вторник, 25 августа 2015 г.

We continue our posts about great Russian writes and their wives

The last and beloved wife of Dostoevsky was invited to his house as a stenographer. The writer had an idea to type his novel “Igrok” (Player) and for this purpose he was looking for an assistant. Stenography was a new thing and was not widespread at that time. But Anna Grygor'evna was the best one.
She counted herself fortunate to get the job and especially to get to know Dostoevsky. But at the first meeting she was a little disappointed with him. Later she told her mother that he had arisen complex and strong feeling of compassion, blank amazement and irrepressible carving for him. In fact she fell in love with Dostoevsky at once and even didn’t notice that.
While they were working together Dostoevsky was talking so much to her. Every time it was heart-to-heart talk. He became attached to the young girl. Finally he found his soul mate. Both were aggrieved when their work on the novel had ben finished. Dostoevsky decided not to lose Anna and proposed to her.

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