вторник, 20 сентября 2016 г.

Hurry up! Intensive Russian courses in Russia in November:

Learn Russian, speak Russian, live in Russia!

Spend a fantastic month learning Russian, having trips and cultural events with Russians, staying and spending cozy evenings in a Russian family. You’ll be surprised by fast progress in Russian language during our program of full language immersion!

Groups for Beginner, Basic, 1st certificate levels: Oct,31-Nov,25
Individual course is available from any dates!

Deadline for apply: 30.09.2016

Events in Petrozavodsk in November: Art night (excursions in theaters, museums and various cultural activities are held all night long for free), Hand-made fest, Capoeira Festival, Russian Rock concerts, Jazz nights.

Events in EnjoyRussian School in November: Halloween, Meeting party, National Food party, Literature club, Movie club, Discussion club, Language café, and much more!