понедельник, 31 июля 2017 г.

The days of red and yellow.
Vintage flea market in Petrozavodsk with Enjoy Russian School

Here is our new column "The days of red and yellow" for those who worried about what to do in Petrozavodsk in autumn. Learning Russian with EnjoyRussian school goes without saying. But what else? Our first advice is visiting  annual Vintage flea market in Petrozavodsk.

What is Vintage flea market
In a way this is a place for talented people to impress crowds with what they do. You can find here absolutely everything from handmade plates and dishes, notebooks, postcards to clothes, jewelry, decor elements, special treats and Karelian masters wooden furniture. But that is only one side of this event.

The Soviet era
If the Soviet Union was a person, he would love this. Really. First of all the location itself is magnificent.  The atmosphere brings you back in time once you crossed the threshold. Secondly, so many things from that time! Pins and post stamps are on the left, posters with red-tied pioneers are on the right. Even gramophones and radio sets wait for the new owners. Lately the Flea Market organizers added live music so be ready to fight down this can’t-stop-moving instincts in youJ  

How do I get there?
That is easy. Choose one of our courses and come to Petrozavodsk to learn RussianJ
You may go there either with our volunteers or by yourself. You may be either a visitor or to participate by selling something you have. Just make sure you don’t miss this event!

Pictures - https://vk.com/vintagefactory