четверг, 10 августа 2017 г.


Russia – uniting people

Mattia and Veronica came to Petrozavodsk for the Russian language course at “Enjoy Russian” language school two weeks ago. For them it was an extremely diverse experience: starting from immersing into Russian language and experiencing real Russia, finishing with a huge step forward in their relationship.

Russian is the right choice for your career

They met in Verona two years ago. They both took the same course at the University of Verona – Tourism and International Commerce. Apart from English they both chose Russian as their second language, because as Mattia said, “The Russian language can really bring you lots of opportunities in business, it really might help”.
To improve their Russian and spend a nice holiday they came to Petrozavodsk and for the first time started living together (with the Russian host family of course;) “I couldn’t imagine it would be so nice” – Mattia says.

Here you’ll finally start speaking Russian!

Veronica’s teacher said, she amazingly improved her spoken Russian in two weeks. “I was very quiet on the first days of the course, because at university we don’t speak! And so I though I couldn’t start speaking Russian in Petrozavodsk right away, but I managed” – Veronica says. Though both Veronica and Mattia admit that if they could stay here longer, their progress would be enormous.
If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who is learning Russian the same as you maybe you should come to Petrozavodsk together and try if Russia will make you even closer:)