вторник, 27 января 2015 г.

And again fond memories left by our student Dorian De Ridder from Belgium that can be useful for our prospective students! With us you will start speaking Russian easily!

"I was here in September. The content of the language course was excellent, also it was really what I expected of it, I learned a lot of new words and I had a lot of speaking practice and I got everything I wished for^ grammar, vocabulary and speaking.
My teacher Настя was very patient, she teaches me a lot. She did a great job making the course book. It was really useful.
Concerning our living conditions, we had a great apartment in the centre. It was clean and big and room was cosy. Our host mother was really nice and she bought us a lot of breakfast.
Our cultural program was excellent. Кивач: the excursion was fun Настя was a good guide and she told us everything there was to know about Karelia. Bowling was nice, but the service in the bowling was really bad. Picasso – museum was nice to be able to see pictures of art of such a famous painter. Anniversary of “Центр Инициатива”: the party was nice and we cooked a really special pie.
Every volunteer was really helpful, but I think Denis taught me the most because he always talked to me in Russian and it helped me to improve my russian.
Organization and administration of program was good, but sometimes there were small problems, but you always fixed them very fast.
Anastasia Zhigalina was my teacher and I like everything. She explained everything clearly, she was really patient . we did a lot of speaking and we learned a lot of new words. I like her methods of teaching. Our study rooms were small, but cosy, everything we needed. 
So, everything was nice and I learned a lot!"