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     10 reasons to learn Russian in Petrozavodsk

Have you ever faced a problem of finding the right place for learning Russian? Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan or maybe Novgorod…The students of EnjoyRussian language school will definitely give you only one answer - Petrozavodsk! By the time you’re done with this post you’ll be totally convinced to come to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian. Let’s try?

  •        “Petrozavodsk is the place you never get bored” says Elizabeth Tobin. And she is absolutely right. You are offered so many options starting with making national food or costumes to visiting unique cultural and historical places. The most remarkable moments for Vendela Gebbie from the UK were visiting Botanical garden with her host family, orchestra concert with man Valaam monastry choir and City day of Petrozavodsk.
  •          Petrozavodsk is a place you start speaking Russian automaticallyYes, we do not have too many people talking English daily here. And that is even better for you! From time to time you need to find your way somewhere or order something at the restaurant. Believe us, you have no option but to start speaking Russian. “Sometimes people offer us English menu, but it happens not that often, so you should be ready for using your Russian with the very first day!” Elizabeth Tobin recalls her experience.
  •      Petrozavodsk is the place life is cheaperIn comparison to Moscow or St. Petersburg, EnjoyRussian School students can afford going to cafes and restaurants on daily bases. They are in the center of cultural life of the city because they buy tickets twice or even three-fold cheaper than they would do in Moscow. According to Nathalie Amacker from Switzerland “It’s really cheap, the cultural program is great and not so many tourists. Perfect conditions to improve your language skills!”
  •      Petrozavodsk is a place you see more actual RussiaA city of P is a hometown for only 260 000 people.  It goes without saying that you feel more comfortable and secure here than anywhere else. But the most important thing is that you see the way Russian people live. Plus you can take a bus or car and visit the most beautiful Russian villages, national parks and reserves.
  •      Petrozavodsk is a place you make friends easilyPeople are more open to communication. That’s the advantage of a small city.  “In Moscow or St. Petersburg you can only see crowds of business people caring about their own stuff” says Eleanor Fawcett. Big-cities-citizens are used to host thousands of people from abroad. But here in Petrozavodsk that is not really common. That is why you see their willingness to interact.  “I met so many people asking me where I from.  They are so excited to meet someone new, they do not miss this opportunity to show you the city and help you to find your way around. That is amazing!” Eleanor adds.
  •        Petrozavodsk is the place with enthusiastic volunteersIt is almost impossible to get lost in Petrozavodsk. Why? Because we have our volunteers ready to help you 24/7. More than 100 people do their best to show the places you never saw on your city map. Claudia Magnapera from Italy was lucky to experience that. Whenever I had a problem, they were able to help me. Now I am sure that Karelia is the best place to focus on studying Russian language!”
  •      Petrozavodsk  is a place with friendly host familiesWhat is really important for a person that comes here? Right. A comfy place to stay. That’s what Petrozavodsk does have. “My host family was excellent. Nadezhda and Ivan are truly wonderful. They are incredibly wise, good people whose appreciation for knowledge and background in education make them ideal host partners for students wanting to learn about Russia” says Marilyn Harries, the USA.
  •         Petrozavodsk Is a city of opportunities.All the hobbies you love at your home town can be moved here with you. Dance school, choir, fitness classes, climbing  – to name but a few. Also be sure you follow the activities our volunteers offer and you barely have time to sleepJ
  •         Petrozavodsk is a green cityJust google it. You will be surprised the amount of forest you see. Many parks, beautiful lake and rivers. The best place to keep in touch with nature.
  •             ... and finally, Petrozavodsk is close to other cities. Don’t be stressed out, you are not stuck in here. Take 5-hours ride on a car to St. Petersburg if you want. But don’t forget to get back! 
    Still uncertain? Just come. But first decide for yourself whether or not get out of your shell and let the new opportunities fill your life in Petrozavodsk with EnjoyRussianSchool