пятница, 25 апреля 2014 г.

And again news) what’s new?! We ‘ve got new student from Finland! Niko, very welcome) 
From the very first day Niko told us that he is interested in Russian habits and traditions – Russian vodka and Russian Women!  So, during first week Niko has already progressed in Russian and in cultural (evening) program))
Giuseppe who has spent with us 3 month has passed through 2 and 3 certificate levels! Now he is really experienced in Russian) his spoken language has improved greatly! Now he can explain in Russian even very bold idea and even about Crimea!

Next working week will be rather short! 1st, 2nd of May will be days off in Russia!  In the former Soviet Union, 1 May was International Workers' Day and was celebrated with huge parades in cities like Moscow. Though the celebrations are low-key nowadays, several groups march on that day to protest grievances the workers have.
We are sending you all our best wishes for this weekend and wish to have it sunny and warm)
Please, keep in mind – today is DEAD-LINE for two our popular programs – the Scholarship and Volunteer, they are both for Summer 2014 and provide you with great benefits!!!
We have already got about 15 applications for the Scholarship and about 10 –for the Volunteering! Hurry up and apply in time!