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Weather in Karelia and Petrozavodsk

Russian winters are very unpredictable. From time to time temperature drops and rises from -30 to +5c.
December is usually warm month when it’s often snowing. For last few years it was very warm in December and even snowless. It’s still dark the shortest day and longest night at the 21th, but not as gloomy as in November. But be ready for rains and slush what often happens at this time.

It’s supposed to be the coldest time here. The temperature drops to -30 in the middle of January after Christmas holidays. If frost keeps too long school are closed and people try to stay at home. The humidity makes frosts stronger and harder. It’s very hard to breath at such low temperature.
However, days are getting longer and it’s the first sign of the end of cold and darkness.
If you want to feel the strength of true winter snowstorm this is the perfect time! The highest snow falls in February. Also it can be very cold about -25c. However, February is the shortest month in a year (28 days) it seems to be very long and dull. But people try to make fun and go ski and skating. As you see our winter is quite warm and it never finishes in February.
Spring Weather
Actually at this time winter still continues. Snow melts very slow. But it’s the best time for skiing! The sunshine and warm fresh air allow being out for hours. However, mornings are quite cold like in winter. The difference of night and day temperature is very high. For example it can be -15c at night and +6 on afternoon.

The funniest time is April when snow melts very fast that’s why it’s very muddy and roads are greasy. The days are quite long. But spring can be late and the cold keeps till May. People usually wear winter shoes and even winter clothes. The average temperature is about 0 +12c.

The month of true spring when nature awakes after long winter is surely May. The trees buds start blossoming and the new grass covers the land. After months of grey and boring landscapes nature looks fascinating and colorful. It’s time when White Nights begin. However, Russian weather is always unpredictable. From sunshine it’s often changes to the rain. The average temperature is usually +12c.
Summer weather
Best time to visit:
If you’re hesitating what season to choose for visiting Karelia no doubt summer is the best choice for you.
Let’s learn abort each summer month in more details.
Although June is the first summer month it can be very cold and rainy. The average temperature is about 12-12c at this time. The most interesting what can make you be in awe is White Nights. Karelia is situated on the North at summer time day is very long here and the Sun hides only for a couple of hours. It’s very light at night time and you feel like it’s a day. White Night continues till the end of July.
In June the navigation opens on Ladoga and Onega lakes. You can catch the board to Valaam and Kizhi every day. But be careful and take warm clothes.

It’s the hottest time here. The water is so warm that you can swim. But weather varies from day to day and you must be ready for lower temperature. For example this July was extremely cold what usually doesn’t’ happen. The averages temperature is 18c sometimes reached 27c. 

This time is so wonderful! You can still enjoy and catch some warm. Also it’s time of gathering the harvest such as potato, tomatoes, cucumbers and different fruits. Forests are full of berries and mushrooms. However, the humidity is very high about 450 – 600 mm. It’s often raining. Days getting shorter and colder.
In any way you must take rainwear and warm clothes because our summer can surprise you with changeable weather.
Autumn Weather
The autumn in Karelia isn’t the same as in Europe. It’s very cold and rainy. However, there are a few days of perfect weather when the days are warm, sunny and chilly. It can keep till October if cold winds don’t rise from Atlantic Ocean. The beginning of September still reminds summer, but the day are shorter and The Sun shines not so bright. The evenings and nights are dark and cold. The temperature is usually about 10c. People call this time Gold Fall because tree leaves are getting yellow and red and it looks fascinating! Our most famous poet Alexander Pushkin loved this season the most and dedicated a lot of poems about Russian autumn. This is time of harvest. People say goodbye to short Northern summer.

Since October you can feel the deep of Northern cold and dark. It’s usually raining at this time so don’t forget to take your umbrella. The average temperature is 6-10c. The leaves fall and trees seem to be bare and dull. Sometimes luckily October can be warm and fine, but very hardly. It even can be snowing. You should take warm winter clothes and shoes. This is the most unpredictable time here.
Although Halloween isn’t celebrated in Russia after this time it’s like in the fairy tale of dark forces. The day is very short about 6-7 hours. It seems it’s always dark and cold. People often feel down because of such weather. Better stay at home somewhere in warm and funny place. You must be ready for inclement weather. At this time people are looking forward to snow. When snow covers grey and gloomy ground it’s getting warmer. People are happy to meet winter after dark and cold days of Northern Autumn.