среда, 9 августа 2017 г.

Some say it looks like Iceland

Karelia is a unique place. Even if you live here for a long time you never stop admiring its nature and beauty. You fall in love with it immediately. Let’s travel with us to the North of Karelia and take a look at mysterious landscapes.


You’ve probably heard about trolls in Norway – the mysterious creatures living in the forests and hiding from the sun. Karelian people believe their ancestors way of life also had something to do with magic stones. So called idol stones are located all over the Republic and only some people know how to find them. These rocks are believed to cure severe diseases and give prosperity as well as to protect from bad creatures. They played a significant role in ritual life.

Water. Ladoga lake

Karelia is known as a land of lakes and rivers. Just imagine – we have more than 60 000 lakes. And water is the main place for legends to come out. There is our own Loch Ness monster living in Karelian Ladoga lake probably brother or sister to Scottish one. “Long neck and massive silver body”. The description from locals attracts not only tourists but also groups of scientists ready to come here and study the lake in depth.
And the White Sea. Our final destination for today. We leave you here in tranquility and peace. Just take a look at the pictures and forget about everything for a while.
Some say Karelia looks like Iceland. Other people think it reminds of Finland. One thing is undeniable – you should come here to see the difference. Choose one of our courses and explore mysterious Karelia with Enjoy Russian School!