from the very beginning  ( please meet Yan from Maldives ), others  now can read Tolstoy  easily in original ;)

-5 talented students – volunteers from Slovakia, Canada, Check Republic, Finland and USA took part in our International Summer Language Camp where they taught English to kids and in free time learnt Russian!  

 -  1 professor of Russian in The King's College of Our Lady of Eton beside Windsorin, UK came to us to pass on official test for Russian Language! He got a Certificate from Moscow according to the state educational standard.

- at least 3 of our students met their significant other in Petrozavodsk)) Quidam plan the wedding already)

- new team of 5 Russian volunteers spent their summer holidays with their new foreign friends! Volunteers supported our students, they accompanied them in excursions, sport events and night clubs) 

-  1 student got in to the Emergency and tasted by himself what does it mean Russian Medicine) Surgery went well!

- we hosted 3 new countries! (almost 3 :) Sudan was deported  straight from airport) We were very happy to meet students from Indonesia and Maldives for the first time!  

- this season we beat our own record! The youngest student during the whole history of our school is now 15 years old! Alexandra from France came with her Dad! 

- our long standing partner Victor Svec, teacher of Russian in Phillips Academy, Andover USA, brought us 12 kids willing to learn Russian in Russia! Again record! Such large group we met for the first time! This year we wait already 14 kids! Victor, thank you! ;) 

-  3 of our students approved the most favourite stereotype about our country which is well known all over the world! While going to the county for the excursion they saw a BEAR with her cubs)))) Students were in a car, so they were absolutely safe)

Our school spreads  the horizons, we  teach everyone to Russian, we unite people and we give unique chance to immerse fully into Russian culture, traditions and life style!

среда, 14 января 2015 г.

How to choose the most effective Russian language courses for foriegners in Russia. Our advice.

What Russian language program in Russia to choose? What Russian language courses for foreigners are more effective? What Russian language school offers courses at reasonable price?

 If you are planning your first trip to Russia and want to get the full Russian language immersion our advice might be useful for you:

1.     We recommend you to choose small Russian cities for your first trip. There are many tourists in Moscow and Petersburg all year around especially in summer time so you will be lost in the overcrowded megapolises. If you want to get immersed into real Russian atmosphere welcome to cities like Petrozavodsk.
2.     Choose Russian language courses reading student’s reviews, blogs and diaries. So you will get the true evaluation about the courses.
3.     Choosing the Russian language school please note that the Russian language program should be licensed. That document issued by the Ministry of Education guarantees the school meets all requirements in organizing the teaching process.
4.      Choose Russian homestay instead of hostels and apartments. Warm care, delicious national food, and long conversations in Russian – that’s what you get in the Russian hostfamilies. They are people, who can answer your questions about Russia and with whom you spend relaxing evenings, share your impressions about your day. It is your second home where you always want to come back. 
5.     Choose the Russian language program which offers various cultural activities after classes with other students. Cultural program is the perfect introduction to Russian culture and history. At our school we organize longer-term excursions to Kizhi, Valaam, St.-Petersburg etc. on the weekends and different cultural activities every day such as watching films in Russian, National food party, workshops and excursions.
6.     Choose the Russian language program which offers support of the Russian volunteers. You will meet interesting Russian people and get the informal help and support.

Welcome to Enjoy Russian language school http://enjoyrussian.com

вторник, 13 января 2015 г.

Dear our prospective students, If you still doubt what Russian language school to choose, please, read review left by Sarah Garrat from Great Britain, February – April 2014. 

We hope that it will help you to make the right choice 

"The content of the language course was challenging but helpful because of the way in focuses on everyday language!
My teachers always made me feel more confident and were encouraging. 
The course book was good and I enjoyed watching videos.
My host has been fantastic! She is helpful, kind and a fantastic cook! It has been absolutely great living with her!
Volunteers – they were all fantastic!
Organization and administration of program are excellent! Thank you for all of your help!
General impression about the program is also excellent! I wish I was staying for longer!
Its tailor made, the atmosphere is great. People are so friendly, accommodation is really good and my Russian has definitely improved! 
When I arrived I couldn’t say anything and now I can hold a long conversation almost about anything "

пятница, 9 января 2015 г.

Find Russian friends in Russia and practice your Russian free

If you love rain, go to Petrozavodsk. If you do not, also go! Why? Because there is a brilliant language-school in this town. In daily lessons of four hours, we – a group of Swiss students from Basel – improved our Russian-skills. We were not just teached in grammar. We also watched funny “multfilms”, read texts and discussed about Russia und Switzerland. But the lessons are just one argument, why you should go to Petrozavodsk. The other argument for a stay: the school’s volunteers. They do everything, to make their foreign students happy. They organise national-food-parties, lovely days at the beach (beautiful weather inclusive), trips to Kizhy-Island, to St. Petersburg or to a banja. They also help you to find the next disco or internet-café, they give you any assistance at the railway station you need – while queuing up for hours or while buying your ticket to everywhere. The volunteers are the most important argument, why you should join Petrozavodsk for your study in Russia. But there is another one: the guest-families. They do everything to make you feel like a little Tsar and to improve your Russian. They even invite you to their Datshas. Russian hospitality at its best. That is what is important, that is how you learn about country and language. Well then, who cares about a few raindrops? 
Text by the participant David Johannes Koller.

четверг, 8 января 2015 г.

We present the unique program “Volunteer and Learn Russian” at Russian language school “Enjoy Russian”.

This program is designed for active, sociable, friendly people of any age who are interested in the fast progress in learning Russian and saving money for tuition.
Watch the video about volunteer experience of Karin at the tourist center.
How does it work?
You can take 2 or 4 week Russian language course. You have classes in the morning from 09.00 till 12.30. At the same time after classes you participate in some activities for kids, teens and adults who are learning foreign languages. These activities are held in the public schools or at our language center. You may propose your own ideas and implement our projects: quizz show, presentations, language work shops.
If this schedule is tight for you and you can stay in Russia longer you may take Russian language course at first during 2-4 weeks and participate in the interecultural activities during the next 1-4 weeks. That depends on you and your time.
What you will get?
-         New intercultural experience,
-         Meeting new people,
-         Free Russian language practice,
-         Fresh impressions,
-         Discount for the Russian language course (40 euro for 4 weeks).

среда, 7 января 2015 г.

Have you tasted the delicious dishes of the Russian cuisine?

Have you tasted the delicious dishes of the Russian cuisine? What did you like? Share with us your opinion. If you haven't tried any of that welcome to Petrozavodsk. You will stay in the Russian families and get to know what Russian hospitality means, http://enjoyrussian.com 

Do you want to know how Russian young girls tried their fortune?

 Что такое святки, как гадали на Руси?

Вы знаете, что в России, начиная с Сочельника (6 января) и до Крещения (19 января) начинаются святки, которые имеют давнюю историю еще с языческих времен. Святки – это две недели, когда молодежь, в основном, в деревнях выполняла разные обряды, чтобы узнать свою судьбу.

Многие думают, что на Руси гадали только девушки. Вовсе нет — гадали и парни, причем всех возрастов. Просто незамужние девицы делали это открыто, превращая в красочные обряды, а мужчины не афишировали, запираясь для гаданий в бане, удаляясь к поленнице или сидя у костра.

Хотите погадать и узнать, что Вас ждет в новом году? Попробуйте русские гадания и не забудьте рассказать нам работает это или нетJ)

Гадание на будущее с чашками 
Для гадания потребуется несколько чашек соответствующих числом количеству гадающих. В чашки кладут кольцо, монету, хлеб, сахар, лук, соль, в одну чашку наливают немного воды. С закрытыми глазами, каждый из гадающих, по очереди, выбирает чашку. 

Предсказания на ближайшее будущее следующие: кольцо — к свадьбе; монета — к богатству; хлеб — к достатку; сахар — к веселью; лук — к слезам; соль — к несчастью, а чашка с водой — к жизни без особых перемен. 

Гадание на будущее со свечами 
Вам потребуются миска с водой, половинки от скорлупы грецкого ореха, в количестве равном числу гадающих, и столько же небольших свечей или их кусочков. Свечи нужно вставить в скорлупки, зажечь их и пустить плавать в миску. 

Девушке, у которой свеча сгорит первой, первой из гадающих выйдет замуж; соответственно та девушка, у которой свеча сгорит последней, и замуж выйдет последней. Если у кого скорлупка со свечой утонула, той девушке и вовсе замужем не бывать. 

Гадание на суженого 
В полночь на Рождество девушки выходят из дому и спрашивают у первого встреченного мужчины имя. То имя, которое он назовет и будет именем суженого.

Гадания на бумаге 
Возьмите бумажный лист и скомкайте его. Положите скомканный лист на дно перевернутой тарелки или блюдца и подожгите. После этого блюдце со сгоревшей бумагой поднесите к стене и осторожно поворачивайте блюдце, пока на стене не обозначится какая-либо тень, по очертаниям которой и судят о ближайшем будущем.