среда, 14 ноября 2012 г.

What do foreign students say about Petrozavodsk

Caithrin Holly Porteus, UK
“I really enjoyed staying in Petrozavodsk. I’ve never experienced such great hospitality anywhere else but in Russia! I’d like to come back again”

David Salas, Spain
"Petrozavodsk is a nice place to visit. The people are kind and I had a great time here in Russia."

Gianluka Polini, Italy
"In Petrozavodsk I felt at home from the first minute. I'm sad that I have to leave. I spent a great time here and I really liked the people I met in Karelia."

Aleksandra Luksza, Poland
“Petrozavodsk - fantastic city, especially prospect Lenina. I met a lot of great people”.

Ural Ünsur, Turkey
“I didn't get bored and I had so much fun in Petrozavodsk. It is an ideal city for students who want to study Russian”

Kevin Duddy, UK
“Petrozavodsk is a nice friendly city, ideal for practicing your language in. The city is on the shores of Europe's second biggest lake, Lake Onega. It is so big that it looks like the ocean - there is no visible other side. I love Russia!”.