суббота, 29 июля 2017 г.

📢If you have elementary (A1) level in Russian, you’re the one we’re looking for! 

Start your journey to speaking Russian 🇷🇺 fluently from September, 04 and achieve fast results in your Russian language this autumn already: 

- if you take the 2-week course, you’ll achieve A1+ level. You’ll refresh and expand your knowledge, review the grammar of A1 level and expand your vocabulary. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to speak about your family, your house / apartment, describe your work day, discuss a television program, take part in a discussion about marriage and family relationships. 

- if you take the 4-week course, you’ll have enough communicative skills to travel in Russia. During the course you will learn to describe cities, to discuss the advantages of different types of transport, professions, and careers. The course will also help you understand Russian traditions, customs and holidays better. 

- if you take the 12-week course, you’ll achieve A2+ (basic) level of Russian. You will be able to speak about various serious topics in Russian: politics, economics, society and etc. You will have lots of Russian language practice with native speakers which will bring your understanding of Russian speech up to a higher level and help you speak without mistakes and shyness.  

📅 Dates: September,04-November,24 
👍Cost: from 470 euro (2-week group course + homestay with breakfast)
📝APPLY: http://enjoyrussian.com/apply-standart/ 
✉Ask a question: info@enjoyrussian.com