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TOP-5 museums in Petrozavodsk 

1. The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia. 
It is one of the oldest museums of the Russian North-West. It has more than 200 thousand depository items. The Museum deals with history, local lore, traditional culture of Karelian people and the study of the natural features of the Russian North. It is the unique place to have general understanding of history and places! 
2.The Gallery of Industrial History of Petrozavodsk.The museum is situated in the city Centre in the historical place – here has been the Alexandrovsky factory and then Onego Tractor Plant. The main goal of the museum is to preserve all the history of the oldest industry on the city and fill it with the numerous hands-on exhibits offering visitors to make experiments. Prize and excusrion - free!
3. The Museum of Pre-Cambrian Geology. . The Museum belongs to the Institution of Geology of the Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Science.The museum has about 3500 items (minerals, stones, gems, etc) presented in Karelia and openes a view about the creation of the Earth and geological structure of Karelia and Baltic shield. Prize and excursion - free.
4. The Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia. The Museum occupies the oldest town building. At present, the museum collection has more than 12 thousand pieces of art.There is a small collection of the European Fine Art of the 17-19th centuries. The Museum arranges numerous exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.
5. Tatyana Kalinina's Art Gallery - the only private gallery in Petrozavodsk. Tatyana Kalinina is a Karelian artist and an Honoured Artist of the Republic of Karelia. The gallery consists of three workshops where you may see hundred of dolls coming from national fairy-tales and pagan's history of Russia and Karelia as well as modern dolls-famous people and so on.

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