пятница, 21 июля 2017 г.

Prepositions В and НА keep confusing people, who study the Russian language. If you are not sure when to use which one, this post is for you.
The easiest way to decide which preposition to use is to think weather the object you’re talking about is inside of something or on the top of it. If it is inside (inside a bag, a room, a city or a country and etc.) – use “В”. If it’s on top – use “НА”. In any other types of context better use “НА”, because it has a wider range of meanings.
Do not translate literally from English, because in English there are three prepositions (in, on and at) that in different combinations might be translated both as В and НА. For example, English “in the street” is “на улице” in Russian, “on a bus” – “в автобусе” and etc. So, English “in” is not always “В” in Russian and “on” is not always “НА”.
Save the chart, so not to ever forget when to use the Russian language В and НА!
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