среда, 9 апреля 2014 г.

We are happy to present you our own Karelia! Karelia beautiful! Karelia amazing! Karelia charming!
Thanks to this program you will definitely fall in love with our wonderful region!

Just imagine! You’ll spend evenings and weekends sightseeing the most remarkable places: pinewoods, clear rivers and lakes, green woodsides..
you’ll feel deeply the rural atmosphere of ancient Karelian villages, where people welcome every guest with the world-known Karelian hospitality! The host of the village will retell you interesting legends and facts about their history. Moreover you will taste true Karelian cuisine… Sounds great?! ;)

You will see diverse natural monuments like the waterfall "Kivach" and will degust healing water from one of the springs. Kivach Nature Reserve was established in 1931 to preserve the unique ecosystem of Karelian taiga, it unites almost all the landscapes that you can meet in Karelia and houses 600 species of plants and 197 species of birds.

We will suggest you to spend a night , “White Night”, on a lakeshore in a pinewood… entrancing evening near the fire, singing hiking songs, enjoying remarkable time of White Nights, when the sun is still high even deep in midnight…

Horse riding through forests and champs, rafting on rivers, excursions to Kizhi, Valaam…

the BEST PROPOSAL for those people who adore intact nature, love woods and lakes, want to find the Harmony with true virgin nature! Sure as shooting!

And Note, please, the price is Special also FOR JUNE ONLY!!!!   http://enjoyrussian.com/3686_programs/3687_summer_russian_courses/