пятница, 11 августа 2017 г.

Here is some Russian language you’d never find in a dictionary

ЧЁ – a colloquial version of ЧТО (what?), which is used everywhere by everyone, who is just too lazy to pronounce the word correctly and wants to shorten it.
БЛИН – when said emotionally as a reaction to something bad, means “Damn it”, and not a pancake!
ПРИКОЛЬНО – synonym to ХОРОШО and ИНТЕРЕСНО that is mostly used by young people.
ОФИГЕТЬ – the word shows surprise, usually positive, could be translated into English as “Oh my God”, but it has nothing to do with God and sounds ruder.
ТУСИТЬ – that’s a nice word for people, who like parties, it means “To hang out”, “To party”.

Here are some examples of how you can use these words

  • Чё ты хочешь? Отвали от меня! – What do you want? Fuc* off!
  • Блин! Я уронила телефон в унитаз! – Damn it! I dropped the phone into the toilet bowl!
  • Он прикольно танцует. Хочу с ним познакомиться. – He dances quite well. I want to get to know him.
  • Офигеть! Посмотри на его селфи! Просто супер! – Wow! Look at his selfie! It’s just great!
  • Я тусила всю ночь. Спать хочу ужасно! – I partied all night. I really want to sleep!

And some advice on when and where you should use the Russian slang

  • Don’t use it with elderly people, better with young people
  • Use it with people you know quite well, otherwise you’ll sound too informal
  • Try to sound natural when you are saying these words. Russians will definitely be surprised to hear such colloquial vocab from a foreigner, so just be confident and cool;)
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