среда, 9 августа 2017 г.


Study Russian in Russia and have fun

In the “EnjoyRussian” Language School we offer cultural activities program for our students. So they can practice Russian in relaxed atmosphere, travel and know more about Russians and their way of life. What did the students do last week?

Cooked Russian food and knew Russians better

Cooking class is one of the most favourite workshops in the School. Usually students choose class on traditional Karelian pies (Калитки) with a Russian hostess Nastya. She is fond of cooking and can tell you so many traditional recipes. During the class they cook Karelian pies with various fillings: mashed potatoe, farmer cheese (творог), carrot, communicate with each other and drink Russian samovar tea!

Spoke Russian as much as they can while discussing Russian superstitious beliefs

Why are they so popular in Russia? What do they mean? Last week our students talked about that on the Discussion club with Russian language teacher and Russian volunteers.