среда, 14 ноября 2012 г.

Learning by Teaching

I’ve been working at the School “Enjoy Russian” since 2006. And I have met plenty of interesting people.
All my students are very versatile and that’s great. I’m lucky to work with them. They are different in age (20-70+) as well as in professional interests. They are future (current) interpreters, businessmen, financiers, historians, teachers, ecologists, but what is more important is that all of them are just good, joyful people. I had students from Norway, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, the UK, Croatia, Sweden, France, the Chech Republic, Tukrey, Holland. The whole kaleidoscope! I’m happy to have met them thanks to the love to the Russian language.

It’s important that the students as a rule are passionate people with some hobbies. I always try to find a material or information in Russian that would be useful and interesting for them.Therefore we were reading, watching, playing, discussing and together finding out ...I guess about everything in the world. About music, sports, literature, animals, business, sociology, history, ecology. Sometimes I felt I wouldn’t be able to find the proper material and keep up the conversation on the topic that was vital for the students but...as it turned out every time it was incredibly interesting. At least for me)
Of course it is hard for the students as for everyone who studies Russian as a foreign language to deal with aspect of verbs, verbs of motion with and without prefixes... But Russian stress is beyond the reach of reason. Especially the students of the advanced level have difficulties with the Russian stress.
Yes, there are enough hard things but all the complications are easy to handle using humor and optimism.

By Maria Muravjeva