среда, 21 января 2015 г.

What you should do / see / visit in Petrozavodsk in winter 2015 if you come to our Russian Language School “Enjoy Russian”:
1. You should definitely take part or at least visit our Traditional Winter Holiday “Hyperborea” which unites artists from Karelia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden….. Artists create sculptures with ice and snow! It is unforgettable show that includes concerts, fairs, exhibitions…. Must see!
2. Husky tour is a great way to experience winter in Karelia. Friendly dogs, amazing wintry forests, beautiful sceneries will give you cheerful emotions and good mood! Must do!

3. True ice fishing when it is -15C outdoor is a Must-do experience! You won’t get cold, cause you have hot tea in your thermos or something more hot)
4. Unforgettable chance to get to Kizhi island by snowmobiles! 68 km of road by ice! And then remarkable sceneries of charming Kizhi museum, the one that everybody must see once in a lifetime! And after that the warm rural oven in a wooden guest house will make you feel safe and relaxed!
5. Traditional wooden banya (Russian sauna) on a lake shore with an ice-hole near it - an old winter tradition that is offered to our guests! Would you like to recuperate?! Must try!

6. February gives us a great possibility to taste Russian blinis with honey or caviare! You will find out how Russian people meet Spring by burning Lady Maslenitsa! Must visit!
7. For hardier people we can offer different ross-country ski routes that run along the woodlands, the frozen lakes and through old traditional villages, where beautiful treasures of Russian wooden architecture can be found! Must try!
8. Everybody heard about traditional Karelian cuisine, but I should say that in winter, especially cold one, traditional hot “Borsch” tastes much more delicious! And especially if you taste it with traditional 
“Kalitkis”) Must try!
 9. and of course Effective Russian Language Course ;)  You should definitely come and join us! You will start speaking Russian easily! Must do ;)