понедельник, 7 августа 2017 г.

This time “Enjoy Russian” school tells you about sport events you can be involved into during your autumn stay in Petrozavodsk. As you already know our city is famous not only for bright festivals or unique markets (the one we told you last week is coming soon!) but also for active people participating and organizing plenty of incredible outdoor activities you should not miss.  

A cycling tradition
It’s a widespread opinion in Petrozavodsk that bicycle is freedom and health. Every fall thousands of people get their bikes ready to become a part of VELODAY. Traditionally it consists of a bicycle race for people of different ages, concerts and open-air exhibitions. But the  most exciting part here is a fancy parade on the main streets. Every time VELODAY organizers pick certain style all the  participants should follow: superheroes, the 90-es, professions, vintage. The more time you spend on preparation the better. And our bikes fans do spent a lot of time! This year the show should be spectacular too.

Set your goals high. Somewhere to the mountain top!
Looking for something more extreme? Then challenge yourself with vertical hiking in center Yalgorah in September. UpHill hike is A great opportunity not only to enjoy the breathtaking views of forests and downhills but also to try  250, 500, 1000 m mountain trails. Non-athletes shouldn’t be stressed out because the center also suggests Nordic walking competition that became very popular recently.  In parallel with building-your-muscles part guests are welcome to enjoy the musical program and sport fair as well. So this day proves itself to be a full-scale  autumn holiday!  

Come to Petrozavodsk to work out in the biggest open air gym in Europe
Many people believe that your body and mind wellness do not necessarily depend on participating some major sport events. To stay active and motivated you can simply take a walk to one of exercise machine sets. There are many places in Petrozavodsk where you can work out for free. For example the newest open air gym is situated right next to the Onego lake close to embankment. Ab crunch machines, elliptical trainers, so called squat chairs… Not every professional gym can provide you with that equipment! And what is more important you can simply meet… the President! Like “Enjoy Russian” students did on 26 of  July. They were jogging on the embankment when Vladimir Putin came to check this open air gym, by the way the biggest in Europe.

This fall might be a time for experiencing something new. Become Enjoy Russian student and take part in Petrozavodsk sport events! Who knows may be you’ll meet the PresidentJ