среда, 9 августа 2017 г.


“They give me too much food” – that’s what our students say about the Russian host families – “Breakfasts are crazy! There is so much on the table: porridge, eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, toast… And they want me to eat all of it!!!”
We really feel sorry for our poor students, but there is hardly anything we can do about that. No, the hosts do not want you dead. They are just being hospitable. Yes, this is real Russian hospitality – to give the guest all the food from the fridge. And if the guest doesn’t eat the hosts really feel bad about it. So, you probably are going to gain some weight if you are planning on staying with a host family in Russia. But on the other hand – big breakfasts and dinners are a great opportunity to have a long chat with your Russian family, practice your Russian, and find out more about these unusual interesting people.
Russia might give you lots of suprises, and food is one of the best among them. Enjoy your family meals and don’t think much about staying fit;)