четверг, 22 января 2015 г.

Dear Friends, 
My name is Tatjana Kurgi. I work as a teacher of Russian for foreigners the In Russian Language School «Enjoy Russian» since 2010 year.http://enjoyrussian.com 

I have experience in teaching students from Finland, Sweden, the USA, France, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Creat Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czechia and Turkey. Let two good mottos always inspire you - "Fortune favours the brave" and "It is never too late to learn"!
Everyone knows that any language is history, traditions and soul of the nation. Famous Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov said that in the Russian language you can find "the splendor of the Spanish and the liveliness of the French, fortress of German and Italian soft, rich and powerful depiction of Latin and Greek."
A French writer and translator Prosper Merimee supposed that the Russian language is one of the richest European languages and is designed for delicate shades of expression, it is the language of poetry, in which one word can convey the idea.
And what do you think of the Russian language?