четверг, 20 июля 2017 г.


Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human to travel into space. Alexey Leonov was the first human to perform a spacewalk (there is a great movie about that by the way – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOJ_ijPbXpU). Roscosmos is one of the leading international establishments that conduct space science programs. So, it’s no wonder that people, who want to become astronauts or spacecraft engineers and etc. want to learn Russian and hope that the Russian language will come in handy in their future career.
This July we had two students at once, who want to learn Russian because of the reason mentioned above: Jefferson Huera from The University of Manchester and Gabriel Wentworth from The University of Warwick.

That’s what Jefferson says: “Russian language has always been important in the aerospace industry. The former Soviet space programme, nowadays called Roscosmos has had many important contributions in the aerospace research. Along with Nasa they are the most important space agencies. By learning Russian, it will be possible for me to work in these space agencies. Just as an example, astronauts and cosmonauts are required to have knowledge of the Russian language. I know that it is really hard to get to those positions but at least I will try.”
That’s an amazing dream and a great motivation to study the Russian language! I hope Jefferson and Gabriel will achive their goals and the “Enjoy Russian” language school will be proud in the future of having had such famous people among its students;)