пятница, 28 апреля 2017 г.

Christoph from Germany tells about his Skype course with "EnjoyRussian" Language School! One day hope to see him in our School!

"My attention to the Skype course was attracted on Facebook. It took me a while to sign in, but the stuff of the 'Enjoy Russian Language School' never forgot about me and also was always very polite and did never 'stalk' me. The whole subscription and payment process was very professional and I never had a doubt about giving my money to this institution. 

The Skype Language Course of 'Enjoy Russian Language School' is pure conversation course. The curriculum is supported by textbooks and a workbooks, which are mostly used for homework. After a 20 minutes test call my teacher, Olga, explained to me in our first lesson how the concept looks like and what we are going to do. She is very flexible in planning the lessons and the communication is always direct and easy​, which perfectly fulfills my needs, because I am travelling a lot.

For the most of the time we are having a regular conversation about daily issues and Olga is always directing those kind of conversations into a grammatical exercise. Like this the lessons pass by very quickly. I really enjoy the lessons, because Olga is a very smart person and able to explain everything to. I often wonder about the origin of words and she can explain the roots of those words which clearly shows that she has a huge knowledge not only about Russian language but also about Greek and Latin language. Again, it's a really great course and if I'll have the time in the future, I'll continue".

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